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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 44.390 / 8.980

Got stung by a jellyfish which immediately caused small b

Cannonball Jellyfish Jellywatcher 29.840 / -81.270

There was a lot of construction on the beach , cranes dig

Seashore state park… Jellywatcher 36.910 / -76.020

Was out paddle boarding and a jellyfish wrapped around my

Sea goosbery MobileAnonymous 9.640 / 99.670

A lot of them

Jellyfish Sea goosbery
Comb Jelly Jellywatcher -41.880 / 148.310

Comb Jelly - Bicheno Tasmania

mauve stingers Jellywatcher 41.230 / 1.810

two small/medium pelagia noctiluca near the shore, alive

Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 41.260 / 19.520

Jellyfishes stranded on the beach, every 10 meters

Hula skirt Jelly MobileAnonymous -41.870 / 148.300

Roughly 5 metres depth in waubs bay Bicheno, I was surpri

Baby barrel jellyfish?… Jellywatcher 10.400 / 106.920

They were no bigger than a palm and they were clear, slig

Cleveleys Jellywatcher 53.880 / -3.040

Multiple dead moon jellyfish

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 9.650 / 79.840

Captured in the coastal waters of Jaffna,SriLanka

Chrysaora melanaster In… Jellywatcher 64.500 / -165.410

Dozens of Chrysaora melanaster washed up on the Nome shor

Small transparent… Jellywatcher -8.360 / 116.090

Morning snorkelling from beach just after sunrise

Captured in coastal… MobileAnonymous 9.680 / 80.020

Can you identify and name scientifically?

Possible cannonball… Jellywatcher 33.820 / -78.680

Washed up on shore dead.

Spotted in River Madina… Jellywatcher 50.740 / -1.280

I have no idea what type of jellyfish this is.

Velella Jellywatcher 28.950 / -95.290

Found several washed up at Surfside beach Tx today May 28

Jellyfish spotted in… Jellywatcher 51.420 / 0.800

Multiple jelly fish spotted this evening, lions mane and

Jellyfish I’m
Pyrosoma Jellywatcher 32.720 / -117.160

Observed a floating Pyrosoma in vicinity of La Jolla shor

Jellyfish tunicate
Saw 2 jellyfish going on… MobileAnonymous 41.310 / 19.480 Jellyfish
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 35.410 / -76.690


By-the-Wind Sailors… Jellywatcher 36.970 / -121.900

TONS of valella washed up

Unknown jellyfish type… MobileAnonymous 50.700 / -1.920

Approximately 20cm diameter

Jellyfish Unknown
Velella vrlella Jellywatcher 34.000 / -118.810

Saw several blue valella washed up in the incoming tide o

Velella velella Jellywatcher 34.000 / -118.810

Multiple velella velella spotted at Point Dume in Malibu,