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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Unidentified jellies Jellywatcher 48.860 / -125.090

Elongate, without tubercles, organs or holes, non-descrip

Other Not sure that is why I am submitting
Comb Jellyfish Jellywatcher 26.830 / -82.290 Jellyfish
Pleurobrachia spp in La… Jellyjules 32.870 / -117.260

Pleurobrachia spp (Ctenophore), and salps found on the su

Other Ctenophore, and salps
Jellyfish beached at… Jellywatcher -37.860 / 144.850

Colonies of jellyfish (redish in colour) beached and wash

Maraetai Beach Jellywatcher -36.880 / 175.040

Saw loads of these tiny jellyfish at Maraerai.

Man o war found washed… Jellywatcher 29.460 / -94.620

A half mile stretch, that I saw, seemed to be covered wit

Man o war
Mushroom Cap Broad Creek… Jellywatcher 35.080 / -76.650

Large - Jellyfish in the shallow part of the creek.

Jellyfish Mushroom Cap Jelly
Gulf Shores Jellywatcher 30.250 / -87.700

2 dead found on beach

Man o war
Jellyfish Redington… Jellywatcher 27.810 / -82.810

Large jellyfish (dinner plate size or larger), clear bell

Man o war Jellywatcher 29.300 / -94.800 Man o war
Moon Jelly Jellywatcher -46.990 / 168.110

Thousands of moon jellyfish within the first few meters o

Horn island Mississippi… Jellywatcher 30.230 / -88.670

Not sure what kind it is
Kind of clear?

pink jelly fish that i… Jellywatcher 37.360 / -123.410 Jellyfish
Vellela vellela washed… Jellywatcher 52.220 / -4.360

Multiple by-the-wind jellies washed ashore on New Quay/Ll

Jellyfish at Lipa Noi… Jellywatcher 9.500 / 99.930

many of this jellyfish on the picture are in the shallow

StoneSpider Jellywatcher 59.880 / -1.300

Sail plates found on the strandline.

ctenophores in Martigues… Jellywatcher 43.410 / 5.050

Shallow sea (depth was max 3 meters), numerous individual

Other ctenophores
Velella Jellywatcher 53.280 / -4.620

Washed up on beach

Sting by Carybdea… Jellywatcher 16.590 / -22.930

when swimming, i got a burning sensation on my shoulder.

Box Jelly Carybdea Marsupialis
Valella valella at Bosta… Jellywatcher 58.300 / -6.750

Identified as valella valella - lots on Bosta beach with

South of Wildwood… Jellywatcher 38.980 / -74.960

Multiple clear 3 to 5 inch jellyfish washed up on shore a

Lions mane? Jellywatcher 40.640 / -73.290

What we think is a lions mane

Ms Helen Wells Jellywatcher 58.950 / -3.230

Good condition but blown ashore - onshore SW wind.

Velella velella sighting… Jellywatcher 57.870 / -5.700

Small number sighted on beach near Gairloch Scotland

By-the-wind sailors in… Jellywatcher 52.820 / -4.510

Considerable number of by-the-wind sailors (velella velel