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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Brixham harbour sighting… Jellywatcher 50.400 / -3.510

Whilst walking dog along the harbour we saw a jellyfish.

Box Jelly at Sangat… Jellywatcher 11.970 / 120.080

Night dive on reef by Sangat gunboat.

Box Jelly
Chiropsalmus quadramanus… Bedearing 32.000 / -80.850 Box Jelly
Jimbles mobile_jellywatcher -33.820 / 151.250 Box Jelly Jimbles !?
20 year old dies from… mobile_jellywatcher 10.090 / 99.830

KOH SAMUI: -- A 20-year-old German tourist died and her f

Box Jelly German tourist dies from sting
Key West Jellywatcher 23.770 / -82.880

Stung 10 days ago near Higgs beach.

Box Jelly
box jelly Jellywatcher 19.780 / -156.040 Box Jelly
Waimea Box… Jellywatcher 21.640 / -158.060

This AM, found 10 box jellies stranded at high water line

Box Jelly
Box jellies at… beroe -21.130 / 149.230

More caught in nets during trawling

Box Jelly
Box Jelly Dr. Jellyfish Alt text 26.140 / -80.110

Three specimens of Tripadalia cystophora found in the Int

Box Jelly
Chiropsalmus… Bedearing 32.000 / -80.850 Box Jelly
Box Jelly/Sea… Jellywatcher 18.430 / -67.150

Never seen them before in the area.

Box Jelly
Jimbles… mobile_jellywatcher -33.820 / 151.250 Box Jelly Jimbles
Box jelly fish… Jellywatcher Alt text 6.890 / 116.860

as we have heard from locals (after we showed them our ph

Box Jelly
Chiropsalmus… Bedearing 32.000 / -80.850 Box Jelly
Box Jellies at… Gogreenman Alt text 9.990 / 100.010

Saw a video on some box jellies at Sail Island, Thailand.

Box Jelly
Jimble sting… swimmingidiots Alt text -33.820 / 151.250

Spotted about 20 Jimbles close to shore yesterday when I

Box Jelly Cubozoa
3 Box… BernietheTortoise 30.240 / -85.920

3 Box jellyfish, Chiropsalmus sp.

Box Jelly Confidence Lvl - 3/10
Box jelly on… Android 38.890 / -76.180

Wye River MD at Drum Point

Box Jelly
My three… mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 35.270 / 139.570 Box Jelly
Jimbles at… swimmingidiots -33.820 / 151.250

More Jimbles.

Box Jelly Carybdea
Jimbles in… Jellywatcher 34.000 / -151.000

Three Jimbles spotted in balmoral beach Sydney.

Box Jelly
Jimbles swimmingidiots -33.820 / 151.250

Plenty of people stung today by Jimbles about 80 metres o

Box Jelly Carybdea rastonii
Box Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 8.020 / 100.890

5 year old French boy killed by a box jellyfish on Koh Ph

Box Jelly
Box Jellyfish… Gogreenman Alt text 32.790 / -79.940

Found one box jelly here, on sand. Just after high tide.

Box Jelly Chiropsalmus