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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
bioluminescent algal… Jellywatcher 32.870 / -117.260

saw just off of scripps pier

Red Tide bioluminescent algal bloom
No jellies, 1 dead… dangerbarrow 30.370 / -81.400

No inverts seen, but we did find a dead porcupine puffer

Jellyfish in Baynes Sound… Snaggy 49.560 / -124.860

Hundreds of Jellyfish spotted, as we paddled across to De

Sea Butterflies Jellywatcher 30.380 / -86.450

There were thousands of them swimming around off the Dest

Other Pteropod
Red Tide along San Diego… Jellywatcher 32.870 / -117.260

Dense patches of red water are starting to show up more r

Red Tide
Cannonballs on Bald Head… Jellywatcher 33.840 / -77.960

Saw Cannonball jellyfish washed up on shore on East and S

Jellyfish Also saw salps?
Portuguese Man o'… Susank Alt text 30.290 / -87.490

Many seen here along with many black and oily looking fea

Man o war Portuguese Man o' War
Velella Velella on beach… Susank Alt text 30.290 / -87.490

Many of these on the beach, along with some of the colorl

Velella Velella
zero mucktopus -8.660 / 115.130

5-6:30 pm low rising tide, no plastic or jellies seen

medusa peligrosa carabela… v.macia Alt text 38.160 / -0.530

ya hemos visto varias, y por lo que he leido en internet

Man o war
Portuguese Man o'… Susank Alt text 30.290 / -87.490

Many of them the 2 days I was there-May 2-May 3

Man o war Portuguese Man o' War
B(P)lackened Brown… Susank Alt text 30.290 / -87.490

Dead pelican with a suspiciously oily blackened bill-ther

Other Bird
Dead Fish on Gulf shore… Susank Alt text 30.290 / -87.490

A few feet from the dead Pelican-I don't know what i

Other Bird
I do not know what this… Susank Alt text 30.290 / -87.490

Looks like okra-about the same size and color, but has a

Other I don't know
Velella velella? on beach… Susank Alt text 30.290 / -87.490

There were hundreds of these washed ashore on Perdido Key

Velella Velella
I don't know what… Susank Alt text 30.290 / -87.490

It was a clear, jello-like consistency with no internal s

Other I do not know
Whole beach sand glows… Jellywatcher 29.670 / -84.850

We are on Saint George's Island in Florida.

Red Tide bioluminescent microorganism
nothing mucktopus -8.660 / 115.130

no jellies, no plastic 5-6:30 pm

Clean sea
Cassiopea (cf) xamachana… Cristina Cedeño Alt text 12.210 / -71.940

Reported by: Luis Gomez (Invemar)

Aglantha digitale Leo 48.540 / -123.010

Numerous Aglantha digitale hydromedusae seen over several

Tiny Squid in Loch Long… markcra 56.180 / -4.780

3 or 4in in length, sitting a few inches off the sandy bo

Velella velella Medusas_Barcelona Alt text 38.840 / 0.120

This is the year of Velella velella in the NOW Mediterran

Velella Velella
Grey Seal markcra 56.180 / -4.780

Fellow divers spotted a grey seal during their dive, hope

Chrysaora fuscescens in… kraskoff Alt text 36.810 / -121.790

Chrysaora fuscescens off boat ramp on north side of sloug

Physalia physalis Medusas_Barcelona 38.620 / -0.020

Physalia physalis was seen at Altea, near "Illa de l

Man o war