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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Isle of Tiree sighting… Jellywatcher 56.530 / -6.920

By the wind sailors washed up on a little beach, there we

Lots of moon jellies… MobileAnonymous 37.860 / -75.390

Saw lots of moon jellies, most washed up on the beach

Peregian Beach Jellywatcher -26.480 / 153.090 Velella
Minute medusae in the… Jellywatcher 21.400 / -157.710

On 7/29/2023, while snorkeling in open, clean seas off th

Jellyfish Turritopsis, aka "eternal jellyfish"
Cotylorhiza MobileAnonymous 41.270 / 1.980 A mas de 200 metros de la arena Jellyfish
Rhizostoma pulmo MobileAnonymous 41.270 / 1.980 Poco abundantes Jellyfish
Cocoa Beach Hurricane… Jellywatcher 28.470 / -80.700

Hundred of huge jellies washed up on the beach from the h

Box jellyfish Jellywatcher 37.860 / -75.390

Square body, 4 tenticals , one off each corner

Box Jelly
warm water Jellywatcher 41.300 / -72.580

1st sighting ever for me of a sea nettle in Long Island S

3 Jelly fish MobileAnonymous 28.090 / -80.570

4-6Inch sized

Velella Velella Jellywatcher 58.200 / 11.410

Leftsided : all 12

Purpuley blue MobileAnonymous 36.740 / -3.890

Long tentacles bluey purple small and round.

Barrel jellyfish MobileAnonymous 38.530 / 26.610 Jellyfish
Rhizostoma pulmo Jellywatcher 38.520 / 26.600 Jellyfish
Box jellyfish in cape… MobileAnonymous 37.260 / -76.020

100% sure I saw a box jelly swimming around in my fish li

Box Jelly
Many jellyfish in Lewis… MobileAnonymous 41.650 / -70.250 Jellyfish
Thousands of Aequorea… Jellywatcher 50.110 / -5.030

Many thousands of crystal jellyfish seen from a pelagic w

Root mouth Jellywatcher 54.280 / -0.400

Root mouth (Rhizostoma), on the beach, Scarborough UK

Corpus Christi jellyfish… Jellywatcher 27.800 / -97.400

White jelly fish in the bay

Le Lavandou Anglade… Jellywatcher 43.140 / 6.370

Plenty smaller reddish jellyfish

Jelly fish MobileAnonymous 36.910 / -76.080 Jellyfish Moon jelly
Jellyfish islas del… MobileAnonymous 10.180 / -75.760

Jellyfish islas del rosario

Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 41.280 / -72.010

It was at least 12 inches around.

Ceibwr Bay, Wales, UK Jellywatcher 52.080 / -4.760

Over a 100 small blue cobweb-like jelly fish about 2 inch

Cantabric sea full of… Jellywatcher 43.220 / -2.020

There have been sightings since July, in big numbers.

Man o war