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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Man o war sighting in… MobileAnonymous 27.360 / -82.620

I was walking around the beach and I saw a blue man o war

Man o war
Many-Ribbed (Aequorea… Jellywatcher 30.390 / -86.550

Single organism about 1,000 feet offshore at Matterhorn B

Tiny crabs MobileAnonymous 40.970 / -73.060

Little crab hatchlings over 1,000 of them size of finger

Other Crab
Jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 37.580 / 12.790

It isn't unusual but two days ago there was nothing<

Man o war MobileAnonymous 31.520 / -9.770 Man o war
Virginia Beach… Jellywatcher 36.850 / -75.980

Multiple jellyfish in water near the shore

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 36.850 / -75.980

Possibly moon or Chesapeake jelly fish off 13th street, V

At least 13 MobileAnonymous 37.240 / -76.510

Currently at beach counting and collecting various sizes

Jelly fish… MobileAnonymous 37.240 / -76.510 Box Jelly
By the wind… Jellywatcher 54.270 / -8.600

Hundreds on Strandhill beach and in the water, Sligo Irel

Méduses MobileAnonymous 43.440 / 6.890 Jellyfish
Moon jelly Jellywatcher 36.920 / -76.210

Clear, plate sized moon jellyfish are popping up more at

Carabela MobileAnonymous 37.650 / -0.710

Big jellifish and urticant

Man o war
Jellyfish Spotting MobileAnonymous 37.520 / -76.870

Pamunkey River

Baby Lion's Mane Jellywatcher -36.770 / 174.770

Saw 2 baby Lion's Mane jellyfish at Milford Beach, A

Tregantle Beach Jellywatcher 50.360 / -4.280

Several dozen Velella seen on the last HWM on Tregantle B

Moon Jelly Sighting MobileAnonymous 37.050 / -76.290

5-10 Occasional Visitors

Jellyfish Moon
My observations MobileAnonymous 37.030 / -76.330

Lots of Jellys upon low tide

Jellyfish Moon
White Jelly… Jellywatcher 35.850 / -75.570

White Jelly Fish with 6inch bulbous dome.

Jellyfish Jellyfish
Lil jelly’s… MobileAnonymous 26.430 / -82.050 Jellyfish
8in dia jelly… MobileAnonymous 37.080 / -76.270 Jellyfish
Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 39.760 / 2.640

In a depth of 4-5 meters

Manaco and Cama Beach,… Jellywatcher 48.150 / -122.510

Washed up further south from the two together.

Other Lion's mane?
Fried Eggs in Boston… MobileAnonymous 47.140 / -122.900 Jellyfish Phacellophora
Manaco and Cama Beach,… Jellywatcher 48.160 / -122.520

Two beached lion's mane jellies about a mile north o

Other Lion's mane?