Smack Talk: Jellyfish updates from around the world

Jellyfish smack, def.: An aggregation, bloom or swarm of jellyfish

Welcome to Smack Talk! This newsletter comes to you from the NCEAS working group on jellyfish blooms. Read on to learn more. Entries will be added periodically so be sure to check back.


"Implications of increased carbon supply and artificial habitat for the global expansion of jellyfish blooms", emerging issues workshop prior to ASLO meeting
11 - 12 February 2010, San Juan, Puerto Rico

"The Relevance of Jellyfish Blooms in the Changing Global Oceans", session at the winter ASLO meeting
13 - 18 February 2010, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Jelly Blooms Outreach Event at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History
Saturday, 20 November 2010

-- Dr. Kelly Sutherland, California Institute of Technology (and Smack Talk editor)