Wow - ctenophore city!

Description and Comments

Calm water on a sunny day revealed lots of diverse ctenophores off the Friday Harbor Labs floats: in addition to the Pleurobrachia bachei, Bolinopsis infundibulum and Beroe abyssicola that have been around for the past month, today we saw probably 100 Euplokamis dunlapae, five undescribed mertensiids with many-branched pink tentacles (description pending - yeah, well, maybe), and several Dryodora glandiformis. In addition to all of those ctenophores, most of the gelatinous zooplankton today was typically fairly deep water, including a lot of Oikopleura labradoriensis appendicularians and Sagitta elegans chaetognaths, and a few Tomopteris worms, Clione pteropods, and Aglantha digitale and Aegina citrea hydromedusae - all with loads of free-swimming copepods alongside the dock. There were also a few other small hydromedusae including a Bougainvillia, one Hybocodon, occasional Phialidium gregarium and small Mitrocoma cellularia, Sarsia princeps, small Catablema nodulosa and one rare and glorious Foersteria purpurea.


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