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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Barrels Jellywatcher 51.590 / -4.300

>30 barrel jellies most 30-50cm diameter, largest c.1m

Arabian Sea Jellyfish Jellywatcher 26.070 / 50.560

About 10-20 seen over the last couple days.

By-the-wind sailors in… Jellywatcher 41.610 / 2.610

For the last two days, we have seen dozens of bleached by

Sea Walnut Jellyfish Jellywatcher 37.930 / -75.380

In the shallow seawater between Chincoteague Island and m

Jellyfish breeding… Jellywatcher 28.350 / -82.720

Was kayaking today in Hudson and there are hundreds of ti

Other Not sure but they are little yellowish clear blobs.
I'm not sure what… Jellywatcher 41.760 / -70.490

Looks like a fried egg with tentacles.

Phacellophora - (aka… Jellywatcher 42.030 / -70.170

Phacellophora jellyfish were all over the place off the c

Man o War in São Miguel… Jellywatcher 37.890 / -25.820

Thousands of Physalia washed up as Mosteiros, via Instagr

Man o war
Large Box Jelly Fish Jellywatcher -5.240 / 145.790

I regularly spearfish at night here in Madang PNG and see

Box Jelly
Naval Live Oaks, FL moon… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.360 / -87.130

Looks like a piece of moon? Or eggs?

Naval Live Oaks, FL -… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.360 / -87.130

Beautiful walk.

Jellyfish White Rock Jellywatcher 49.030 / -122.800

Quite a few individuals at low tide in pools and sand

Ft. Pickens, FL moon… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.320 / -87.230

Husband running -saw 1 dead moon jelly

Stinging Nettle, Ft… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.320 / -87.270

Husband was running saw two dead:(

Crystal Jellies near Ft… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.320 / -87.250

Pretty clean beach.

Physalia in the Açores… jellywatch 38.530 / -28.630 Looks like dozens to hundreds of man o wars https://www.inst Man o war
By the Wind Sailors Jellywatcher 36.950 / -121.880

By the Wind Sailors on Seascape Beach Aptos

Velella Jellywatcher 36.970 / -121.910

Blue lefty

Velella in front of Phil… Andrew 36.800 / -121.790

See attached image

Vellella velella Jellywatcher 36.870 / -121.820

Thousands of them washed up at Pajaro Beach, Watsonville

Red Tide at night in San… Jellywatcher 32.790 / -117.230

We're having a great bloom of red tide, actually bro

Red Tide
Scrippsia? Jellywatcher 37.760 / -122.510

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Velella velella Jellywatcher 37.760 / -122.510

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, CA

Thysanostoma with… Jellywatcher -17.600 / -149.650

Unindentified juvenile Thysanostoma in association with j

Jellyfish 1973
By the Wind Sailors at… Jellywatcher 38.240 / -122.970

After days of strong winds, dozens of them were washed up