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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
What is this jelly… Jellywatcher -26.360 / 152.970

I would like to know it’s name

Wrightsville Beach, NC… Jellywatcher 34.210 / -77.800

Spotted a dozen of these washed up on the sound side beac

Unknown clear jellies… Jellywatcher 27.800 / -82.800

Large (10-12 inch diameter) clear jelly and several of it

Colonial Beach Jellywatcher 38.250 / -76.960

Saw about 10 small disc jelly fish in the water

Possibly Lions Mane Jellywatcher 41.320 / -71.880

I saw 2 of these in very shallow water.

Box jelly at Church… Jellywatcher -33.650 / 151.280

Sighted at Church Point. Amy W

Box Jelly
Upham Beach Washed Up… Jellywatcher 27.750 / -82.730

Small jellies seen washed on shore after a storm

Point Defiance Marina 24… Jellykeeper101 47.310 / -122.510

(1) Clytia gregarum, (2) beat up Aequorea Victoria and (2

Lions Mane Jelly Jellywatcher 54.500 / -0.660

Half dozen lions mane jellies washed up on beach and some

A Massive Jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 40.680 / -73.940

I saw a massive five foot in diameter white-pink jellyfis

Small sea nettles near… Jellywatcher 37.620 / -76.280

Small, white/translucent, short to medium length tentacle

Blue shutters beach… Jellywatcher 41.380 / -71.640

Daughter stung

Salps sighted at… Jellywatcher 38.090 / -75.210

Lots of salps sighted on the beach at Assateague Island

Other Salps
Moon Jellies at… Jellywatcher 37.930 / -75.380

Moon jellies sighted at Tom’s Cove campground

Saw a jelly Jellywatcher 44.310 / -124.100

I saw a jellyfish on the shore in Yachats Oregon

Surfing with jellies Jellywatcher 41.230 / -70.120

We’re getting stung by these on a daily basis while surfi

Jellyfish Bespoke Wellness Project
Point Defiance Marina 19… Jellykeeper101 47.310 / -122.520

1 large Cyanea capillata and four Aequorea Victoria.

Vashon Moon Jellies… Jellykeeper101 47.370 / -122.450

Observed many moon jellies, A.

Lion’s Mane - Greenport… Jellywatcher 41.100 / -72.400

Numerous jellyfish at the Sound View Motel beach - diamet

Jellyfish Lion’s Mane
Lions Mane Jellywatcher 54.710 / -3.490

Today at Maryport, Cumbria whilst rockpooling with my fam

Phacellophora… Jellywatcher 48.810 / -123.390

I saw two within the harbour.First time I had seen them h

Point Defiance Marina 17… Jellykeeper101 47.310 / -122.520

Time of observation: ca.

velella tenby Jellywatcher 51.670 / -4.700

loads washed up on the beach

Galveston Jellywatcher 29.120 / -95.080

clear jellyfish on the beach and I was stung in the water

jelly Jellywatcher 50.780 / -0.910

The jellyfish was about the size of a grapefruit.