Cyanea capillata in Boston Harbor

Description and Comments

Bruce Berman, who teaches marine science and the history of the Boston Harbor cleanup at Boston University, says two lion’s mane jellyfish have been spotted since last weekend - one in the inner Boston Harbor and one in the outer Boston Harbor Islands.
In his 20 years monitoring the Harbor, he has never seen a lion’s mane, but after consulting with local scientists and the two people who spotted the jellyfish, he is confident the claims hold water.
Although not uncommon to Massachusetts Bay, the presence of the jellyfish, which is reddish brown and purple, is rare. They are typically found in colder waters, but recent eastern winds and a nor’easter may have pushed the lion’s mane jellyfish into the Boston Harbor zone from offshore.
The two jellyfish spotted recently were in comparison tiny - just 6 to 8 inches in diameter.


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