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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Polyorchis sp. at Moss… bobbreen 37.550 / -122.540

Thousands of Polyorchis sp.

Jellyfish hydromedusae
Purple jellyfish in San… octernion 32.710 / -117.230 me and my homiez saw about 10-20 large (20cm+ umbrella) purp Jellyfish
Chrysaora achylos in San… beroe Alt text 32.670 / -117.140

Reported in the news by several beachgoers.

San Diego Bay Surprise Jellywatcher Alt text 32.730 / -117.210 Jellyfish
Portuguese man o war in… openhouse 19.980 / -155.830

Big island

Man o war man o war
Black Sea Nettle Spotted… sdjellie Alt text 32.710 / -117.230

An actual sighting captured on camera of a 3 to 4 foot je

Sighting off Silver… Jellywatcher 32.630 / -117.140 Jellyfish
i step on sand, sand… Jellywatcher 43.400 / -70.410

me and my homies wuz walkin on the beach when my man nick

Other bioluminescent dinoflagellate
Bioluminescent comb… Jellywatcher 41.710 / -71.160

Mouth of Coles River emptying into bay in Swansea, Mass.

Other ctenophores
Madison, CT Jellywatcher 41.270 / -72.560

Dense population of red stinging jellyfish along the coas

lion's Mane Jellies… Jellywatcher 46.350 / -64.530

Took the kids to the beach at Caissie cape.

Blue green colour… Jellywatcher 51.420 / 0.750

Last Saturday night about 22.00 hour I witness a mass of

Other Plankton
Jellyfish kelly9191 41.280 / -72.930

Saw a bunch of red jellies today...big ones

Deepstaria enigmatica petersurya Alt text 3.660 / 9.140

Seen at 970m depth off the coast of Equatorial Guinea.

Moon Jellys at Rocky… BksMej 48.320 / -122.700

We monitor this beach for COAAST and have never seen jell

Ctenophores in Monterey… Jellywatcher 36.610 / -121.900

Several ctenophores in the kelp forest off of San Carlos

Other ctenophores
black jellyfish Jellywatcher 38.620 / 15.830

I don't know the name, but theese jellyfishes where

Black Jelly, San Diego Jellywatcher 32.580 / -117.110

Saw a whole bunch of black jelly pieces washed up on Impe

Expired Sea Lion Pup drthom Alt text 36.970 / -121.900

At high tide line, on Aptos Beach.

Pelagia noctiluca in… Medusas_Barcelona 41.190 / 1.570

7 pelagias were removed from the beach of calafell

Moon Jellies in Boston… tarynosaur 42.320 / -70.990

Moon jellies seen all along coast of Spectacle Island in

Jellyfish Moon Jelly
Aurelia bloom continues… lucas 49.370 / -122.880

Observed hundreds of Aurelia in Indian Arm at densities o

Bonaire Banded Box… PatRuss Alt text 12.200 / -68.260

My wife and I were in Bonaire for two weeks this summer.

Box Jelly
Physalia in Trinidad beroe Alt text 10.460 / -61.040

Several "poppers" washed up on the beach.

Man o war Physalia
Pelagia noctiluca Ephyra… Medusas_Barcelona Alt text 39.890 / 2.840

Lots of Pelagia noctiluca ephyras.