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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Velella Velella sighting… Jellywatcher 51.940 / -5.210

Found on Abermawr beach in Pembrokeshire, a single standa

Fried-egg-jellyfish MobileAnonymous 39.190 / 9.570 Jellyfish Cotylorhiza tuberculata
Stinging jellies MobileAnonymous 36.850 / -75.980 Jellyfish
Valela MobileAnonymous 45.520 / -1.120

Au moins 500 méduses

Obzor Jellywatcher 42.820 / 27.880

There are too many jellyfish in Obzor beaches.

Single Egg Yolk MobileAnonymous 47.670 / -122.420

Seen from a boat out in the bay

Jellyfish Egg Yolk Jelly
Rhizostoma octopus… MobileAnonymous 40.790 / 9.670

Rhizostoma octopus

Velella Jellywatcher 51.830 / -5.110

Found half a dozen strange looking jelly like creatures w

Lion’s mane MobileAnonymous 41.250 / -72.710 Jellyfish
Jellyfish Jellywatcher 36.860 / -75.970

I was in thigh deep water when I felt something hit me in

Small little toxic… Jellywatcher 45.480 / 12.590

Translucent jellyfish with 5cm diameter and blueish legs

Pelagia flaveola Jellywatcher 21.470 / -157.820

Purple jelly, size of palm.

Light pink/clear jelly… Jellywatcher 30.420 / -86.620

10 feet from shore, fort walton beach

Jellies in Chesapeake… Jellywatcher 37.020 / -76.300

At Fort Monroe today. might be moon jellyfish

Jellies all along beach… MobileAnonymous 37.080 / -76.270

Washed up jellies all along beach and in water near shore

White MobileAnonymous 35.560 / -75.470

They are big and white stay out of the water

Jellyfish Sighting MobileAnonymous 36.050 / -75.690 Jellyfish
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 41.230 / 9.420 Jellyfish
Dennisport, MA sighting… Jellywatcher 41.620 / -70.220

Close to nantucket sound shore near dennisport

No jellyfish observed MobileAnonymous 53.270 / -3.920

I went swimming on Penmaenmawr beach on 15, 16 and 17 Aug

Clean sea
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 41.290 / 9.370 Jellyfish
Possible Alaskan Lions… Jellywatcher 57.540 / -153.990

This one looked more brown than it did people and yellow,

Swarm of Man o wars Jellywatcher 36.850 / -75.980 Man o war
Dowes Beach MobileAnonymous 41.620 / -70.370 Jellyfish
Jelly Fish in Cala Brit… MobileAnonymous 40.000 / 3.810

Jelly Fish in Cala Brut