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Welcome to Jellywatch, a page for recording sightings of jellyfish and other marine organisms.

If you have an iPhone, check out our updated app to browse, search, and upload sightings. 

We created a small info page about the blue jellies that are washing up on shore. We also made a video about Velella on YouTube. To help with a citizen-science experiment, see the Velella page for details.

Have you seen a jellyfish, red tide, a squid, or other unusual marine life recently? If so, tell us about it! Marine biologists need your help to develop a better understanding of the ocean. If you’ve been on the beach or in the ocean lately, you can contribute to a long-term dataset by telling us about the animals you saw or the conditions of the beach. You can help us even more by submitting a picture of what you saw!

You can also check out our Facebook Page to join the conversation.

No registration is required, but if you would like to keep track of your sightings or become a regular contributor, sign up for an account.

We have posted a video about the diversity of jelly-like creatures.

Happy Jellywatching!

If you are unsure, what species you saw, don’t worry about it. Check the Regional Information Pages to see if your species is depicted there, or just upload a photo or description. If you have a camera on your mobile phone, send the image to

Report your zeroes. Observations of clean beaches and normal conditions are especially valuable for letting us recognize when things are unusual. Use the Clean Seas option to indicate jelly-free times.

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