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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Wembury Man-o-… Jellywatcher 50.320 / -4.080

Portuguese Man-O-War @Wembury Beach

Man o war
Velella velella washed… Jellywatcher 47.870 / -3.920

They were washed up on the side walk.

Man o War near Devon Jellywatcher 50.220 / -3.750

I spotted two Portuguese Man O war washed up on the Gara

Man o war
Man o war on Yarmer… Jellywatcher 50.270 / -3.870

I saw a portugese man of war on Yarmer Beach, near Thurle

Man o war
Portuguese man of war… Jellywatcher 50.060 / -5.280

Found a lot of Portuguese man of war along Gunwalloe beac

Man o war
Mushroom Cap… miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.630

Drifting in Taylor's Creek, near the Rachel Carson R

mass mauve stinger… Jellywatcher 43.190 / 6.590

mass mauve stinger beaching.

Portugese Man-… miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.620

Drifting in North River Channel just beyond the east end

Man o war
Lions Mane Jelly miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.640

Numerous Lions Mane jellies observed inside Taylor's

Man O war Jellywatcher 29.740 / -81.240

Sighted on Crescent beach Florida (south St.

Man o war
Comb Jellies… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.570 / -87.910

Tide rolling out reveals flatten but viable comb jellies<

Other Ctenophores
Thysanostoma… Jellywatcher 19.630 / -156.000

My friend Rob Van Geen and I encountered a beautiful Thys

Mushroom Cap… miriamsutton 34.700 / -76.610

Drifting in North River Channel near the Rachel Carson Re

Lions Mane… miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.640

One of several drifting through Taylor's Creek near

Thysanostoma… Jellywatcher 19.810 / -156.010

We saw this Thysanostoma loriferum swimming near shore at

Jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 11.330 / 103.530

Many jellyfish 25km upstream in a Cambodian river, at Chi

Kona, Hawaii… Jellywatcher 19.640 / -156.010

Found at dive site Air Stations, Pawai Bay.

Avistado velella Jellywatcher 42.630 / -9.040 Velella
Avistado… Jellywatcher 42.630 / -9.040 Velella
Corralejo Jellywatcher 28.730 / -13.860

Thousands of jellyfish in the shallow water, getting wash

Lions Mane… miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.650

Drifting in Taylor's Creek adjacent to the Rachel Ca

Moon Jellyfish Jellywatcher 27.970 / -82.830

4 moon jellyfish were spotted beached in the clearwater b

Desmonema… Jellywatcher -38.660 / 178.020

In a river that is quite tidal and salty.

Mixed swarm of… Jellywatcher -43.160 / 147.240

A single Lion's Mane Cyanea sp collected, plus multi

Jellyfish Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre
Moon Jellyfish Smack in… Jellywatcher 47.540 / -122.660

While paddling in a kayak around the Sinclair inlet I dri