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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Bay Nettle Jellywatcher 41.070 / -73.620

I have lived on Long Island sound for 30 years first time

White spotted Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.440 / -77.680

3 white spotted Jellyfish 2 miles from Topsail inlet

Dead jelly on Plum… Jellywatcher 41.170 / -72.190

Small (palm-sized) body, clear in color.

Summer Rest Rd. Jellywatcher 34.220 / -77.810

In the marsh on incoming tide.

Aurelia at Jamaica Beach… Jellywatcher 29.180 / -94.970

Found two live jellyfish and three dead jellyfish all of

Monterey Harbor Jellywatcher 36.600 / -121.890

We saw hundreds of jellyfish in the Monterey Harbor.

Jellyfish One Sting Ray.
Spotted Jellyfish miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.640

Large Spotted Jellyfish drifting through Taylor's Cr

Change Islands NL Jellywatcher 49.700 / -54.420

Big Jelly for these parts.

White Spotted jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.740

Saw a White spotted Jellyfish at AR 315 off of Atlantic B

White spotted jellyfish… Jellywatcher 34.720 / -76.690 Jellyfish
Dead Jellyfish ParadiseCove 47.380 / -122.520

I found 3 dead jellyfish on the beach in 3 separate locat

White Spotted Jelly -… Jellywatcher 34.180 / -77.790

Spotted between Masonboro Island & Wrightsville Islan

What appears to be a… Jellywatcher 27.590 / -82.760

Numerous large jellies seen off Egmont Key.

Bolivar Peninsula, TX Jellywatcher 29.480 / -94.580

4 spotted in water, more than a dozen spotted beached on

Hammonasset beach… Jellywatcher 41.260 / -72.560

lots of ctenophores at Hammonasset beach yesterday!

Other ctenophores
Dead moon jelly on beach… Jellywatcher 29.670 / -84.850

Dead moon jelly on beach

Jellyfish sighting… Jellywatcher 27.770 / -82.770

Numerous moon jellies were seen in the water and washed a

Dead jelly washed up on… Jellywatcher 29.660 / -84.850 Jellyfish
Spotted Jellyfish miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.650

Jelly observed floating in flowing tide of Taylor's

Vashon Moon Jellies Raab… Jellykeeper101 47.390 / -122.430

Lots of large moon jellies Aurelia labiata are present in

Point Defiance Marina 22… Jellykeeper101 47.310 / -122.520

Observered a whole lotta gelata from the floating docks t

Dead Mullet on beach… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.570 / -87.910

Worthy of a post bc only two dead creatures we found in t

Vertebrate Mullet
Dead Moon Jellies Mobile… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.570 / -87.910

Big beautiful jellies washed up.

Lion's Maine Jellywatcher 40.900 / -73.370

We were kayaking in Centerport Harbor, on Long Island, an

Jellyfish Lion's Maine (Mane)
Greater Moon Jelly in… Jellywatcher 44.280 / -124.110

Found two deceased greater moon jellies at Cape perpetua