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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Alve with Jellyfish openhouse 36.850 / -121.810

Lots of small clear jellies and nudibranchs (purple and y

Many jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 57.280 / -5.720

It was quite remarkable, many many (easily hundreds) jell

Ocyropsis off Barbados… Jellywatcher 13.170 / -59.670

Spot-wing Comb Jelly drawing from EHW Dive Report #200406

Other Ocyropsis maculata
Mola during blue-water… beroe 36.310 / -123.050 Visited during blue-water dive Mola
Velella from 2003 beroe 37.330 / -122.400

Reported by Mark D: The beach was littered with thousands

Velella Velella
PYROSOMA mucktopus -8.780 / 119.420

Thousands of pyrosoma in water all day long- cold water u

Other Salps
Chilpo Green Beach South… Jellywatcher 36.150 / 129.390

This is an ancient sighting, but interesting enough to me

Jellyfish Purple people eaters?
Thimble jellies mucktopus 1.600 / 124.780

mats up to 0.3m thick drifting past all day

Jellies in Kure, Japan… openhouse 34.230 / 132.510

Probably moon jellies, lots of them, densely packed near

Jellies in Israel openhouse 32.870 / 35.070

White jellies filling the water 4-10 inch diameter, absol

Stung in Pangkor Jellywatcher 4.230 / 100.560

Swimming innocently along the beach when i felt this bran

was it a box jelly? Jellywatcher 40.080 / 22.980

hi, my name is dimitris and i had a bad experience with a

Box Jelly
jellies in Kuwait openhouse 28.670 / 48.410

In the neutral zone; lots of them so couldn't go swi

Sea Nettles Karen 38.220 / -76.850

Years ago actually when I was with my family on the beach

Portuguese man o war in… openhouse 27.950 / -82.860

Childhood encounter with jelly and lifeguard

Man o war Physalia