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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Velella Jellywatcher 30.270 / -86.000

Abundant beaching of Velella at Inlet Beach, Florida

Crowned jellyfish in… MobileAnonymous 19.470 / -155.920 Jellyfish Crowned jellyfish
Blubbers and moon… Jellywatcher -33.800 / 151.300 Jellyfish Moon jelly and jelly blubber
Jellyfish Jellywatcher 37.550 / -76.340

Small round jelly with yellow Sun like body.

Jellyfish Can you identify?
Delray Jellyfish Report… Jellywatcher 26.700 / -80.030 Man o war
Man o war Jellywatcher 29.660 / -84.880 Man o war
Bolinopsis ashleyi Jellywatcher -27.090 / 152.920

Sighted in Moreton Bay marine national Park.

Mushroom-cap Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 37.900 / -75.330

45cm diameter, translucent with creamy white bell.

Blue bottom or man o war… Jellywatcher 30.270 / -87.590 Man o war
Blue button Murray'… Jellywatcher -33.120 / 151.620

Two small blue button jellyfish washed up on sand on Murr

Niu Blau - Multiple… Jellywatcher 38.990 / 1.550

Received multiple stings when swimming off the coast of N

Many jellyfishes Jellywatcher 43.510 / 4.120

Incredible amount of spécimens in Port Camargue (port and

Velella Velella Jellywatcher 33.640 / -117.970

Found some washed on Huntington Beach State Beach, near t

Cannonball jellies, SE… Jellywatcher 33.870 / -78.010

Big cannonball jellies (some

Mauve stinger East Coast… Jellywatcher 44.640 / -63.370

The ocean is warmer than usual at our latitude for this t

Mauve Stinger in Nova… Jellywatcher 44.640 / -63.370 Jellyfish Mauve stinger
Pelagia noctiluca (Mauve… Jellywatcher 44.500 / -64.070

Located at Bayswater beach, Nova Scotia at 12:30p.

Natural reserve Curu bay… Jellywatcher 9.960 / -85.350

Stung by a jelly fish on the 1st of December 2022 in this

Pelagia Noctiluca Jellywatcher 38.160 / 14.930 Jellyfish
Millerton Lake… Jellywatcher 37.020 / -119.680

Freshwater jellyfish.

Chesapeake Bay Virginia… Jellywatcher 38.800 / -71.760

Starfish Road under the pier

Jellyfish at Marrowstone… Jellywatcher 48.100 / -122.700

We saw jellyfish on the beach every 50 yards in Fort Flag

East Coast Korea Jellywatcher 37.880 / 128.870

Jellyfish spotted off the East coast of S.

Jelly off Kona 24… CRC 19.130 / -156.000

Seen in >2000 m depth off S. Kona

Found on Gibson Beach,… Jellywatcher 36.520 / -121.940

We saw this beautiful (what we think is) jellyfish but no