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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Lion’s Mane - Greenport… Jellywatcher 41.100 / -72.400

Numerous jellyfish at the Sound View Motel beach - diamet

Jellyfish Lion’s Mane
Lions Mane Jellywatcher 54.710 / -3.490

Today at Maryport, Cumbria whilst rockpooling with my fam

Phacellophora… Jellywatcher 48.810 / -123.390

I saw two within the harbour.First time I had seen them h

Point Defiance Marina 17… Jellykeeper101 47.310 / -122.520

Time of observation: ca.

velella tenby Jellywatcher 51.670 / -4.700

loads washed up on the beach

Galveston Jellywatcher 29.120 / -95.080

clear jellyfish on the beach and I was stung in the water

jelly Jellywatcher 50.780 / -0.910

The jellyfish was about the size of a grapefruit.

Lions mane Jellywatcher 53.430 / -6.130

Huge amounts spotted in recent days along Portmarnock bea

Jellyfish Lions mane
Blooms in Connemara! Jellywatcher 53.560 / -10.110

Loads of Jellyfish sighted in shallow water.

Aequorea observed from… Jellykeeper101 47.310 / -122.520

The Aequroea are showing up in noticeably lower numbers n

aurelia and others at… drcolossus 55.620 / 10.620

lots of aurelia, many washing up, as well as abundant Mne

Orange one Jellywatcher 45.220 / -123.970

Just saw one

Clear one on the beach… Jellywatcher 45.220 / -123.970

Just saw one of these along the high tide line.

Jelly fish Jellywatcher 32.820 / -79.730

In th surf while swimming

Stillwater Cove multiple… Jellywatcher 38.540 / -123.290

Large numbers of sea nettles and moon jellies stranded an

Bishop Lake - Brighton,… Jellywatcher 42.500 / -83.840

Very small ranging in size from a dime to a quarter.

Rossall Beach, Thornton-… Jellywatcher 53.890 / -3.040

Lots washed up on the beach today all sizes from 1 inch t

Jellyfish on Frinton… Jellywatcher 51.830 / 1.250

Calm shallow sea

Jelly on the Gulf of… Jellywatcher 29.250 / -94.900

Caught in the surf, being tumbled.

Lion Mane Jelly Fish Jellywatcher 57.270 / -6.220

Large red jelly fish.

San Juan, Philippines Jellywatcher 16.670 / 120.360

Box jellyfish sightings (under 1 foot long, just has 4 te

Box Jelly
Lion’s Mane (maybe?) Jellywatcher 44.300 / -68.210

We saw this jelly being tossed about some rocks in the ri

Point Defiance Marina 13… Jellykeeper101 47.310 / -122.520

(3) Aequroea Victoria, (15) Aurelia labiata

Point Defiance Marina Jellywatcher 47.310 / -122.520

Approximately 15 moon jellies and 3 Aequorea victoria

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 36.380 / -75.830

White top
With brown lined markings