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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Physalia in Australia jellywatch Alt text -26.810 / 153.140

Hundreds brought in by easterly winds

Man o war
Jellyfish in Southern… jellywatch -40.550 / -73.730

no description of species, but produces painful sting.

Ouch Jellywatcher 21.320 / -157.670

I was out surfing at "Cockroach", when one wrap

Man o war man o war
Melibe leonina swimming… Leo 48.540 / -123.010

There have been lots of Melibe swimming in the nearshore

Other Mollusc: Gastropod: Nudibranch
Small ctenophore? Jellywatcher 20.410 / -87.300

I was in the Yal Ku lagoon in Akumal, Mexico and saw a ve

Other Ctenophore
Portuguese man o'… acmorand Alt text -23.990 / -46.230

Portuguese man o' war stranded in beaches of Santos

Man o war
Jellyfish swarm into… Wendy Matthews Alt text -36.880 / 175.040

Jellies littered the beach and many were still swimming u

Portuguese Man-of-War at… ottompo Alt text -23.830 / -45.420

Many Portuguese man-of-war were observed at the São Sebas

Man o war Portuguese man-of-war
Box jellies in Waikiki… Jellywatcher 21.270 / -157.830

Reports later said fewer than normal

Box Jelly
Red tide in Monterey Bay… Jellywatcher 36.800 / -121.870

Brown water for 10 miles offshore, for the last month at

Red Tide
Cotylorhiza near Malta… jellywatch 36.030 / 14.210

Cotylorhiza tuberculata, Said to be "dozens" in Xlendi Ba

Tripedalia cystophora eorellana 26.370 / -80.070

The Box Jellyfish Tripedalia cystophora was first offical

Box Jelly
Luminescent Jelly Fish Yam 20.700 / 70.980

Bio luminescent jelly fish spotted coming in with the wav

Aurelia in Saanich Inlet… Jellywatcher 48.570 / -123.510

5-6in diameter; packed side by side and incredibly dense;

Chrysaora fuscescens omgirl 36.750 / -122.100 Jellyfish
Chrysaora fuscescens omgirl 36.740 / -122.100 Jellyfish
Pelagia in Northern… jellywatch Alt text 55.230 / -6.400

News report of thousands washing ashore.

pygmy killer whales Jellywatcher 21.070 / -156.320

A pod of Pygmy Killer whales in Hawaii in Maui.

Box Jellyfish in… Tamatree -19.990 / 57.590

I was on holiday in Grand Bay (North) Mauritius and on my

Box Jelly
Jellies in Daytona Beach… jellywatch Alt text 29.200 / -80.990

News report mentions both scyphos and box jellies, but un

Box Jelly
Mystery Blob seen while… swordwhale Alt text 37.950 / -75.390

Not even the park naturalists had a clue.

Purple Jelly Jellywatcher 36.870 / -121.820

Washed up on the beach near Watsonville, CA.

Aurelia aurita omgirl 36.710 / -122.000

Aurelia aurita at 10 meters depth in Monterey Bay

Chrysaora fuscescens omgirl Alt text 36.710 / -122.000

Chrysaora fuscescens bloom at 10 meters in Monterey Bay

Aequorea sp - Punta… Dalia 19.800 / -87.480

~30 Aequorea specimens were seen in Punta Allen Bay, Mexi