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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Cannonball jelly Jellywatcher 33.880 / -78.520 Jellyfish
Moon jellyfish Jellywatcher 62.120 / 5.160 Jellyfish
Moon jellies in Hamata,… Jellywatcher 24.300 / 35.370

7 purple moon jellies near reefs in Hamata

Lions Man jellyfish in… jellies_tt 49.370 / -122.880

Multiple lions mane jellyfish floating near the small wat

Beached jellyfish Jellywatcher 53.880 / -3.050

Found on beach as sea was going out.

Sighting in SC Jellywatcher 33.690 / -78.890

Washed ashore

Cannonball Jellyfish Jellywatcher 33.690 / -78.890

A few cannonball jellies washed on shore in Myrtle Beach,

Blue jellyfish Jellywatcher 33.160 / -117.350

Carlsbad beach by itself afternoon

Mitrocoma cellularia (… Jellywatcher 47.960 / -122.680

I often kayak in Mats Mats Bay, a bay on the Salish Sea (

Lions mane Jellywatcher 41.190 / -73.290

Many young lions mane jelly fish on Fairfield beach

Cannonball jelly Jellywatcher 32.360 / -80.450

Multiple Cannonball jellyfish washed up on the shore of H

Velella in South… Jellywatcher 33.100 / -117.320

40 or 50 Velella washed up

Velella on Santa Monica… Jellywatcher 34.010 / -118.500 Velella
tigermane? jellyfish… Jellywatcher 22.430 / 114.240

tigermane? jellyfish bloom in ma on shan, Hong Kong.

Small jellyfish… Jellywatcher 40.930 / -73.730

In 20 years living on a cove off long island sound, never

Cyanea and mnemiopsis… lemellenthin 41.280 / -72.930

both found and collected with dip net on surface

Cyanea and Mnemiopsis… lemellenthin 41.270 / -72.530

Cyanea and Mnemiopsis found and collected with dip net on

Mnemiopsis mb_decker 41.280 / -72.930

present with Cyanea at same location.

Other ctenophore
Cyanea bloom mb_decker 41.280 / -72.930

Mnemiopsis also present

Forskalia Jellywatcher 36.610 / -121.890

Found in Monterey, CA at Breakwater.

Other Forskalia sp
Unknown Jelly in San… Jellywatcher 32.800 / -117.240

Anyone have any ideas about this?

Other Unknown
Orange jelly fish Jellywatcher 47.850 / -122.580

Floating at the edge of the water.

velella Jellywatcher 32.720 / -117.160

blue sticky smells like clams hairs underneeth

Single moon jelly in… Jellywatcher 37.540 / -122.270

Not sure if related to storm/rain in Bay Area, saw my ver

By the Wind Sailors Jellywatcher 26.110 / -97.170 Velella