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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Lions mane jellyfish Jellywatcher 53.140 / -57.660

Multiple Lions mane jellyfish near saint johns

Looks like a Barrel… Jellywatcher 35.140 / -120.680

About 7 washed up on beach.

Jellyfish Barrel Jellyfish
Velella on Ocean Beach,… jellywatch 37.760 / -122.510

Several on OB. Reported by Lisa G. L.

Velella: Long Beach,… jellywatch 46.350 / -124.060

Reported by Ken McC

By-The-Wind-Sailor… Jellywatcher 39.000 / 12.710

While walking along the Mediterranean coast in Trapani, S

Velella Velella
Dosima fascicularis (… Jellywatcher 32.870 / -117.250

Found attached to plastic label, beached at edge of surf

Other Pelagic barnacle
Newly washed up Blue… Jellywatcher 20.880 / -105.430

No jellyfish we're spotted at the same beach a day earlie

Man o war Blue Bottle Jellyfish
Jelly Fish Data Jellywatcher 37.540 / -76.370 Other Comb Jellies
Tiny jellyfish bloom at… Jellywatcher 36.580 / 174.690

Today we went to Orewa beach in Auckland, New Zealand, an

Jellyfish Turritopsis
Leucothea pulchra in… Jellywatcher 36.640 / -121.930

Saw dozens of Leucothea pulchra at both the Coral Street

Other Ctenophore
pelagic jellyfish… Jellywatcher 21.470 / -158.220

pelagic jellyfish near shore

Jellyfish jellyfish
cabbage head alhartman 27.460 / -97.300

cabbage head , found dead in beach.

Jellyfish cabbage head
Moon Jelly alhartman 27.460 / -97.300

Moon jellies in a bay on Padre Island

Jelly fish in Salmon… Jellywatcher 38.360 / -123.070

Many Jellyfish in the water in salmon creek.

Jellyfish in Sandnes,… Jellywatcher 58.860 / 5.750

Saw 4 jellyfish while on the dock watching the sun set af

Jellyfish Barrel Jellyfish
Scrippsia pacifica off… scubajonjake 36.610 / -121.890

Saw this Scrippsia pacifica off San Carlos Beach during t

Stung by one Jellywatcher 28.020 / -97.050

While swimming at Rockport, Texas, got stung by a jellyfi

Strange Mollusk Without… Jellywatcher 27.640 / -80.330

We were walking on the beach at Vero Beach South, FL, and

Other Mollusc - Sea hare?
Velella - Cornwall lorrainehedges 50.330 / -4.490

Talland Bay, Cornwall

Velella Velella
Mustang Island, Port… Jellywatcher 27.830 / -97.060

Saw these two on the beach in Port Aransas.

Man o war
Mustang Island, Port… Jellywatcher 27.820 / -97.060

Saw these two on the beach in Port Aransas.

Man o war
Flag Pond, Maryland… Jellywatcher 38.460 / -76.450

Jellyfish of all sizes were up and down the beach.

Purple Striped Jelly Jellywatcher 36.610 / -121.890 Jellyfish
what jelly is this? Jeff Milisen 9.700 / 99.940 Jellyfish
Morbakka sp Jeff Milisen 10.110 / 99.810

Found off Koh Tao, Thailand