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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Unknown… Jellywatcher 38.030 / -122.890

Fist sized jelly with thick translucent bell and no visib

lions mane Jellywatcher 42.090 / -70.710 Jellyfish
Barrel Jelly in Ayr… Jellywatcher 55.470 / -4.610

Warm day, full sun.

Moon-like jellyfish with… Jellywatcher 38.030 / -122.890

Dozens washed up on the beach at Limantour Beach, Pt.

Nahant… Jellywatcher 42.430 / -70.920

20 + rust colored jelly fish some 12” across scattered ov

Gelatinous… Jellywatcher 39.380 / -74.420 Jellyfish
Jelly Sting Jellywatcher 42.540 / -70.970


Other Unknown
Young mola in… jellywatch 36.610 / -121.890 Dozens reported on local news Mola
Man O’War Sighting Jellywatcher 33.860 / -77.990

It was clear with a blue tint, and was washed up on the b

Man o war
Cannonball… Jellywatcher 33.890 / -78.430

Saw three cannonball jellies washed up on the shore.

Portuguese Man… Jellywatcher 34.440 / -77.510 Man o war
Portuguese Man… Jellywatcher 33.910 / -78.300

About 20 washes ashore in Holden Beach, NC

Man o war
Portuguese Man… Jellywatcher 34.670 / -76.970

Dozen along Emerald Isle 4100 block, we cleaned them up o

Man o war
Man o wars on… Jellywatcher 34.680 / -76.950

We saw three wash up on shores within feet of each other.

Man o war
Physalia at… Jellywatcher 33.910 / -78.300 Six Physalia on Holden Beach, NC Man o war
Portuguese Man… Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.710

Atlantic Beach, NC 1 of about 5 in our close vicinity on

Man o war
Atlantic Beach… Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.740

Strong winds and surf.

Man o war
Man o war Jellywatcher 33.900 / -78.390

Found at high tide about 1:30pm

Man o war
Man of War jellyfish Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.810

Walked only a mile up and back on Pine Knoll Shores, NC a

Man o war
Washed up on… Jellywatcher 33.910 / -78.300

Found him washed up along the coastline

Man o war
Man o war… Jellywatcher 34.710 / -76.680

Small man o war washed up in the surf on radio island nea

Man o war
No jellyfish Jellywatcher 37.630 / -76.500 Clean sea
Portuguese… Jellywatcher 33.920 / -78.160

Oak Island, NC

Man o war
Man O War on beach Jellywatcher 33.860 / -77.990

Multiple Man O War jellies on Bald Head Island, NC beache

Man o war
Man O War,… Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.740

One of 4 or 5 within 25ft of each other around 6:30am.

Man o war