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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Blue Button - Qualicum… Jellywatcher 49.360 / -124.480

Found on beach

White spotted jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.490 / -77.430

This jellyfish was already washed up on shore just before

Jellyfish White spotted jellyfish
moon jelly Jellywatcher 27.500 / -82.710

tons washing up on the beach in ami

Jellyfish moon jelly
Atlantic Velella Jellywatcher 35.960 / -75.620 Velella
Valella at Nags Head Jellywatcher 35.960 / -75.620

We saw two or three and at least two were dead.

Velellas at OBX (North… RobiBeachScience 35.960 / -75.620

Saw 2-5 velellas (sometimes not clear whether we were see

Velella Jellywatcher 35.960 / -75.620

Strewn across beach of Nags Head, NC, in large numbers.

White spotted jelly… Jellywatcher 34.270 / -77.740

Spotted one or two of these large jellies on Oct 2 2020

Other Phyllorhiza punctata
Velella, by the wind… Jellywatcher -25.070 / 152.540

Small by the wind sailors on Woodgate beach, Qld.

Sea nettles in Monterey… Jellywatcher 36.800 / -121.950

reported by C. Wahl.

Crysoria, moon jellies… Jellywatcher 37.500 / -122.490

Saw brown striped jellies and moon jellies just outside t

Mushroom cap jelly, Duck… Jellywatcher 36.170 / -75.760

Changing seas, wind out of north-east, partly sunny, 70 d

White spotted jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.680 / -76.880

Large, 18 inch white spotted jellyfish 10-15 feet off the

Box Jellyfish Jellywatcher 34.720 / -76.670

3 Box Jellyfish swimming around the fish cleaning station

Box Jelly
White spotted jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.490 / -77.430

Big white spotted jellyfish, washed up on sand.

Bay Nettle Jellywatcher 41.070 / -73.620

I have lived on Long Island sound for 30 years first time

White spotted Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.440 / -77.680

3 white spotted Jellyfish 2 miles from Topsail inlet

Dead jelly on Plum… Jellywatcher 41.170 / -72.190

Small (palm-sized) body, clear in color.

Summer Rest Rd. Jellywatcher 34.220 / -77.810

In the marsh on incoming tide.

Aurelia at Jamaica Beach… Jellywatcher 29.180 / -94.970

Found two live jellyfish and three dead jellyfish all of

Monterey Harbor Jellywatcher 36.600 / -121.890

We saw hundreds of jellyfish in the Monterey Harbor.

Jellyfish One Sting Ray.
Spotted Jellyfish miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.640

Large Spotted Jellyfish drifting through Taylor's Cr

Change Islands NL Jellywatcher 49.700 / -54.420

Big Jelly for these parts.

White Spotted jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.740

Saw a White spotted Jellyfish at AR 315 off of Atlantic B

White spotted jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.720 / -76.690 Jellyfish