Ormond-by-the-sea: Chrysaora sp. and Aequorea sp. (Numerous)

Description and Comments

There have been numerous jellyfish along the Ormond Beach area, and the numbers have rose unusually in the past few days. The first couple I noticed were completely clear, round and smooth. The next few days, I noticed they were unusual. The underside of the bell had lines of harder mesoglea, presumably gonads,that radiated across the bell towards the center, like Aequorea. Also like Aequorea, there was a round disk like area in the center were the lines were not present. However, when turned over, the underside lines are tiny bumps that radiate inward towards the bell center. Over my more than 3 years of medusozoan research, I am fairly confident this is not an onshore species, however, I have never come across such a species in my research. Could you identify this species, please? Also the sea nettle is not exactly a sea nettle. I found an image from beachhunter.net that was nearly identical to my medusa. I will not use the picture out of respect. I have seen it before, but I do not think it may be a differing member of Chrysaora. I have preserved both.

Type of organism

Preserved in 75% ethanol