Atlantis! :)

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Bright Blue-green waves as far as you could see! North, South & West of Bodega Head... The oceans horizon was lit up spectacularly, like a city across the ocean. Saturday it was foggy out, but Sunday was very clear out, the milky way was up. and it was pitch black out, making for a great time to see it!

I took some pictures from a strip of rocks that stretch out into the waves, sadly my camera battery died while taking a photo of the waves with the milky way.. next year I will have a better camera & I will be prepared with several batteries to catch some spectacular photos. This summer I spent a bulk of the time paddling Tomales on good nights, where photos cannot capture any of the spectacular things Ive seen there... Calm glassy evenings of Blue clouds and light trails, from our kayaks and paddles.. Crisp and vividly lit up, gracefully swimming bat rays and sand sharks.. spirals of light from the litter critters swimming around.. fire works from the startled fish darting off in the water... halibut flashing about.. and the mysterious large flashes and glowing shadows of larger fish deep below... the billions of lights in the water lighting up the pebbles in the shallows... its just breathtaking.. I plan to do this every summer, and im searching for a method of capturing this on film... for now, here's the few photos I got.. wish they were better, cant see much with 15sec exposures at 1400, nothing more.. next year i promise spectacular photos!

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Red Tide