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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Moon jellies and… Jellywatcher 36.430 / -75.880

Moon jelly soup! 30% jellyfish coverage to water.

Several all along the… MobileAnonymous 37.040 / -76.290 Jellyfish
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 36.950 / -76.240 Cetaphores Jellyfish
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 36.950 / -76.240 Cetaphores Jellyfish
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 36.950 / -76.240 Cetaphores Jellyfish
Jellyfish sightings Jellywatcher 30.260 / -87.610

Orange beach outside Romar Towers-3

Kopenhagen MobileAnonymous 55.700 / 12.600 Jellyfish
Pelagia noctiluca Jellywatcher 39.930 / 3.970

Three or four off south coast of Menorca

Pacific Sea Nettles Jellywatcher 44.680 / -124.060

All of these had washed up along the shore, not in the sa

Jellyfish Pacific Sea Nettles
Red tide in Humboldt Bay… Jellywatcher 40.740 / -124.210

Red tide on king salmon beach in Humboldt Bay, Eureka CA

Red Tide
Velella at Saligo Beach… Jellywatcher 55.810 / -6.460

A scattering of velella were found along the beach at Sal

Lion's Mane Jelly… MobileAnonymous 54.070 / 10.790 Jellyfish Lion's Mane Jelly
Velella MobileAnonymous 31.510 / -9.770 Big Velella
Velella Jellywatcher 54.390 / -8.570

100s washed up on beach.

Stung MobileAnonymous 32.140 / -80.750 Jellyfish
Purple and pink little… MobileAnonymous 43.110 / 5.970 Jellyfish
Jellyfish sting at… Jellywatcher 37.240 / -76.510

My son got stung by a sea nettle jellyfish at Yorktown be

Vellela dunfanaghy,… Jellywatcher 55.180 / -8.020

Lots of them on Tramore beach, lots of dead ones, white.

barrow beach, kerry,… Jellywatcher 52.300 / -9.860

by the wind sailor/Velella velella

Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 38.900 / -76.510 Jellyfish
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 37.900 / -76.810

Lots of smaller jellies

County Donegal, Ireland… Jellywatcher 55.240 / -7.720

Hundreds reported at two locations: Ballyhiernan, Fanad a

Man o war sighting in… MobileAnonymous 27.360 / -82.620

I was walking around the beach and I saw a blue man o war

Man o war
Many-Ribbed (Aequorea… Jellywatcher 30.390 / -86.550

Single organism about 1,000 feet offshore at Matterhorn B

Tiny crabs MobileAnonymous 40.970 / -73.060

Little crab hatchlings over 1,000 of them size of finger

Other Crab