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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Sighting of Porpita… Jellywatcher 16.200 / -98.150

My parents went to the beach, 30 kilometers near our city

Blue Button jellyfish Jellywatcher -12.330 / 130.890

Washed up and floatingLee point beach

Dixon scientists at… DixonScholars 30.400 / -87.220 Vertebrate
No Jellies seen Mobile… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.570 / -87.900

No jellies seen or jellie pieces

5 dead jellyfish ParadiseCove 47.380 / -122.520

5 of the same species of jellyfish dead on beach

Debris from Zeta in… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.570 / -87.900

No jellies no pieces. Lots of Debris

Found on beach at the… Jellywatcher -34.120 / 24.770

Found in an inlet at the mouth of the Kromme River South

Huge white spotted jelly… Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.690

It was washed up and partially buried in the rising tide

Physalia in Brittany (… Jellywatcher 48.270 / -4.620

five stranded individuals, Pen Hat beach, Brittany, Franc

Man o war
Jellyfish by the sea… Jellywatcher 30.810 / 29.090 Jellyfish
Three dead jellyfish ParadiseCove 47.380 / -122.520

Found a large rust colored jelly (Lion’s Mane)?

Dixon Scholars at Bruce… DixonScholars 30.400 / -87.220 Plastic
Possible Pink Meanie… Jellywatcher 26.890 / -82.340

This is the largest jellyfish we have seen where we live.

Velella Cape Cod Jellywatcher 41.660 / -70.070 Velella
Jelly pieces Mobile Bay… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.570 / -87.910

Lots of pieces resembles moon or crystal jelly

Jellyfish Pieces
Honeymoon Island end of… Jellywatcher 28.060 / -82.830

Two on beach

White Spotted Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.740 / -76.290

At Figure 8 North Carolina in the waterway.

MOON JELLY CATES PARK BC… Jellywatcher 49.300 / -122.960

Found a moon jelly that the tide brought in, water was to

Large 20cm diameter… Jellywatcher -38.040 / 145.110

Washing up on shore in edithvale, Victoria.

Dixon Scientists at… DixonScholars 30.400 / -87.220 Plastic
Velella in Washington… Jellywatcher 47.140 / -124.190

A few Velella washed up on Copalis Beach, WA.

Lion's Mane… Jellywatcher 30.260 / -85.990

Saw what looks like a Lion's Mane Jellyfish near Pan

Ocean Shores beach… Jellywatcher 47.010 / -124.160

We went to the beach at low tide.

Jellyfish Rhizostoma Jellywatcher 41.200 / 29.090

Multiple Rhizostoma jellyfish and thousands of small jell

Hundreds of pacific sea… Jellywatcher 37.510 / -120.880

We went to the end of the Monterey commercial wharf to vi