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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Sail jellyfish citing Jellywatcher 35.170 / -120.650

100 s of vellela, it’s windy. Tide was very high

Velella Moon jellyfish
Beached man o war Jellywatcher 27.830 / -97.060 Man o war
Jellyfish Jellywatcher 37.940 / -76.310 Jellyfish
Ctenophore in Scotland… Jellywatcher 56.840 / -5.130

Comb Walnut jellyfish
Sea gooseberry

Other ctenophore
Phacellophora… charlotteseid 32.830 / -118.370

Little Flower Reef (32.839444, -118.368611), southeastern

Moon jelly Jellywatcher 36.010 / -75.660 Jellyfish
Blue jellyfish Jellywatcher 56.460 / -2.860

Wash up on Broughty Ferry sandy beach, this has tentacles

Velella velella in San… Jellywatcher 35.570 / -121.110

My family and I saw about 25 Small blue velella velella a

Purple Striped Jelly SC… Jellywatcher 36.960 / -121.990

A large, purple striped jelly was washed up on Black&#039

Lions Mane Jellywatcher 47.760 / -122.380

Near shore, high tide

Velella Sighting Jellywatcher 34.420 / -118.160

7-10 healthy Velellas were washed up on the beach in Mont

North Beach - Corpus… Jellywatcher 27.820 / -97.380

Six jellyfish stings happened right around us at the beac

Weird clear squishy… Jellywatcher 52.550 / -114.000


Moon Jellies Long Beach… Jellywatcher 33.770 / -118.120

Large swarm in Spinnaker Bay/Alamitos Bay

Velella velella washed… Jellywatcher 35.100 / -120.610

Little blue rafts with clear jelly-like sails were washed

Bay Nettles in Smith/… Jellywatcher 38.120 / -76.410

Numerous bay nettles in Smith/Jutland Creek.

Small Jelly - River… Jellywatcher 55.950 / -4.920

Saw one small jellyfish river Clyde at East Bay Dunoon fi

East Boothbay Jellywatcher 43.870 / -69.580

Two Lion Mane jellyfish approximately 12” diameter seen a

Man o war
Velella Jellywatcher 50.260 / -5.300

Shallow beach water

Moon jelly,… Jellywatcher 51.720 / -5.210

Numerous moon jellies stranded on the beach

Westward Ho! Beach Jellywatcher 51.050 / -4.230

Blue jellyfish and moon jellyfish.

Lions Mane Jellywatcher 47.580 / -122.410

4 small lion's mane 1 medium

Melbourne florida… Jellywatcher 28.130 / -80.630

Cannonball jellyfish Indian river lagoon

Yorktown Beach Jellies… Jellywatcher 37.240 / -76.510

Saw several clear jellies about the size of crabapples ac

Other Moon Jellyfish
Jellyfish in Salem, MA… Jellywatcher 42.530 / -70.870 Jellyfish