Pleurobrachia, Hormiphora, Moon jellies and more in Monterey Bay...

Description and Comments

Winds finally relaxed prior to a low front approaching the bay today. Langmuir circulation cells were easily distinguished and were holding plenty of Pleurobrachia, Hormiphora, Aglauropsis, Scrippsia, Annatiara affinis (haven't seen this guy in years), Sarsia, Euphysa, Forskalea, Unknown Calcyophoran, Nanomia, Praya, Bolinopsis, Beroe, Eutonina. Pretty diverse catch, Hormiphora was probably the most abundant of the hydrozoans and ctenophores. Moon jellies were also abundant, plenty of beat up, torn, old animals mixed with a few very small 1-3" BD juveniles. LOTS of Hyperiid amphipods. Ugly brown water near aquarium didn't seem to have any jellies, mid-bay waters that were a nice green/blue had all the jellies...

Type of organism