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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Comb Jellyfish in Tampa… Jellywatcher 27.950 / -82.550

This is a comb jellyfish I saw in Tampa, Florida.

Other Ctenophores
Pyrosome St Helena Jellywatcher -15.920 / -5.720

We came across this while diving in the harbour length ap

Other Pyrosome
Turritopsis rubra Jellywatcher -36.860 / 174.840

Kohimarama beach today .

Turritopsis nutricula Jellywatcher -36.850 / 174.850

Kohimarama beach today .

Multiple Box Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 26.770 / -80.070

Photographed and took video of 3 (suspected) box jelly fi

Box Jelly
Box Jelly Fish Jellywatcher 35.210 / -75.700

Sighted in a Marina near the Hatteras Ferry

Box Jelly
Chincoteague Jellywatcher 37.870 / -75.360

On the bayside beach at Chincoteague National Wildlife Re

Bluebottles sightings… Jellywatcher -33.600 / 151.330

countless bluebottles washed up on Palm Beach in Sydney

Man o war
Large jelly in Haleiwa… Jellywatcher 21.590 / -158.100

Swimming at the surface inside Haleiwa harbor.

Moon jelly fish in bay… Jellywatcher 36.850 / -76.300

Moon jelly fish spotted when leaving the USS Wisconsin.

Single Jellyfish in the… Jellywatcher 45.530 / 13.570 Other
Fried egg jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 43.810 / 7.760 Other Fried egg jellyfish
lots of moon jellies Jellywatcher 27.450 / -80.330

Beach break. Lots of surfers.

Lion mane jellyfish… Jellywatcher 40.960 / -72.970

Lion mane jellyfish sighting on Long Island at Cedar Beac

Jellyfish Have video but unable to upload on this site
Jellyfish on Atlantic… Jellywatcher 39.360 / -74.420

It was clear, circular and looked striped or had ridges.

Freshwater Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 36.850 / -119.830

Dozens of Small penny-sized Medusa (approx, 1-2cm in diam

Moon jellyfish Jellywatcher 27.470 / -80.290

Lots of moon jellyfish in the Florida’s Fort Pierce inlet

Other Moon jellyfish
Biquet Plage near… Jellywatcher 42.890 / 3.050

We saw 5 or 6 jellyfish in the water along the beach shor

Long Beach township Jellywatcher 39.610 / -74.200

Moon Jelly fish along shore line along with swimmers and

East River VA jellyfish… Jellywatcher 37.380 / -76.340

2 jellyfish, 1 with rusty orange striation on bell, anoth

Seton Sands holiday park… Jellywatcher 55.970 / -2.930

Large jellyfish, about 30-40 CMS diameter

Other Lion's mane
Jellyfish Sighting Jellywatcher 35.950 / -75.870

3-4 jellyfish spotted between 5-6pm EST at Fort Monroe Be

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 30.400 / -86.620

Small translucent jelly. Near beach okaloosa island.

France - ile d’Oléron… Jellywatcher 45.770 / -1.140

A dead méduse rejected

Clean sea
Sea Nettle Yorktown… Jellywatcher 37.240 / -76.510

About 5-10 jellyfish along the shore of the Yorktown Beac