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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Stung by Jelly in South… Jellywatcher 33.380 / -79.290

The public beach access outside of Georgetown, SC has jel

Early morning jellies… Jellywatcher 47.400 / -54.860

Found in the Atlantic Ocean in Parkers Cove Newfoundland

Bluebottle jellyfish Jellywatcher -33.200 / 115.680

Spotted 1000+ blue bottle jellyfish that were stranded as

Man o war
Thetys salps in water @… Jellywatcher 36.620 / -121.920

Thetys - small chain, 4 individuals at water surface east

Other Thetys
Blue Jellywatcher 38.670 / 26.760

Light blue color

Man o war
thysanostoma loriferum… Jellywatcher 19.990 / -155.830

Spotted this thysanostoma loriferum swimming with a juven

Chrysaora isoceles Tayport35 55.670 / -4.860

Found on beach, about 20cm in diameter.

Purple spots Jellywatcher 37.260 / -122.410

Clear jelly the size of a dinner plate with four purple r

Unknown jellies on Ocean… Jellywatcher 37.750 / -122.510

Saw many of these clear jellies with dark.

Stinging nettles -… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.580 / -87.910 Jellyfish
Unknown jellies… julianacc 37.750 / -122.510

Many jellies scattered along Ocean Beach in San Francisco

Va beach Jellywatcher 36.850 / -75.980

Saw 3 jelly fish today on Virginia Beach

Bay Nettles at Buckroe… Jellywatcher 37.050 / -76.290

Number of jellyfish in the swimming area have increased e

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 35.780 / -75.530 Jellyfish
Stung at Footbridge… Jellywatcher 43.260 / -70.590

Large red colored jellyfish seen about the size of a dinn

Jellyfish 1965
Sea Nettles Jellywatcher 37.240 / -76.510

Yorktown Riverwalk VA

Jellies Jellywatcher 37.710 / -76.460 Jellyfish
Nettles - lots of… Jellywatcher 37.720 / -76.450 Jellyfish
Lion's mane Jellywatcher 36.850 / -75.980

Water is littered with small Lion's mane jellys

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 37.280 / -76.530

Multiple small white jellyfish

Clean beach mobile bay,… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.570 / -87.910

All clean...

Clean sea
Swimmer Jellywatcher 41.050 / -72.480

Lions Mane all along the coast of the LI sound in Peconic

Outer Banks Jellywatcher 36.030 / -75.680

Moon and cannonball jellyfish blooms in Kill Devil Hills,

Jellyfish Cannonball jellyfish
Fins on fire 🔥 Jellywatcher 37.120 / 25.820

Went in the beach at Kalotaritissa in Donousa, Greece (

Velella sighting flightschool 36.620 / -121.940

wash-up on Asilomar State Beach