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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Rockaway Beach, oregon… Jellywatcher 45.610 / -123.940

Dozens, maybe hundreds, palm sized see through clear jell

Lions Mane and barrel… Jellywatcher 55.460 / -4.630

2 lions mane dinner plate sized, and one dead on the beac

Freshwater jellyfish Jellywatcher 40.350 / -122.200

Was kayaking with a friend in lake California when he spo

Cyanea Capillata Jellywatcher 58.320 / 11.400

Several small lions mane jellies off the coast of Ramsvik

Tiny lion’s mane-esque… Jellywatcher 58.320 / 11.400 Jellyfish
Point Lobos Mound Meadow… Jellywatcher 36.510 / -121.940

Not unusual to see moon jellies in the area.

Jellyfish sting Jellywatcher 34.680 / -76.950

Unknown sting in 5-6’ water at Emerald Isle, NC.

Jellyfish Sting Jellywatcher 34.270 / -77.740 Jellyfish
Salps Jellywatcher 42.840 / -70.860 Other Salps
Lions mane Jellywatcher 40.960 / -72.400

8 inch lions mane sighting in North Sea in the Peconic Ba

Jellyfish Lions Mane
Barrel jellyfish East… Jellywatcher 55.430 / -4.690

A barrel jellyfish and a few lions mane jellyfish spotted

Jellyfish Barrel and lions mane
Lions Mane in Ciutadella… Jellywatcher 40.000 / 3.800 Jellyfish
Lion's Mane… Tayport35 55.930 / -4.880

Probably dead found on beach.

Compass jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 50.260 / -3.860

Saw single compass jelly in about 1m water while snorkell

River Center Jellywatcher 26.930 / -80.090 Jellyfish
V. Velella Buzzards Bay… Jellywatcher 41.520 / -71.000

Several dozen V. Velella washed up on beach, So.

Compass jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 50.340 / -4.150

Three healthy compass jellyfish spotted whilst on boat t

Jellyfish Sting Cyanea… Jellywatcher -37.850 / 144.950

found the squashed remnant inside my swimming costume, re

Aurelias spotted in… Jellywatcher 36.070 / -75.690

While I was on my morning walk, I saw a moon Kelly washed

Velella Kenya Jellywatcher -3.340 / 40.030

A few by the wind sailors scattered along Watamu beach

Rhopilema Nomadica Andreas Galea 35.840 / 14.570 Other Rhopilema Nomadica
there where 3 jellyfish… Jellywatcher 35.840 / 14.570 Other Rhopilema Nomadica
Mnemiopsis leidyi… Jellywatcher 45.310 / 13.580

There was onshore wind the whole day before and when we w

Other Ctenophore
Cyana annaskala Jellywatcher -37.990 / 145.060

8-10 cm diameter in clear water between 20-50m from shore

Velella velella at… Jellywatcher 41.340 / -70.800

Many have washed up on the Atlantic Ocean beach at the so