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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Beached Moon Jellies Jellywatcher 48.140 / -123.430

I counted approximately 10 along the high tide line.

Other Moon Jelly
Right-handed Velella,… charlotteseid 32.870 / -117.250

Found floating at low tide by local tidepoolers at the Di

Comb Jellies in shallow… Jellywatcher 30.580 / -86.660

Several organisms that look like Comb Jellies in shallow

Other Ctenophoroa
Jellies Okaloosa, FL Jellywatcher 30.580 / -86.660

Vibrant deep red Jelly, likely a Pink Meanie

Janthina snail Jellywatcher 26.350 / -80.070

Common Janthina snail with bubble raft, leaking purple fl

Other Floating Janthina snail
Velellas and Man O Wars… Jellywatcher 26.350 / -80.070

Strong east wind on southeast FL coast today - lots of si

Vellela Jellyfish in… Jellywatcher -39.480 / 176.900

Many velella jellyfish up around the rock pools and on th

Velella Long Key State… Jellywatcher 24.810 / -80.830

Hundreds of bleached blue blue-buttons washed ashore in g

jelly blooms Jellywatcher 26.680 / 127.880

ribbon-like comb jelly in shallow water

Other ctenophores
Jellies washed up NSB Jellywatcher 29.030 / -80.930 Jellyfish
Velella ssiebert 37.600 / -122.500

Small specimens washed on beach.

Velella Jellywatcher -33.490 / 151.430

We have a massive lot of bluebottles at the moment and in

Blue button jelly in… Jellywatcher 21.250 / -157.790

Seen it floating off black point in honolulu Hawaii

Other Blue button jelly
Blue sail on shore Jellywatcher 25.790 / -80.130

Washed up on the tide line on south beach Miami.

jellyfissh Jellywatcher 30.330 / -87.140

A jellyfish with a peppermint top

Washed up Jellywatcher 25.790 / -80.130

Beat up little clear jelly fish at sunset

Velella left-handed Jellywatcher 34.030 / -118.740

Found a left handed velella at Dan Blocker Beach in Malib

Fresh Water Jelly Jellywatcher 45.980 / -75.940

The sighting was actually in 1993, while canoeing in the

Moon Jellies - San Diego… Jellywatcher 32.800 / -117.210 Jellyfish
Dead jelly at Aransas… Jellywatcher 27.820 / -97.060

Lot of dead jelly on shore.?

Ray Donagh Jellywatcher 53.760 / -6.250

Large number jellyfish sighted on the beach approximately

Jellyfish in Margate Jellywatcher 51.390 / 1.430

Found a washed up jellyfish in the afternoon near Botany

Unidentified Jellywatcher 13.190 / -59.540

I need your help identifying this creature

Other Possible worm or pyrome
Unidentified Jellywatcher 13.190 / -59.540

I am trying to find out what organism this is

Other Pyrome possibly
Man o Wars at Fort… Jellywatcher 30.230 / -87.910

We were walking on the beach and saw over 75 washed up ma

Man o war