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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Jelly Fish Sightings MobileAnonymous 38.250 / -76.970 Jellyfish
Jelly Fish MobileAnonymous 38.250 / -76.970 Jellyfish
Jellyfish Sting MobileAnonymous 37.010 / -76.300

Got stung by a jellyfish today while in the water.

Thysanostoma? Jellyfish… Jellywatcher -8.210 / 125.620

Sighted on coral reef ~100m off the south coast of Ataúto

Jellies! MobileAnonymous 49.300 / -122.960

‘Twas swimming in the ocean around 6am and there were a c

Jellyfish Moon Jellies
South Yarmouth,… Jellywatcher 41.640 / -70.210

Small about 6 inches across. Washed up on the beach.

Man o war
Vellela andother jellies… Jellywatcher 36.620 / -121.850

Lots of jellies along the beach in sand city by Monterey

Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 36.310 / -75.810 Jellyfish
Velella on pismo beach… Jellywatcher 35.140 / -120.640

Blueish with clear sail

Nags head Jellywatcher 35.960 / -75.620

Bubble head with purple brown edge on the bottom

Comb jelly MobileAnonymous 40.970 / -73.140

A bunch of little comb jelly in the Long Island Sound

Velella sighting Jellywatcher 38.250 / -122.970

Dillon Beach CA

jellyfish MobileAnonymous 37.520 / -76.280

seen around 10 jellyfish in the area

Velella velella Jellywatcher 38.440 / -123.120

A few thousand velellas on the shore around 9am

Velella at Carmel River… Jellywatcher 36.540 / -121.930

Lots of Velella found along the beach.

Eggs? Jellywatcher 34.470 / -120.230

These were seen on the shore of the beach.

Other ?
Velella Spotting at… Jellywatcher 38.380 / -123.080

Spotted a lot of dead jellyfish that looks very much like

Beach Valella Jellywatcher 36.630 / -121.940

Thousands of valella washing up north of Asilomar beach t

Seaside Jellywatcher 36.610 / -121.820

Large amount of velella on the beach

velella sighting Jellywatcher 37.770 / -122.510

cluster of about 30-50 velella on ocean beach

By-the-wind sailors On… Jellywatcher 36.600 / -121.960 Velella
Cannonball July Emerald… Jellywatcher 34.680 / -76.950

Washed up at rising high tide and put back in the water

Westmoreland State Park… Jellywatcher 38.100 / -76.830

Both beaches at this Chesapeake Bay park rendered unswimm

Lots of jellyfish and… MobileAnonymous 43.280 / 6.580 Jellyfish
Velella Jellywatcher 38.250 / -122.970

They seemed to be wrapped up with seaweed that resembled