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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Velella Corsica Jellywatcher 41.780 / 9.430

Thousands of live, dead and floating velella on a pebble

Velella velella Jellywatcher 35.120 / -120.630

Pismo/Oceano dunes.

Sail jellyfish Jellywatcher 45.480 / -123.720

At tunnel beach Oregon, tens of thousands washed ashore

Velalla Velalla at… Jellywatcher 45.890 / -123.970

There must have been a thousand of these guys washed up t

Cape Lookout Beach OR Jellywatcher 45.340 / -123.990

Thousands upon thousands washed ashore.

Velella sightings Jellywatcher 34.740 / -120.550

Lots of them on the shores of Vandenberg Space Force Base

Velella at ocean beach… Jellywatcher 37.760 / -122.510

So many spotted at ocean beach between Lawton and Irving.

Monterey, CA., Pacific… Jellywatcher 36.640 / -121.970

Turn out past Lovers Point, towards end of Pacific Grove

By the wind sailor Jellywatcher 35.440 / -120.890

Thousands on the shore in Cayucos, CA

Many thousand of Velella… Jellywatcher 46.930 / -124.170

About 12:30 PM at Ocean Shores, WA, we saw many thousands

Velella stranded on… Jellywatcher 34.200 / -119.180

Hundreds of Velella washed up on shore after storm on Mar

Lots of vellelas in… Jellywatcher 35.370 / -120.850

By-the-wind sailors. Lots of them on low tide.

Little moon jellyfish MobileAnonymous 19.020 / -96.070

Small transparent jellyfish in the Lagoon.

Jellyfish Moon jellyfish
Mass stranding of… Jellywatcher 43.820 / 10.260

Thousands and thousands of stranded Velella along hundred

Australian spotted jelly… MobileAnonymous 19.020 / -96.070

Commonly about 7-8 cm. Giant specimens of 20-25.

Jellyfish Phylloriza punctata
Linda mar beach velella… Jellywatcher 37.600 / -122.500

Saw so many blue ones tonight!

Seaview WA Jellywatcher 46.330 / -124.050

Tens of thousands ashore at the moon low tide

Velella at south of… Jellywatcher 43.100 / 5.810

Velella at Six-Fours-Les-Plages, France

Aptos, California Jellywatcher 36.950 / -121.880

along the beach in the sand

Vellela on beach Jellywatcher 37.520 / -122.520

Many Vellela on beach and in tide pools

A lot of velella in… Jellywatcher 43.280 / 5.300 Velella
Velella velella au… Jellywatcher 43.280 / 5.300

Présence de vélelle suite au condition météo du 31/03

Bella’s at ocean beach… Jellywatcher 37.770 / -122.510

Thousands of velellas washed up on Ocean Beach in San Fra

Dead Velellas Jellywatcher 37.760 / -122.510

I have never seen or heard of velellas before.

Velellas at Ocean Beach… Jellywatcher 37.760 / -122.510

This is what I was today at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.