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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Velella velella - Playa… Jellywatcher 33.960 / -118.450

Velella velella at the high water mark along the beach at

Velella sailor jellyfish… Jellywatcher 33.970 / -118.470

Marina del Rey / Venice beach

By the Wind Sailor Jellywatcher 33.990 / -118.470

Many were along the shore at the beach.

New Smyrna Beach - Man o… Jellywatcher 29.030 / -80.930

Several Portuguese MoW along the length of beach

Man o war
Vellela Jellywatcher 34.040 / -118.620

Hundreds of blue/clear Velella washed up on Big Rock beac

Heceta Beach, Florence,… Jellywatcher 44.110 / -124.020

Mile or more swathe along the tide line

Benthic ctenophores at… MobileAnonymous 19.670 / -156.030

Outside the harbor in Kona, at 100 feet depth, we saw two

Other Ctenophore
Hard to identify… Jellywatcher 38.170 / -76.850

Very warm day about 81° Fahrenheit.

Mandalay beach Jellywatcher 34.190 / -119.240

Thousands washed on shore durind wind advisory.

Sea Center, Santa… Jellywatcher 34.410 / -119.690

collected 20 by-the-wind sailors; all 20 were left-handed

Several fresh dead… Jellywatcher 32.520 / 34.900

Caesaria Port

Cannonball jellyfish on… Jellywatcher 33.870 / -78.000

Numerous cannonball jellyfish had washed ashore on Bald H

Dream fish lily Jellywatcher 32.430 / -77.160

Jellyfish,not sure what kind seen in Solomons island md.<

Red Eyed Medusa Jellywatcher 33.540 / -117.800

Fisherman’s Cove, Laguna Beach.

Washed jellies over mile… Jellywatcher 33.430 / -79.120

Numerous washed up jellies the sand many more pics and si

Jellyfish Canonball jellies?
Apolemia uvaria in La… charlotteseid 32.860 / -117.260

Depth 80 ft, Vallecitos Point, La Jolla Submarine Canyon,

Immortal jelly fish Jellywatcher -38.210 / 178.330

Thousands of these all over Nuhiti beach today.

Pink jellyfish Jellywatcher -33.820 / 151.250

Two lone jellyfish at the northern end of Edwards Beach S

By the Wind Pacific… Jellywatcher 36.630 / -121.920

large numbers in the wave line along the bay side of Paci

Velella velella Jellywatcher 36.610 / -121.900

A large number of Velella are on San Carlos beach.

Pink and White Jellywatcher 37.010 / -76.300

The first (not sure about the others) of the newer beach

Bill Zimmerman-Velella… Jellywatcher 36.630 / -121.940

Millions of Velella of all sizes washed up on Asilomar Be

Never saw this in Myrtle… Jellywatcher 33.750 / -78.810

Huge jellyfish with fin-like appendages washed up on the

Fluther of jellyfish Jellywatcher -33.800 / 151.300

A fluther of small pink jellyfish

Velella by-the-wind… Jellywatcher 36.610 / -121.900 Velella