Jellyfish ROCK is on YouTube!

On 20 Nov, 2010 the Global Jellyfish Group hosted the Jellyfish ROCK outreach event at the Santa Barbara Natural History Museum. For those not aware of these festivities, this was a free event to the public as part of a project sponsored by NCEAS in order to raise awareness in the community about jellyfish blooms. The event was a huge success with over 170 people attending. Included on You Tube are Jim Knowlton's introductory jellyfish video montage, set to music, three 5 min science presentations, an on-stage discussion with Larry Madin and a Q&A session. There are nine video clips in total with the links listed below.

With the help of Emily Yam at the Aquarium of the Pacific, we also held a Jellyfish Art Contest in conjunction with the event for children all over the world. This was also a huge success with over 560 entries from 14 countries and plans are underway to produce a children's picture book comparing the artwork to real jellyfish photos.....all we need is a publisher now! All of the children's artwork will be up on the page soon, and the winning entries were awarded prizes at the event (You Tube video part 6).

Thanks everyone who took part in this successful event. Happy viewing!

-- Dr. Rob Condon, Dauphin Island Sea Lab (Alabama, USA)

You Tube links for Jellyfish ROCK videos:

Intro Video by Jim Knowlton -

Part 1: Intro Comments -

Part 2: 'What is a jellyfish?" - Cathy Lucas

Part 3: 'The Good, The Bad & The Beautiful' - Kylie Pitt

Part 4: 'Are jellyfish increasing globally' - Rob Condon

Part 5: 'Inside the Jellyfish Scientist' - Larry Madin

Part 6: International Jellyfish Art Contest Prizes - Emily Yam -

Part 7a: Q&A part 1 -

Part 7b: Q&A part 2 -