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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Moon jellies jude 53.220 / -4.550

5 to 30 centimetres clear jellies

Cyanea lamarcki near… openhouse 50.310 / -4.100

10 cm diameter - purplish in color

Fried Egg Jelly off La… Jellywatcher 32.860 / -117.260

Check out the picture at

Swarms of venomous… lucas 50.080 / -5.700

see link to news story

Man o war
Aurelia near floating… lucas 49.320 / -122.940

Noticed a few Aurelia near surface waters around dock at

Moon Jelly at Portlock Jellywatcher 59.210 / -151.760

We were in 15 to 20 feet of water, 40 to 50 feet from Por

Jellyfish Moon jelly
Sicily Medusa Jellywatcher 37.850 / 15.300

The beaches in and around Taormina Sicily were closed eve

Physalia in Sri Lanka beroe Alt text 6.420 / 80.000

reports and images of large drifts on the beaches

Man o war Physalia
Mass stranding in South… Jellywatcher Alt text -34.140 / 18.430

Not sure of the species, but the entire beach at Fish Hoe

Mikawa Bay, Kinuura Port… kaipura nagoya Alt text 34.830 / 136.960

Mikawa Bay, Kinuura Port Aurelia sp.

Pelagia noctiluca in… Medusas_Barcelona 39.850 / 2.770

Lots of Pelagia noctiluca were detected in Mallorca, all

Iceland medusae beroe 64.150 / -21.940

Saw several 10 cm Aurelia and a few 6 cm Mitrocoma in the

HARBOR ISLAND, SC oliviahudson3 32.380 / -80.430 Jellyfish
Squid lgrippo 21.620 / -157.910

Came right up to shore by where I live...and swam back ou

Physalia physalis in… Medusas_Barcelona 38.940 / 1.550

Physalia physalis in Ibiza, Cap d´es Jueu.

Man o war
Cyanea lamarckii Jellywatcher Alt text 50.480 / -3.510

I was scuba diving in Babbacombe, Torquay, UK.

Not seen but felt. cmonty72 Alt text 36.960 / -121.990

While surfing at 14 street Santa Cruz I was nailed by som

Physalia physalis in… Medusas_Barcelona 38.910 / 1.440

Fewn Physalia physalis found in Cala Vedella, Ibiza.

Man o war
Aurelia bloom June 2010… lucas 49.410 / -122.880

Well over one hundred Aurelia labiata?

Jellies wash up on… drthom Alt text 36.970 / -121.910

Many jellies washed up onto sand, June 4-5-6, 2010

Comb Jellies wash up on… Jellywatcher Alt text 36.970 / -121.910

Ctenophore, Hormiphora seen on June 4,5,6

Other Ctenophore
Pembroke Bay Guernsey Jellywatcher 49.500 / -2.530

1.2m of water

jellyfishes Jellywatcher 40.790 / 13.430 Jellyfish
Bonaire Banded Box… jhovan Alt text 13.500 / -61.030

Saw this jellyfish near the Pitons in St Lucia while snor

Aurelia off Liverpool beroe Alt text 53.400 / -2.990

Large numbers seen off the docks