Squid egg cluster

Description and Comments

This weekend, I went on a diving trip to the MPA of Cerbère-Banyuls. Two dives were organised; one in the morning & another in the afternoon. I spotted the squid eggs during the first dive in a cavity on a vertical wall. The water was about 13°C (55.4°F), and the depth was about 15 meters (49 feet). Looking closer, the egg cases seemed empty. There were about 10 of them.
The sea floor was carpeted with thousands of other invertebrates such as sponges, sea cucumbers, starfish, gorgonians, sea squirts, mediterranean fanworms and bryozoans such as Reteporella grimaldii. Fish were also present, such as schools of dusky damselfish, moray eels, and some of my friends on the dive even saw some groupers, though the visibility was poor.
No jellyfish to report this time.

Type of organism