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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Blue Buttons Beachgurl322 Alt text 26.960 / -80.080

Rough seas, we have had a Nor'easter since Friday.

Velella Blue Buttons
Mnemiopsis at Yacht Club… Jellywatcher 34.210 / -77.800

A lot of comb jellies at a yacht club in Wilmington, NC.<

Bondi Beach swarm Jellywatcher Alt text 33.890 / 151.280

Many types of Jelly fish and man o war covered the shorel

Lions Mane mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 34.700 / -76.620 Jellyfish Lions mane
Ctenophores are back!!… Jellywatcher 37.050 / -76.290

Ctenophores are back aplenty in Salt Ponds.

T. loriferum? Jellywatcher Alt text 8.740 / 167.740

Recent sightings for this jelly, T. loriferum.

Pyrosomes rachelperp 36.600 / -121.890

Many dead pyrosomes again on Del Monte Beach.

Other tunicate
clear, firm, boxy jelly… Android Alt text 36.600 / -121.890 Jellyfish
ASP Playa Cucao mobile_jellywatcher -42.650 / -74.120 Red Tide ASP
Lions mane mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 34.710 / -76.650 Jellyfish Lions Mane
Massive Jellyfish… ethansprayer Alt text 32.550 / -80.300

In a 1 1/2 mile stretch that we walked on the beach, we e

unknown pink and orange… Android 37.650 / -122.510 Other
Thysanostoma thysanura… rantje Alt text 0.410 / 123.150

Single jellyfish about 40 cm long actively swimming at su

Ocyropsis ctenophore in… underwaterpat Alt text 36.610 / -121.890

Ocyropsis ctenophore in Monterey Bay

Other Ctenophore
Bluebottles at Balmoral… swimmingidiots -33.820 / 151.260

Stung by a bluebottle this morning about 350m offshore.

Man o war
Jellypalooza 2017 in… underwaterpat Alt text 36.610 / -121.890

Phacellophora egg-yolk jelly (2-5)

no jellies at JAMSTEC dhugal 35.320 / 139.650 Clean sea
HUGE THING mobile_jellywatcher 30.290 / -81.380

Edit: Original marker was far from shore, so moved it to

Jellyfish Jellyfish
Observed in very shallow… mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 37.340 / -76.450 Jellyfish Lion's Mane
Clear Jelly like… kschulze 36.610 / -121.900

Clear jelly like slippers with rough surface all long Mon

Other Pteropod
Clear Jelly Pods kschulze Alt text 36.610 / -121.900

Clear Jelly pods with rough surface along Cannery Row bea

Other Pyrosomes
Hula skirt siphonophore… mobile_jellywatcher 36.610 / -121.890 Jellyfish Hula skirt siphonophore
Millions of pyrosomes beroe Alt text 36.800 / -121.790

Washing up with the flotsam from the recent rains.

Other Pyrosomes
Miscellaneous jellies in… beroe 36.610 / -121.890

Pat W from the Aquarium reports: Phacellophora (small, ma

Jellyfish Ctenophores, pteropods
Continued jellies in… beroe 36.610 / -121.890

Patrick W reports: Arrow worm (1), velamen comb jelly (1)

Jellyfish ctenophores, siphonophores