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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Hundreds of jellyfish at… Jellywatcher 47.010 / -124.160

At first I noted the clear blobs on the sand.

Brown jellyfish Jellywatcher 39.940 / 23.660 Jellyfish
Mykonos Greece Jellywatcher 37.450 / 25.330

Very small found in ALL beaches around the island this ye

Phacellophora… Jellywatcher 36.520 / -121.940

Sighted in two locations off the coast of Point Lobos Sta

Aurelia Jellywatcher 36.520 / -121.940

Several Aurelia sighted from coastline in Point Lobos Sta

Man o war Jellywatcher 41.340 / -70.720

Found alongside vellela vellelas— windy conditions with r

Man o war
Vellela vellela Jellywatcher 41.340 / -70.720

4 by the wind sailors along with a Man o war seen on the

Phacellophora… Jellywatcher 48.810 / -123.430

Phacellophora camtshatica , came through the hatch on an

Box Jellyfish Possible… Jellywatcher 39.790 / 19.710

When I was at the beach today I saw a 10cm long Box Jelly

Box Jelly
Red Tide at Half Moon… Jellywatcher 37.500 / -122.470

Water is red/brown as can be seen in the breaking waves.

Red Tide
Jellyfish First Landing… Jellywatcher 36.890 / -76.020

Dozens swimming in deeper waters 10 yards or more off sho

Red eyed Medusa,… Jellywatcher 48.840 / -123.460

Found in shallow water, seemed quite happy going about it

jellyfish close to shore… Jellywatcher 18.340 / -64.730 Jellyfish
Jellyfish Jellywatcher 17.120 / -61.880

Spotted on the shore of the royal ton resort in Antigua a

Fort Morgan Jellywatcher 30.230 / -88.020

We’ve probably seen 60-70 jellyfish in our area.

Aurelia aurita stranding… Jellywatcher 53.790 / -9.660

100s of Aurelia aurita and a few Chrysaora hysoscellastra

Cannonball jellies Jellywatcher 35.570 / -75.470

Low tide cannonball jellies, rust colored stripes and ten

clean beach & clean… chayatamal 59.770 / -151.870 Clean sea
3 Fried Eggs Jellywatcher 48.120 / -122.750

Standing on a dock at Port Townsend, WA.

Other Scyphozoa
Moon jelly Jellywatcher 35.570 / -75.470

Clear, circular, no tentacles

Cannonball jelly Jellywatcher 35.570 / -75.470

Clear with rust colored stripes, short tentacles

tiny jellyfish chayatamal 59.600 / -151.410

clear sunny day.

possible fried egg… Jellywatcher 59.600 / -151.410

saw these jellyfish close to shore at low tide.

Dying lions mane… Jellywatcher 47.750 / -122.380

Low tide

Lions mane jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 47.750 / -122.380

Low tide