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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Possibly… kimomorris -17.480 / -149.820

This is a jelly that was photographed at MRB reef, Mo&#03

Pyrosoma… charlotteseid 32.820 / -118.340

Pyrosoma atlanticum abundant throughout water column at F

Other Pyrosoma atlanticum
Leucothea… charlotteseid 32.820 / -118.340

One large, somewhat damaged individual at the edge of the

Other Leucothea pulchra
Phacellophora… charlotteseid 32.860 / -117.260

Single organism, alive, 90 ft depth, near canyon edge, 08

Pegea ?socia… charlotteseid 32.860 / -117.260

Live chain of >20 individuals at 73 ft depth along the

Other Pegea socia
Salps in La Jolla Jellyjules 32.870 / -117.260

Salps: individuals and chains found at the surface to 15

Other Salps
Phacellophora… charlotteseid 32.860 / -117.260

Single organism, alive, 48 ft depth, near sandy bottom at

Sea… Jellywatcher 40.590 / -73.510

Quite a few washed up along the shore line.

Atolla… Jellywatcher -27.910 / 153.430

Atolla Jellyfish washed up on beach at South Stradbroke I

Velella in… Jellywatcher 32.270 / -64.780

Mostly just the clear plastic like base & sail struct

Pelagia noctiluca Jellywatcher 40.120 / 9.010

Hundreds of Pelagia noctiluca found on the beach at Santa

Velella on… Jellywatcher 39.920 / 3.090

Cala Boquer , a bay on Mallorca.

Manowars at Churches on… Jellywatcher 20.930 / -156.500

They are very small and hard to see.

Man o war
The South American sea… Jellywatcher -12.130 / -77.040

It was small and red.

Lion’s mane (… bemysquishy 41.090 / -73.390

Two dead on the beach, 3-4 inches diameter.

At Naka Beach Jellywatcher 7.120 / 99.000

Pale white, no tentacles, beached

Larval blue… Jellywatcher -38.510 / 144.000

Found in shallow tidal pool

Man o war Larva
Portuguese man o war Jellywatcher 13.660 / 144.860

Saw a small Portuguese man o war in the ocean as I was wa

Man o war
Portuguese man… Jellywatcher 26.010 / -80.150

Man-o-War spotted on Hollywood beach.

Man o war
Small jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 40.830 / -73.800

Water is 48°F in NY bays.

Other Aurelia aurita
Portuguese man o war Jellywatcher 29.250 / -94.900

Hold on to your dogs they’ve all washed up on shore down

Man o war
Pleurobrachia… mb_decker 41.240 / -72.910

Dense aggregation observed from a boat near breakwater at

Other Ctenophores
Moon Jelly Jellywatcher 37.540 / -122.240 Jellyfish
Baby Lions… Jellywatcher 38.120 / -76.710

Looked out into the water and saw some small jellyfish wi

Lions mane Jellywatcher 40.930 / -73.390

Many, hundreds of them large Lions mane Jelly fish, in an