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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Baltimore Nettles Jellywatcher 39.280 / -76.580

Nettles spotted on the waterfront near the Canton neighbo

White spotted jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.710 / -76.700 Jellyfish
Found in a camp pond Jellywatcher 41.040 / -74.880 Jellyfish
small stinging jellyfish… Jellywatcher 13.250 / -59.640 Jellyfish
Marineland, florida Jellywatcher 29.580 / -81.210

Got stung while open water swimming, but was not able to

Lion Main Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 41.260 / -72.390

At around 2:45pm the lion main jellyfish around 8 inches

Plastic lid Tayport35 55.960 / -4.820

Might be the lid of a Pringles can.

Multiple Beached… Jellywatcher 36.380 / -75.820

A ton of canonball jellies washed up overnight and throu

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 29.380 / -94.840

It was a sea nettle with short tentacles and it was beach

Jelly sighting! Jellywatcher 41.530 / -70.670

Around 5 red medusas, 3 white topped jellies

Folly Beach Jellywatcher 32.660 / -79.940

About 9:30 pm, washed up on the tide line, about 6 inches

Lions mane jellies Jellywatcher 40.950 / -72.810

2 ft long ( with tentacles ) jelly floating in surf at 5:

Clear jelly fish Jellywatcher 25.990 / -80.300

Clear jelly fish off crystal sands beach in Miramar FL

Salps Jellywatcher 30.180 / -85.810

Small jelly like creatures all over Panama City Beach nea

Race Point, Provincetown… Jellywatcher 42.090 / -70.100

Unsure of type- was 18 inch diameter just below the wrack

Jellyfish stinging in… Jellywatcher 33.690 / -78.890

Got sting twice in one day. Didn’t go back in the ocean.

Jellyfish Didn’t see it - but the stings were acute for the first few minutes, subsiding progressively. Marks are lasting into the next day.
Lions mane Jellywatcher 43.070 / -70.690 Jellyfish
Sea nettles? Jellywatcher 45.720 / -123.940

Probably at least 10 seen in the surf while boogie boardi

Unknown Jellyfish non… Jellywatcher 38.010 / 22.750 Jellyfish Rectangle moonjelly with red in the head
Dead cormorants in Santa… Jellywatcher 36.960 / -122.030

I have seen multiple dead cormorants in Santa Cruz.

Other Cormorant
Hilton Head Island, SC… Jellywatcher 32.220 / -80.750

Out of a group of six more than half have been stung by j

Sand Key Moon Jellies Jellywatcher 27.960 / -82.830

Numerous moon jellyfish are scattered all over Sand Key /

Jellyfish at Playa de la… Jellywatcher 28.230 / -16.840

Depth: < 1 m, in 40 m distance to the beach.

Point Defiance Marina 31… Jellykeeper101 47.310 / -122.510

One medium large Cyanea capillata, two Aequorea victoria<

Jellyfish @ Casperson… Jellywatcher 27.060 / -82.440

About an 18" jellyfish seen washed up on the beach,