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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Sea Nettle / Pensacola… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.330 / -87.140

Found many whole and pieces of Sea Nettle on beach 1day p

Jellyfish Sea Nettle
Blue Buttons, Pensacola… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.330 / -87.150

Blue Buttons on the beach and coming in out of the water

Comb jelly Jellywatcher 40.910 / 9.730

Mnemiopsis just below the water surface at Tavolara (Sard

Other Comb jelly (Mnemiopsis)
Clean Beach at Fort… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.180 / -88.810

Walked a bit and this beach is clean.

Clean sea
Whitstable West Beach Jellywatcher 51.360 / 1.020

19deg sea, 10cm diameter, lots of smaller ones too

Jellyfish Mr.
A Crystal Jelly -… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.330 / -87.140

After the moving of Tropical Storm Barry in the Gulf Coas

Jellyfish Aequorea Forskalea
Combe jellies in drop… S-Trim 52.320 / 1.660

Crabbing with a drop net early afternoon in bright clear

Komo Jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 6.430 / 102.240

Found this jelly swimming just off the boat on our snorke

Baby Rhizostoma pulmo Jellywatcher 40.830 / 9.680

Three baby Rhizostoma pulmo; one about fist size (observe

Jellyfish sighting Jellywatcher 47.540 / -122.640

It was big didnt know the type but havent seen it here be

Piankatank River, VA Jellywatcher 37.530 / -76.370

Sea nettles from Stove Point and West to the turn south t

Dixon Scholars Pensacola… DixonScholars 30.330 / -87.140

Moon jelly washed up to shore

Praia devCarcavelos,… Jellywatcher 38.690 / -9.340

Scattered on the beach, bluish color approx 2cm-4cm in si

Southern italy jellies… Jellywatcher 40.550 / 14.230

Various sized jellyfish and spotted in white and multicol

Stung by jellyfish Jellywatcher 29.290 / -81.060

I was stung by a jellyfish while swimming at Ormond beach

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 33.890 / -78.430

Three children were stung this week by jellyfish at ocean

Moon Jellyfish washed up… Jellywatcher 38.000 / -122.360

More than one hundred dead jellyfish washed up on Bay Are

unknown Hydrozoan sesundew 57.140 / -135.370

Hydrozoan but hoping for help with an ID (Sitka,AK)

Medusa espanola Jellywatcher 39.580 / 2.350

Lots in the sea in sant elm

Cardigan Bay - eastern… Ruth 46.210 / -62.460

over 2 kilometres of dead jellies - hundreds of thousands

Jellyfish Aurelia aurita - Moon Jellyfish
Saw dead jelly? Jellywatcher 45.880 / -123.970

I'm not sure what kind it is, but it washed up on cannon

Unknown jellyfish with… Suzan Meldonian 13.690 / 120.940

Photographed in Anilao, Philippines June 2019 on Black wa

Jellyfish NiteFlight Photographics
Barrel jelly S-Trim 50.150 / -5.060

Single barrel jelly in Falmouth harbour, UK

Fried egg jellys S-Trim 51.520 / 0.720

Walking on Southend Pier, spotted three fried egg jellies

Purple Jellyfish Jellywatcher -13.320 / 48.260

Found among floating sargassum and pieces of trash

Jellyfish Thysanostoma loriferum