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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Compass jellyfish Jellywatcher 52.310 / -4.140

Several compass jellyfish washed up on llanrhystud beach

Lions Mane Jellywatcher 41.320 / -72.090

2 small (the bell being 2" inches or so) jellyfish w

Compass at Charmouth,… Jellywatcher 50.740 / -2.900

Compass jellyfish in wavy sea.

Jellyfish Compass
Striped jelly Port San… Jellywatcher 35.180 / -120.750

Washed up on Olde Port Beach in Port San Luis.

Velella Velella sighting… Jellywatcher 34.180 / -119.240

Today and the past few days on Oxnard shores beach I have

Just a few ... Jellywatcher 33.060 / -117.310

Found a few on the beach Carlsbad CA

Blue Jellyfish East… Jellywatcher 56.220 / -2.700

Found in shallow water on beach in Anstruther Fife.

Sea Nettles Monroe Bay… Jellywatcher 38.230 / -76.970

Friend was stung by a sea nettle in Monroe Bay in Colonia

Jellyfish sighting El… Jellywatcher 35.240 / -3.930 Jellyfish
Valella Valella Jellywatcher 35.440 / -120.890

Found in Cayucos, I only visited a short stretch of the b

Sea nettle in Vir-Mar Jellywatcher 37.930 / -76.310

Several small and medium sized sea nettles floating close

Portuguese Man o’ War… Jellywatcher 41.340 / -71.730

Beached Man o’ War on Shelter Harbor Beach.

Man o war
Jellyfish Jellywatcher 41.280 / -72.810

Large red jellyfish, could've been lion's mane.

Cornwall, Uk Jellywatcher 50.290 / -5.240

Porthtowan beach

Jellyfish sting OBX Jellywatcher 35.960 / -75.620

Several small jellyfish in the water.

Velella velellas and… Jellywatcher 35.430 / -120.890

Velella velellas and Aurelia aurita are washing up on the

Jelly Fish Sting Jellywatcher 37.240 / -76.510

At the beach next to the Yorktown Pub, got stung by a jel

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 36.920 / -76.130

One Small one inch round jellyfish spotted on the Chesape

Edmonds Wahington Jellywatcher 47.810 / -122.380

The Puget Sound waters near Edmonds were packed with thes

2 Lions Mane Jellies Jellywatcher 41.030 / -72.180

Each were about a foot wide and pink/red.

Hundreds of Jellies… Jellywatcher 30.390 / -86.500

Hundreds on the waters edge/beach.

Sting in Nice Jellywatcher 43.710 / 7.260

Pelagia near shore (10m)

Sea Nettles Urbanna, VA… Jellywatcher 37.630 / -76.570

A friend and I were both stung on Urbanna Creek, in Urban

Velella velella in Santa… Jellywatcher 34.420 / -119.710

Around a hundred Velella velella, also known as By-the-Wi

Washed up lion's… Jellywatcher 48.060 / -122.590

Found at South Whidbey State Park, 10-12 in diameter, rec