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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Medusa a Numana Jellywatcher 43.660 / 10.280

Abbiamo trovato prima della boa una bella medusa marrone

meduse spiaggiate Jellywatcher 45.350 / 12.320

sono al lido di venezia, localita' alberoni.

Many Aequoria mobile_jellywatcher 47.690 / -122.400

Saw about 25 small (2-3") jellies in 20 minutes.

Many Cyanea capillata… Jellywatcher 49.710 / -124.870

About 15 or some Cyanea capillata were washed up on Kye B

i am stung by… Jellywatcher 36.010 / 14.320

I am stung by a mauve stinger in the blue lagoon in comin

Pompano Man o… Jellywatcher 26.240 / -80.090 Jellyfish Man o war
Aurelia in Motoyasu-gawa… lucas 34.390 / 132.450

Dozens of Aurelia were visible drifting down the Motoyasu

no jellies at JAMSTEC dhugal 35.320 / 139.650 Clean sea
Massive Mushroom cap… mobile_jellywatcher 34.710 / -76.670

Diameter in excess of 30cm

Jellyfish Mushroom cap jelly
Stung several times… mobile_jellywatcher 21.270 / -157.820 Box Jelly
Mushroom cap mobile_jellywatcher 34.710 / -76.660 Jellyfish Mushroom cap jelly
Clean seas… swimmingidiots -33.820 / 151.250 Clean sea
Purple Striped Jelly Jellywatcher 36.610 / -121.890 Jellyfish
Bioluminescence Jellywatcher -33.910 / 151.170

Blue bioluminescence on the beach

Red Tide
Dosima fascicularis (… Jellywatcher 32.870 / -117.250

Found attached to plastic label, beached at edge of surf

Other Pelagic barnacle
Jellyfish Balmoral swimmingidiots -33.820 / 151.250

Felt a few jellyfish this morning on my swim from 80m to

Cannonball Jellies… Jellywatcher 32.790 / -79.910

Washed up on the sands between the edge of the swamp and

Mid-December jelly count… Leo 48.540 / -123.010

On a cloudy, but not stormy day, mid-afternoon, in about

Jellyfish swimming snails and worm
Velella on beach Jellywatcher 34.440 / -119.830 Velella
First Aequorea in awhile… lucas 49.320 / -122.940

This was a short dive (buddy had leaky drysuit) from awhi

Sighting Atlantiangra 38.610 / -27.230 Man o war
Aurelia aurita in… Dalia 19.800 / -87.480

100 specimens, 20 cm of diameter.

a brown jelly crinaudo06 43.710 / 7.360 Jellyfish
Jellies seen mobile_jellywatcher 43.700 / 7.330 Jellyfish
Cannonball jellies in… Jellywatcher 32.620 / -79.040

Approximately 70 cannonball jellyfish spotted from Ferry