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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Small jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 40.830 / -73.800

Water is 48°F in NY bays.

Other Aurelia aurita
Portuguese man o war Jellywatcher 29.250 / -94.900

Hold on to your dogs they’ve all washed up on shore down

Man o war
Pleurobrachia pileus,… mb_decker 41.240 / -72.910

Dense aggregation observed from a boat near breakwater at

Other Ctenophores
Moon Jelly Jellywatcher 37.540 / -122.240 Jellyfish
Baby Lions Mane… Jellywatcher 38.120 / -76.710

Looked out into the water and saw some small jellyfish wi

Lions mane Jellywatcher 40.930 / -73.390

Many, hundreds of them large Lions mane Jelly fish, in an

Lions Mane Jellywatcher 36.840 / -76.290

Incoming tide, Elizabeth River

Cyanea Jellywatcher 36.840 / -76.290

about 12 cyanea capillata seen at waterside marina.

Cyanea Jellywatcher 36.840 / -76.300

Cloudy, little to no wind out of the south, flood tide, d

Unknown jelly Jellywatcher 44.960 / -124.020

Found washed up on the sand at a beach in Lincoln City, O

Other Unknown
Moon jelly near cliffs… Jellywatcher 38.170 / -76.860

Small moon jellyfish spotted near the shoreline by the cl

Jelly fish orange beach… Jellywatcher 30.230 / -87.940

Dead circular glob washed up on the shore

Red Tide
Atlantic Sea Nettle Jellywatcher 37.240 / -76.510

Several small Atlantic Sea Nettle jellyfish spotted in ar

Juvenile? Lion’s Mane… Jellywatcher 37.230 / -76.480

Approx. Size: 2-4” diameter

Sullivans island Jellywatcher 32.760 / -79.850

Washed up on the beach

Blue Button Jellywatcher 21.400 / -157.740

Porpita porpita

Other Blue Button
Ms Jellywatcher 50.320 / -4.100

Looked fresh and well inflated in recently washed-up nati

Man o war
Portugese manowar Jellywatcher 25.790 / -80.130

In Miami Beach. Multiple of them

Man o war
man o war Jellywatcher 33.870 / -78.000

south beach bald head island!

Man o war
Man o' war Jellywatcher 28.210 / -80.590

It had vibrant blue tentacles with a mostly clear body.

Man o war
Man of War Jellywatcher 33.840 / -77.960

About 10-15 Man of War jelly fish washed up on shore at b

Man o war
Man of war Jellywatcher 50.700 / -1.910

We saw 6 washed up

Man o war
Port Man O'War Jellywatcher 26.880 / -91.650

Single Port.

Man o war
Velella Australia, NSW… Jellywatcher -33.200 / 151.610

A number of Velellas (right sails) washed up on Birdie Be

Bonaire box jelly Jellywatcher 12.140 / -68.270

Swimming at night

Box Jelly