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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Patuxent River… MobileAnonymous 38.350 / -76.470

First observed off our dock in December, 2023 in the hund

Jellyfish Lion’s mane
Bangtao Jellywatcher 8.000 / 98.290

Round purple jellyfish - hundreds

Mississippi… Jellywatcher 30.370 / -89.090

Spotted several jellyfish with deep red or purple-ish mar

Other Jellyfish
Medusas de la… MobileAnonymous -34.590 / -54.120 Jellyfish
Lots of Lions… MobileAnonymous 54.470 / 10.170 Jellyfish Lions Mane
Yorktown Beach… Jellywatcher 37.240 / -76.510

Early morning, low tide.

Koh Haa… Jellywatcher 7.430 / 98.890

Lot of jellyfish, small transparent ones making skin itch

Square shaped… MobileAnonymous 8.010 / 98.840

Saw this while kayaking from Railay beach.

Storm coming.… MobileAnonymous 36.950 / -122.070 Clean sea
jellyfish on… Jellywatcher 7.600 / 99.030

on the beach, likely dead

Mauve Stingers… MobileAnonymous 35.970 / 14.360

Hundreds of Mauve Stingers in sea by Popeye Village.

Jellyfish on… Jellywatcher 8.100 / 98.690

tons of small transparent jellyfishes (ones making skin i

Comb Jelly in… MobileAnonymous -64.680 / -62.630

I saw three of these, two are visible in the uploaded pho

Bioluminescent… MobileAnonymous -64.540 / -62.000

Spotted this near the surface of a shipwreck in Enterpris

First day… Jellywatcher 36.630 / -75.900

False cape state park wash woods ramp

Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 38.340 / -76.470 Jellyfish
Bluebottle MobileAnonymous -36.930 / 174.450

Counted more than 15 scattered all over shoreline.

Man o war Bluebottle
Ohope Beach… Jellywatcher -37.970 / 177.060

I saw these small Jellyfish while i was swimming at Ohope

Hundred of… Jellywatcher 41.730 / 12.280 Jellyfish
stung bad… Jellywatcher 20.970 / -156.680

snorkeling. Suddenly both arms and chin.

Other box jelly
jelly fish… MobileAnonymous 5.420 / 100.350

Jelly fish

Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 39.580 / 2.350 Jellyfish
Lions Mane MobileAnonymous 47.610 / -122.360 Jellyfish Lions Mane
Portuguese,… Jellywatcher 51.040 / -4.230

PMoW was washed up on the beach and looked dead

Man o war
Beautiful… MobileAnonymous 25.300 / 51.640

At banana’s island in Doha

Jellyfish Cassiopeia upside down jellyfish