Velella - Washington Coast

Description and Comments

Hundreds of Velella/By-the-wind-sailors along the shores of Seabrook & Pacific Beach on the Washington Coast while visiting this week. Some were brilliant blue with dark centers, while many others were almost translucent. My first time seeing these creatures anywhere let alone along the coast here. I touched one thinking “Wow what a pretty blue rock!” Only to quickly realize it was indeed not a rock. The beaches in that area are quite expansive and sandy. We didn’t come across any tide pool/zone areas. This week has the highest and lowest tides of the month. We were out at low tide, late morning approaching noon, and many of these were stuck in the sand where the high tide shoreline would be. It was also quite stormy from the west/southwest coming inland Sunday 03/10/24 - 03/12/24


Jellywatcher (not verified)

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