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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Taormina, Sicily jelly… Jellywatcher 37.850 / 15.290

Extreme pain. Purple looking.

Medusas MobileAnonymous 41.270 / 1.980 Jellyfish Ejido as Tom as pulmo
Velella Jellywatcher 35.440 / -120.890

Scattered on beach at Cayucos, California .

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 37.890 / -76.270

Multiple small jellyfish near the shore of the Wicomico r

Mediterranean barrel… MobileAnonymous 38.860 / 0.030

Large schools of them on my 2km swim.

Jellyfish Rhizostoma pulmo
Red Jellies - Indian Arm… Jellywatcher 49.330 / -122.900

Unusual number of red jelly fish in the Indian arm right

Jellyfish Red jelly (Lions Mane, cyanea capillata)
Lions Mane in Belcarra,… MobileAnonymous 49.320 / -122.910

Hundreds of Lions Mane Jellyfish in Bedwell Bay and India

Jellyfish Lion’s Mane
Velella velella Jellywatcher 37.830 / -122.490

Thousands of Velella washed up on shore of Kirby Cove nea

Velellas on Bean Hallow… Jellywatcher 37.230 / -122.410

Hundreds of blue Velellas where found on the shore of Bea

Jelly MobileAnonymous 41.270 / -72.780 Jellyfish
Purple and clear MobileAnonymous 50.840 / 0.450 Jellyfish
Vélella velella Jellywatcher 37.780 / -122.510

Many velella velella on beach at Land’s End SF

Portuguese Man-O-War Jellywatcher 35.210 / -75.700

Saw tow washed up on beach at Hatteras Village, NC

Man o war
washed up velella Jellywatcher 37.630 / -122.490

pacifica beach CA there were tons of velella (sail jellyf

By-the-Wind Sailors Jellywatcher 37.170 / -122.250

Both Scott's Creek Beach and Big Basin Redwood St Be

So many on the shore Jellywatcher 35.120 / -120.620

Alone the shoreline of Pismo Beach, Grover Beach, and Oce

Man of War Jellywatcher 36.150 / -75.740

Washed up in Duck NC after storms offshore.

Man o war
Possible Man O War… Jellywatcher 36.750 / -75.940

Saw this washed up on Sandbridge beach, Virginia Beach.

Man o war
Volume of Moon Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 52.960 / 0.550

Volume of moon jellyfish in the water along the shoreline

Blue bottle in OBX Jellywatcher 36.380 / -75.830

7 inch diameter Washed up on shore

Man o war
Many jelly fishes in… MobileAnonymous 41.260 / 19.520 Jellyfish
By-the-wind-sailor Jellywatcher 34.280 / -119.290

Beach in Ventura, CA has many of these blue jellys.

El Puerto De La Santa… Jellywatcher 11.240 / -74.210

I was running along the beach around 10am and saw this ve

Box Jellyfish on Railay… Jellywatcher 8.010 / 98.840

Large box jellyfish dead on Railay Beach in Krabi Thailan

Jellyfish MobileAnonymous 37.420 / -76.690 Jellyfish