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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 39.580 / 2.350 Jellyfish
Lions Mane MobileAnonymous 47.610 / -122.360 Jellyfish Lions Mane
Portuguese, man-of-war… Jellywatcher 51.040 / -4.230

PMoW was washed up on the beach and looked dead

Beautiful Cassiopeia MobileAnonymous 25.300 / 51.640

At banana’s island in Doha

Jellyfish Cassiopeia upside down jellyfish
I saw this jelly in the… MobileAnonymous 38.470 / -76.290 Jellyfish
Man o war Jellywatcher 50.130 / -5.460

4 man o war on the beach

Man o war
Pumpkin jelly? Jellywatcher 48.350 / -123.560

Pumpkin shaped, wider than tall, ~2.5 cm in diameter, 8 i

Other Maybe a ctenophore?
Méduse échoué MobileAnonymous 10.100 / 99.830

Pouvez-vous l’identifier ?

Jellyfish ?
Lions mane jellyfish Jellywatcher 47.250 / -122.550

I was walking along the beach and I saw a lions mane jell

Jellyfish Lions mane jellyfish
Fried egg jellyfish Jellywatcher 37.390 / 27.220 Jellyfish
Blue Blubber Redcliffe… Jellywatcher -27.230 / 153.120

Aprox 30 Blue Blubber Jelly fish along a 30m section of b

Jellyfish Blue Blubber
Cotylorhiza tuberculata… MobileAnonymous 41.920 / 3.210 Jellyfish
Lion’s mane jellyfish MobileAnonymous 47.260 / -122.550

I was walking on the beach at Titlow park and saw what I

Jellyfish Lion’s mane jellyfish
Lions mane jellyfish Jellywatcher 47.250 / -122.550

Just scary.

Jellyfish Lions mane jellyfish
Egg yolk jellyfish MobileAnonymous 47.250 / -122.550

I was walking and I saw an egg yolk jellyfish in the Titl

Jellyfish Egg yolk jelly
Lion’s mane jellyfish… Jellywatcher 47.250 / -122.550

Um scary

Jellyfish Lions mane jellyfish
lions mane jellyfish Jellywatcher 47.250 / -122.550

it was dark red with small tentacles

Jellyfish lions mane jellyfish
LIONS MANE JELLYFISH Jellywatcher 47.250 / -122.550


Pyrosomes bemysquishy 44.280 / -124.110

About 30 small pyrosomes (6-8cm length) washed up on the

Other pyrosome
Pink-ish/red ones! MobileAnonymous 30.250 / -88.080

I’m not sure what kind these are but they were everywhere

Hi Batfish MobileAnonymous 39.990 / -73.020 Other Batfish
Jelly Fish - Blue Lagoon… MobileAnonymous 36.010 / 14.330 Jellyfish
Jellyfish Sardinia: Chia… Jellywatcher 39.220 / 9.120

Red, 5-8cm. It burned me =)

Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 37.770 / -0.750 Jellyfish
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 39.210 / 9.280

My wife was bites.