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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Chrysaora fuscescens omgirl Alt text 36.710 / -122.000

Chrysaora fuscescens bloom at 10 meters in Monterey Bay

Aurelia aurita omgirl 36.710 / -122.000

Aurelia aurita at 10 meters depth in Monterey Bay

Aequorea sp - Punta… Dalia 19.800 / -87.480

~30 Aequorea specimens were seen in Punta Allen Bay, Mexi

Red tide in Chesapeake… jellywatch Alt text 37.020 / -76.340

From a news report

Red Tide
Scyphozoa in China jellywatch 28.630 / 121.610 Jellyfish
Physalia in Hanauma Bay… Jellywatcher 21.270 / -157.690

From a news report.

Man o war Physalia
Red tide off Cornwall jellywatch 50.330 / -4.740

Algal bloom (not bioluminescent) which closed shellfish h

Red Tide
Chrysaora in Moss… beroe Alt text 36.800 / -121.790

Large specimens, trapped near the bridge in Moss Landing

Salps off New Jersey jellywatch Alt text 39.040 / -74.760 Other Salps
Humboldt Squid near… jellywatch 49.150 / -125.890 Squid
Large Jellyfish Alysia Caryl 37.850 / -122.440

Large Jellyfish washed up on the beach at Angel Island, i

Egg Yolk jellyfish wenzel24 47.280 / -122.870

Egg Yolk Jellyfish everywhere, North end of Puget Sound.

Tons of jellies near… openhouse 36.510 / -121.940

Clear jellies, some swimming and some washed up on the be

Jellyfish in Sicily Jellywatcher 38.270 / 15.650

Several Jellyfish in Northeastern Sicily.

Seal on Ft. Ord beach Jellywatcher Alt text 36.660 / -121.820

I saw a baby seal resting on the beach near Ft. Ord.

Lions mane jelly at… SalishSeaLife Alt text 47.800 / -122.500

Watched this lions mane (Cyanea capillata) bounce between

Fried egg jelly at… SalishSeaLife Alt text 47.800 / -122.500

Fried egg jelly (Phacellophora camtschatica)

Jellies in Netherlands… openhouse 56.030 / 12.620

Jellies near pedestrian walkway.

Fiji jellyfish Teresa Alt text -18.490 / 178.170

A type of Alatina sp.

Box Jelly
Aurelia aurita in… Dalia 19.800 / -87.480

100 specimens, 20 cm of diameter.

Big Thysanostoma(?) at… Jellywatcher Alt text 20.100 / -156.490

Bell about 16" across, arms about 6 to 7 feet long.

Scyphomedusa in Arabian… chehab_hosny Alt text 25.600 / 50.200

in shallow waters off Uqair beach, KSA, Arabian Gulf

Box Jellyfish in Phuket… Thailandboxjellyfish 7.980 / 98.360 Box Jelly
Chrysaora plocamia javierquinones Alt text -14.250 / -76.130

This sighting was in Tunga, we perform a 10 minutres traw

Cubozoa and Scyphozoa in… Cristina Cedeño Alt text 11.240 / -74.220

Reported By: Cristina Cedeño-Posso, Universidad Jorge Tad