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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
jellyfissh Jellywatcher 30.330 / -87.140

A jellyfish with a peppermint top

Washed up Jellywatcher 25.790 / -80.130

Beat up little clear jelly fish at sunset

Velella left-handed Jellywatcher 34.030 / -118.740

Found a left handed velella at Dan Blocker Beach in Malib

Fresh Water Jelly Jellywatcher 45.980 / -75.940

The sighting was actually in 1993, while canoeing in the

Moon Jellies - San Diego… Jellywatcher 32.800 / -117.210 Jellyfish
Dead jelly at Aransas… Jellywatcher 27.820 / -97.060

Lot of dead jelly on shore.?

Ray Donagh Jellywatcher 53.760 / -6.250

Large number jellyfish sighted on the beach approximately

Jellyfish in Margate Jellywatcher 51.390 / 1.430

Found a washed up jellyfish in the afternoon near Botany

Unidentified Jellywatcher 13.190 / -59.540

I need your help identifying this creature

Other Possible worm or pyrome
Unidentified Jellywatcher 13.190 / -59.540

I am trying to find out what organism this is

Other Pyrome possibly
Man o Wars at Fort… Jellywatcher 30.230 / -87.910

We were walking on the beach and saw over 75 washed up ma

Man o war
Barrel jellyfish Jellywatcher 54.070 / -4.730

Rhizostoma pulmo, at surface, swimming, approx 1/2 Mike f

Grandview Beach, Hampton… Jellywatcher 37.030 / -76.350

Any idea what these are???

Box Jelly
White spotted jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.200 / -77.800

Washed ashore in front of the Blockaderunner - spotted at

Other Phyllorhiza Punctata
Afternoon Jelly Jellywatcher 33.590 / -79.010

Found in the surf at 2pm on Friday. No movement.

Mysterious jelly fish… Jellywatcher 8.540 / -80.780

My father took this photo in Panema 12-8-2020. Bumpy

Dillon Beach Jellywatcher 38.250 / -122.970

Hundreds of jellyfish had been washed ashore at Dillon Be

Velella Honestly not sure which kind of jellyfish.
Baby blob Jellywatcher 35.180 / -120.750

These little perfect clear balls pop up seasonally.

Southport, NC Mass… Jellywatcher 33.930 / -78.000

Dozens in a small stretch of river bank on the Cape Fear.

Jelly Spot #1 CRC 21.020 / -157.350

Clear water, nothing around.

Barrel jellyfish ??? Jellywatcher 40.850 / -73.220

Looks like barrel fish I see online, but without the blue

Other Looked like a barrel jelly.
Sail Jellyfish Jellywatcher 50.600 / -3.440 Velella
Lionsmane jellyfish Jellywatcher 54.470 / 9.840

Large specimen in the harbour.

Valella Valella Jellywatcher 49.170 / -2.090

Dotted around the beach in Jersey (Channel Islands, UK).<

Dixon scholars at Bruce… DixonScholars 30.400 / -87.220

We went Kayaking to search for jellies, but we did not fi