Past jellyfish sighting, Cyanea? (2011)

Description and Comments

This sighting was from July of 2011. I was unable to get a good look at the medusa at the time, but I remember the little I saw. The jellyfish was large, about 24 inches, with distinct lobes. This is the reason I would expect it to be a Cyanea, in addition to long wispy tentacles that stretched out to about 36 inches. It was a very strong purple, completely purple. In my more than 5 years of jellyfish research I have not truly seen a full purple Cyanea. It appeared as a strong swimmer, moving quickly, towards me. I swam to shore, but over an hour later when I swam back out, it remained there. The sighting was in the Daytona Beach area, so there were strong currents. I personally still don't know of a species that is defined as such. I believe it could be a subspecies, as Cyanea are not well recognized in species diversity in the Atlantic. It would be much appreciated if you comment.

Type of organism

Unknown type of Cyanea