Lots of small medusae and ctenophores in Friday Harbor

Description and Comments

This afternoon a group of us collected off the Friday Harbor Labs dock a good diversity of ctenophores and hydromedusae near the surface. The hydromedusae included: a few Aglantha digitale, a few Aegina sp., several Catablema nodulosa, a few Leuckartiara sp., a few Aequorea victoria, one Mitrocomella polydiademata, several Bougainvillia principis, several Eutonina indicans, several Stomotoca atra and a larger number of small Mitrocoma cellularia, a lot of Sarsia spp, and large numbers of Phialidium gregarium. Ctenophores included large numbers of all sizes of Bolinopsis infundibulum, several Pleurobrachia bachei, one undescribed mertensiid with many pink tentillae, and a few Beroe abyssicola. We also saw quite a few Nanomia bijuga siphonophores. A couple of days ago I also collected the rarer ctenophores Euplokamis dunlapae and Dryodora glandiformis. There are zillions of copepods in the surface waters adjacent to the FHL dock along with these small jellyfishes.


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