Rhode Island Jelly Fish

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In mid to late August at East Beach in Charlestown RI, there was a large population
of what I was told , by the young life guard, were 'Lions Mane' jelly fish. I've been
going to beaches along this area of the Narragansett Bay since the 1970's and never
seen anything like this. Luckily the stings were minor, but it was certainly no fun to go into the water. They ranged in size from maybe 6" to 20". The color appeared to me what I would call a medium to dark reddish amber color, with fringe like appendages(?), tentacles(?), around the perimeter. A number were washed up and left on the beach by the tide.
Similarly I believe it was 2010 along the eastern coastal area of Guilford Connecticut
I was stung. I really didn't get a good look at those, they were not as prolific as
this past August in RI. I believe they were a clear or very transparent milky color.
But I may be wrong. I really didn't get a good look when I got stung.
Also in RI, don't know if this is possible, but there were times I felt stung but there was no jelly fish in close proximity of several feet. Do they shed small bits
that can sting? East Beach is essentially a long sand bar between the ocean and a large salt pond fed by a Breachway. I believe these red jelly fish were there for
several weeks if not longer. The Connecticut sting in 2010, the water was filled large encrusted rocks, very abrasive, from shell fish and other organisms. The shoreline had many stretches of rocky shore with no beach.The jelly fish seemed to like to stay in areas where they were able to harbor between
these larger multi stone areas.


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