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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Mass wash-up of By-the-… Jellywatcher 37.290 / -122.410

numbers in the hundreds (as shown in the photo, these are

Torrey state beach Jellywatcher 32.940 / -117.260

Hundreds of them all along beach

Velella velella Jellywatcher 33.000 / -117.280

Tons of them on the beach @ Cardiff by the Sea

Velellas in La Jolla,… Jellywatcher 32.860 / -117.260 Velella
Velella Velella Jellywatcher 32.860 / -117.250 Velella
Meduses MobileAnonymous 42.610 / 8.880

Meduses en bord de plage

Jellyfish Pelagia noctiluca
Velellas in Del Mar, CA… Jellywatcher 32.970 / -117.270

Spotted many of these on the beach in Del Mar.

Velella in San Diego… Jellywatcher 32.940 / -117.260

We saw large numbers of Velella along the coast at Torrey

Sea gooseberries Jellywatcher 52.690 / -4.060

Hundreds in varying sizes ranging from pea to large grape

Other Ctenophores
Velella Pacifica CA Jellywatcher 37.660 / -122.490

Hundreds were washed up on the beach at Esplanade Ave in

Velella along california… Jellywatcher 33.100 / -117.320

Many of these were washed up along the shoreline right wh

Velella Jellywatcher 33.630 / -117.950

Thousands of velellas washed up on Newport Beach

Vellela Jellywatcher 41.190 / 1.570 Velella
Velella velella Jellywatcher 42.810 / 10.140

I was on Elba island and there were a few days when Velel

Tamarack Beach Carlsbad… Jellywatcher 33.150 / -117.350

Hundreds of thousands washed up on shore

Pleurobrachia on Formby… MobileAnonymous 53.620 / -3.060

Hundreds all along the beach north of the National Trust

Other Ctenophores
medium jellyfish spotted… Jellywatcher 25.220 / 55.250

medium-small sized jellyfish found on beachs of dubai

By-the-wind-sailors Jellywatcher 33.580 / -117.810

Hundreds of by-the-wind-sailors on the beach at Crystal C

Nice, France Jellywatcher 43.710 / 7.260

Thousands of these are covering the rocky beach in Nice,

Velella By the Wind Sailors
Jelly fish sting MobileAnonymous 38.990 / 1.550 Jellyfish
Sightings of washed up… Jellywatcher 33.430 / -117.610

These sail jellyfish were from San Clemente State Beach o

Sting MobileAnonymous 38.990 / 1.550

Jellyfish sting

Velella on Zuma Beach… Jellywatcher 34.020 / -118.830

Walking along Zuma beach I saw a velella about every 10 t

Ensenada Jellywatcher 31.870 / -116.600

At least 1 or 2 km of blue tide at municipal beach

Velella velella Jellywatcher 43.100 / -124.430

Velella velella sighted on beach in Bandon, Oregon