Chiropsalmus sp. (Box jelly) on Jekyll Island

Description and Comments

This box jellyfish was washed ashore and in bad condition. The medusa has a 2 inch wide and tall bell with 4 short pedalia with 3 to 5 "fingers" on each one. The mouth was shaped like a four pointed star. 2 of the "points" were long and 2 short. It had 4 stomachs and a lot of gastric cirri. Unlike the "only" West Atlantic Chirodropid, Chiropsalmus quadrumanus, this species had no nematocyst warts. The tentacles were not visible, beaten off in the waves. It has an normal Chirodropid velarium. I have studied this species for over one year and I truly believe it is a new species. I have had it identified by Jamie Seymour, a box jellyfish researcher from James Cook University, and he said it was an unrecognizable species.

Type of organism

Box Jelly
Nomen Dubium Cubozoan