International Jellyfish Art Contest

The winners to the contest have been determined! They are listed below, with the images of their entries to be posted soon:

1-4 Year Olds
1. Tomoharu Konno (Japan)
2. Elias Kyriacou (UK)
3. Adrian (Spain)
Honorable Mention: Yamato Suto (Japan)

5-8 Year Olds
1. Kazuki Kudo (Japan)
2. Riria Kanbayashi (Japan)
3. Hayate Ishii (Japan)
Honorable Mention: Kanon Kanbayashi (Japan)

9-12 Year Olds
1. Miku Nambu (Japan)
2. Ellie Holdsworth (CA, USA)
3. Martina Daoust (CA, USA)
3. Momo Suzuki (Japan)

And a special thank you to our guest artist, Ian!

The Global Jellyfish Group invites your students and children age 12 and under to submit their best artwork of jellyfish to the first ever Jellyfish ROCK student art contest! We already have involvement from many children in the USA, Bermuda, Spain and Chile but it would be great to have more entries- this is the first ever global jelly art contest!

This contest will run in conjunction with the Jellyfish ROCK: Reaching Out to the Community and Kids Outreach Event to be held at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History on Saturday 20 November 2010 from 6:00 – 8:15 p.m. This is a free event and is open to the public – no tickets or bookings necessary. Also if you cannot make it, podcasts will be made available to download from out website after the event in late November.

Age Categories: Pre-school (Under 5); Age 5-8; Age 9-12


  1. Visual art (drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, photography).
  2. Multimedia (computer art, animations, movies).

Submissions: Please see below for the places to submit art. Depending on the region, either paper and/or electronic submissions will be collected. Suggested size for drawings is on standard letter size or A4 paper. Any digital form drawings, including scans or photographs, will be accepted. Parents and teachers, please contact your regional representative!

The art should display any aspect of jellyfish, including jellyfish blooms, their biology, their effects on the environment or society, and their role in food webs.

For more information about jellyfish see Fun Facts. Click for an example drawing.

Jury and Notification: Submissions will be judged by a consortium of international jellyfish researchers and educators. Artwork should be submitted via mail or email to your regional representative with the student’s name, age, school/country, contact details and title of artwork (optional).

Contest Winners: Winning submissions will be displayed at the Jellyfish ROCK outreach event in Santa Barbara, CA, on 20 November 2010. Prizes will be presented to the winning pieces & will be displayed at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History at that time.

Contact: For general inquiries about this contest, please contact Emily Yam ( or Robin Vercruse (

For more information about the Jellyfish Working Group, please contact Rob Condon ( or join our Global Jellyfish Group Facebook page

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