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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
mauve stinger????? Jellywatcher 36.850 / -75.980

It was a translucent pink, with a weird black netting ove

Jellyfish sighting Jellywatcher 36.850 / -75.970

Stung by a jellyfish

Man o wars invading… Jellywatcher 39.380 / -31.180

From 600 miles E of Azores all the way to Flores there we

Man o war Man o war
Jellyfish in Trinidad… Jellywatcher 41.060 / -124.150

Live jellyfish with orange bell and red lappets

Outlook Beach, Hampton… Jellywatcher 37.030 / -76.350 Jellyfish
Jellyfish lions mane Jellywatcher 53.880 / -3.040

At least 50 of these on Rossall Beach , Cleveleys UK.

Mauve Stinger Jellywatcher 36.170 / -75.730

Upwards of 100 sighted and more moving northward in the c

Jellyfish Mauve Stinger
Jellyfish Jellywatcher 39.790 / 2.700

I was stung by a jellyfish on my wrist whilst swimming in

Jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 37.930 / -76.860

Several jellyfish in the Rappahannock River and Hoskins C

Unidentified ctenophore… Jellywatcher 36.060 / -75.710 Other Ctenophore
Toganga Colombia four… Jellywatcher 11.270 / -74.190

The jelly was found and caught in about 2>3 feet of wa

10+ Jellies Spotted Jellywatcher 37.000 / -76.310

Went to go swimming and didn’t get very far without notic

Lions Mane Jellywatcher 36.910 / -75.970

10cm bell diameter, tide coming in, viewed by boat offsho

Buckroe Jellywatcher 37.030 / -76.350

Multiple sighting just after noon

Bald head island… Jellywatcher 33.870 / -78.000

Brownish white large jellyfish in the ocean near the poin

Lions mane jellyfish Jellywatcher 55.420 / -1.580

I swam off Boulmer beach for 35 minutes at about 16:15 an

Man O war Jellywatcher 56.920 / -7.540

Sighted on vartesay beach

Man o war
Mauve stinger Jellywatcher 36.720 / -75.940 Jellyfish
Jelly? Jellywatcher 35.370 / -120.850

Seen on Morro Strand near tide pools, clear, seemed tirn<

Other Unsure
Jelly? Jellywatcher 35.390 / -120.870

Seen on Morro Strand near tide pools, clear, seemed tirn<

Other Unsure
Sea (or Bay) Nettle at… Jellywatcher 36.720 / -75.940

Small jellies with red patterns/spots were in the surf an

Virginia Beach… Jellywatcher 36.850 / -75.980

Multiple fist-sized purple jellyfish floating in the shor

Jelly fish - Rhizostoma… Jellywatcher 43.360 / 10.460 Jellyfish
Two jellyfish seen in… Jellywatcher 45.510 / 12.650 Jellyfish
Pensacola FL. Jellywatcher 30.340 / -87.300

Lots of 1-2 inch jelly fish floating with the current by