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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Point Defiance Marina Jellywatcher 47.310 / -122.520

Approximately 15 moon jellies and 3 Aequorea victoria

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 36.380 / -75.830

White top
With brown lined markings

Pelagia Nocitula Jellywatcher 43.330 / 5.060

Pelagia nocitula présent in Mantiques (La couronne) at An

Compass Jellywatcher 50.280 / -3.870

About 50 beached at Bantham and more in the water

On Bamburgh beach,… Jellywatcher 55.610 / -1.710

About 30cm in length.

Unknown Jellywatcher 36.850 / -121.810

Observed at Pajaro Dunes resort

Other I’m not sure - a tunicate?
Taunton River Jellywatcher 41.830 / -71.120

There were many jellyfish, clear blueish, varied in size.

Sea nettle Jellywatcher 36.850 / -75.980

Reddish looking jellyfish in shallow atlantic water near

Galveston Jellywatcher 29.330 / -94.810

3 jellyfish

Bloom at Narragansett… Jellywatcher 41.430 / -71.450

I’ve never experienced anything like it.

Other Comb Jellies
Aequora vitrina Crystal… Jellywatcher 50.330 / -4.600

3 found around lantivit bay, Cornwall

Newquay Jellywatcher 50.420 / -5.070

Loys of clear jelly velella washed up on tolcarme beach

Jellyfish in Rockyneck… Jellywatcher 41.300 / -72.250

There were two jelly’s in the water when I went in about

Lion's Mane… Jellywatcher 41.320 / -71.800

Lion's mane jellyfish

Globe jelly bloom/wash… Jellywatcher 45.990 / -123.920

Dozens to a hundred or so globe jellies washed up in the

Stung by unknown… Jellywatcher 41.280 / -70.100

About 4-6” in diameter. Did not get clear view.

Jellyfish Not certain
Blue string.... no! Jellywatcher 28.190 / -83.640

I saw a wiry blue string sitting in the ocean i’m totally

Man o war Blue bottle
Jellyfish- possibly lion… Jellywatcher 44.030 / -68.800

Jellyfish found drifting into shore in Brookline, ME.

Sea Nettles Jellywatcher 37.240 / -76.510

12+ Sea Nettles of various size swimming 20 yards off the

Jellyfish Sea Nettle
Jellyfish at Laguna… Jellywatcher 36.980 / -122.160

Single jellyfish that washed up on shore momentarily for

Moon Jellies in BC Jellywatcher 49.470 / -123.750

Blooms of Moon Jellies sighted at 10 am in Lamb Bay, Sech

Lots of jellyfish Jellywatcher 36.650 / -76.280

Lots of brownish red jelly fish just floating around in N

Lion Mane Jellyfish Jellywatcher 40.970 / -72.140

Napeague Beach Amagansett, NY

Clean sea in St. Peter… Jellywatcher 54.300 / 8.650 Clean sea
Unknown jellyfish Jellywatcher 37.030 / -76.350

Sighted in the Chesapeake Bay at Grandview Nature Preserv