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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Chrysaora, Aurelia,… Jellywatcher 50.020 / -5.100

Small group of Chrysaora (c.10) in shallows, couple of Au

Chrysaora hysoscella,… Nomeus 50.020 / -5.100

Small swarm (10ish) of compass jellyfish in shallows and

Bioluminescence Jellywatcher 42.130 / -70.680

Bioluminescence under foot as the high tide recedes.

Other Bioluminescence
Chrysaora hysoscella,… Nomeus 50.140 / -5.080

One compass jellyfish washed-up, one swimming in shallows

Chrysaora hysoscella,… Jellywatcher 50.140 / -5.080

Two compass jellyfish (one washed-up, one alive in shallo

Velella velella at Moss… Jellywatcher 37.520 / -122.510

A singular velella unit washed up on the sand, approx.

Chrysaora hysoscella,… Nomeus 50.110 / -5.530

One specimen seen from harbour wall, c.15cm bell diameter

red mane jelly fish Jellywatcher 41.310 / -72.930 Jellyfish
Aurelia aurita, Praa… Nomeus 50.100 / -5.390

Three or four washed-up on beach, dead after surf poundin

Falcon Crest trail head… Jellywatcher 38.790 / -120.880

Lots of jellyfish washed on shore.

Jellyfish Essex Jellywatcher 51.530 / 0.760

Lots of dead jellyfish washed up on beach (approx 30), a

Bamburgh Jellywatcher 55.610 / -1.710

Purple jellyfish (3)

Westward ho Beach siting… Jellywatcher 51.060 / -4.230

Walking along beach and came across many Jelly Fish, this

Jellyfish Portuguese man o war
Atlantic Sea Nettle… Jellywatcher 30.410 / -89.270

Atlantic Sea Nettle Sighting Pass Christian, Ms

Lion’s Mane? Arrogant… Jellywatcher 40.440 / -74.110 Jellyfish
Moon jellyfish Jellywatcher 51.630 / -4.270

5-10cm diameter moon jellyfish stranded on a sand beach

Sea Nettles and Moon… Jellywatcher 37.160 / -76.440

Overwhelming amounts of both species within the swimming

Venice Grand Canal Jellywatcher 45.440 / 12.320

Big Jelly Fish Perseus, Seen swimming along the edge of t

Moon jellyfish and Lions… Jellywatcher 49.410 / -122.860

Swam for 1.5km in open ocean, counted 25 lions mane jelly

Baby Jellies Jellywatcher 41.390 / 2.170

Baby jellies in the Mediterranean Sea near Barcelona.

Other Unknown. I couldn’t see
Santa Teresa Gallura Jellywatcher 41.240 / 9.190

Hundreds of Pelagia Noctiluca

Hilton Head jellyfish by… Jellywatcher 32.220 / -80.750

Mild jellyfish

Possibly Thysanostoma?… kimomorris -17.480 / -149.820

This is a jelly that was photographed at MRB reef, Mo&#03

Jellyfish on shore of… Jellywatcher 29.220 / -94.900 Jellyfish
Egg yolk jelly Jellywatcher 36.800 / -121.950

Most of the jellies had bright coloring.