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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
ha long bay viatnam Jellywatcher Alt text 20.850 / 107.230 Jellyfish shallow bay area
Masses o man o war jellyfan -34.860 / 116.200 Man o war
New York Jellies jellywatch Alt text 40.560 / -73.780

From the news: It is unclear what types of jellies are bl

Young Pelagia noctiluca… beroe Alt text 24.410 / -110.230

Many small Pelagia (nearest-neighbor distance about 10-20

Box Jellyfish in Ko… Thailandboxjellyfish 7.620 / 99.080 Box Jelly
Small jelly on tide line… Jellywatcher Alt text -12.720 / 130.350

Small colourless spherical jelly approx 2cm diameter

Other Comb jelly
More moon jellies and… jellyhunter 36.620 / -121.890

SST = 55F in front of aquarium.

Moon jellies and sea… jellyhunter 36.660 / -121.940

Found beat up moon jellies and sea nettles that overwinte

More moon jellies jellyhunter 36.650 / -121.920

Again, lots of moon jellies.

Moon jellies everywhere… jellyhunter 36.650 / -121.960

Huge A. labiata were ~5 meters deep.

Chrysaora fuscescens… Abreojos 36.870 / -121.900


Chrysaora fuscescens… Abreojos 36.880 / -122.060 Jellyfish
Chrysaora fuscescens… Abreojos 36.850 / -121.860

Dense at 24 m depth

Pleurobrachia at surface… jellyhunter 36.650 / -121.890

Few very small Pleurobrachia at the surface.

Box Jellyfish in Koh Mak… Thailandboxjellyfish 11.820 / 102.480 Box Jelly
Mastigias in Kaneohe Bay… jellyhunter Alt text 21.510 / -157.830

Old sighting from 2007, only found one in the north part

pelagic jellyfish off… Jellywatcher 19.460 / -156.000

Thysanostoma sp., probably Thysanostoma flagellatum, acco

Pink and purple jellies… openhouse 18.450 / -64.650

Gorgeous! Lots of them in the water.

Versuriga anadyomene Jellywatcher Alt text -16.610 / 145.970 Jellyfish
Maybe mastigias? Jellywatcher 21.430 / -157.780

Found in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu.

Lake Jellies? Jellywatcher 42.820 / -71.530

I worked at a summer camp a few years ago as a lifeguard/

Massive blue jelly at… Jellywatcher Alt text 52.720 / -4.060

We were paddling in the sea in Wales, UK and came across

Salp chains near Aqaba… Jellywatcher Alt text 29.530 / 35.010

Salp chains, Aqaba Jordan free floaters 10,000+ in cluste

Other salps
Salp chains in the Red… Jellywatcher Alt text 28.000 / 34.470

Salp Chain in the straits of Tiran (Cyclosalpa)

Other Salp
Ctenophores galore mucktopus -2.170 / 130.460

Lots of ctenophores and salps

Other Ctenophores and Salps