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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Man o war Radio island… Jellywatcher 34.710 / -76.680

Small man o war washed up in the surf on radio island nea

Man o war
No jellyfish… Jellywatcher 37.630 / -76.500 Clean sea
Portuguese Man O’ War… Jellywatcher 33.920 / -78.160

Oak Island, NC

Man o war
Man O War on… Jellywatcher 33.860 / -77.990

Multiple Man O War jellies on Bald Head Island, NC beache

Man o war
Man O War, Atlantic… Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.740

One of 4 or 5 within 25ft of each other around 6:30am.

Man o war
Cannonball jellyfish… Jellywatcher 33.890 / -78.430

Cannonball jellyfish washed up on shore at Ocean Isle Bea

Portuguese Man… Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.810

Located on the beach in Pine Knoll Shores, NC

Man o war
Man o war sighting Jellywatcher 34.640 / -77.100

walking along the beach at night and stumbled upon the je

Man o war 1996
Men ‘o war Jellywatcher 34.670 / -77.010

Found 13 men ‘o war washed up on a half-mile stretch of E

Man o war
Atlantic Beach, North… Jellywatcher 34.710 / -76.840

Two Man o' War washed up on the shore in a bed of se

Man o war
Gwithian beach cornwall… Jellywatcher 50.220 / -5.390

Many many washed up I believe they are moon jelly fish or

Portuguese Man… Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.740

My Mom, sister and I saw a bunch of these washed up on th

Man o war
Portuguese Man O War Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.800

Lots of these guys washed up on shore last night - here’s

Man o war
boston harbor… Jellywatcher 42.270 / -70.900

Lots of jellyfish all around Boston harbor

Man o war… Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.800

One medium sized man o war in shallow water at pine knoll

Man o war
Portuguese Man o war-… Jellywatcher 33.860 / -78.000

On beach. Small.

Man o war
Man-O-War Jellywatcher 33.910 / -78.110

There were many on the beach as the tide went out and a f

Man o war
Man of War Jellywatcher 33.910 / -78.300

Left on beach during low tide, still seemed to be pulsing

Man o war
man o war Jellywatcher 33.910 / -78.300

wash up on beach.

Man o war
Man O War Cherry Grove… Jellywatcher 33.830 / -78.640

Many beached Man O Wars on Cherry Grove Beach morning of

Man o war
Portuguese Man… Jellywatcher 33.860 / -77.990

Dozens on the beach

Man o war
Emerald Isle North… Jellywatcher 34.680 / -76.950 Man o war
Portuguese Man-o-War Jellywatcher 34.490 / -77.430

Portuguese Man-o-War washed ashore in the morning at Nort

Man o war
2 Portugese… Jellywatcher 32.650 / -79.950

2 man o wars within 25 yards of each other at 7 AM

Man o war
Portuguese man ‘o war in… Jellywatcher 33.920 / -78.160

Over the past 10 days large amounts of Portuguese man ‘o

Man o war