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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
clean sea, clean beaches… chayatamal Alt text 59.600 / -151.410 Clean sea
Box Jelly collected from… Kbayha Alt text 30.230 / -88.060

Alatina alata collected by Jenny Cook of Discovery Hall P

Box Jelly Alatina alata
Man o War in Canaries jellywatch Alt text 28.730 / -13.860

Two on the beach. Reported by Beth.

Man o war
Caudina arenicola Jellywatcher Alt text 32.800 / -117.260

A few specimens near Crystal Pier

Other Sea Cucumber
Jellyfish Jellywatcher Alt text 32.800 / -117.260

Unknown species. About the size of a quarter.

South jetty to Carlin… Beachgurl322 Alt text 26.930 / -80.070

Close to a hundred man of war washing up in the tide line

Man o war
dead sea otter mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 36.940 / -121.870 Vertebrate dead otter
Cannonball and Whelk -St… Elizabeth Eubanks Alt text 31.150 / -81.370 Jellyfish Cannonball
tires mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 36.950 / -121.880 Plastic tire
Cannonballs on Pensacola… Elizabeth Eubanks Alt text 30.330 / -87.160 Jellyfish
A white jelly fish Jellywatcher -28.970 / -71.570

I was on "tembladores" Beach near of la serena

Liriope tetraphylla Gogreenman Alt text 34.720 / -76.690

Found this small Hydromedusa amongst some floating reeds.

Other Hydromedusa
bottle caps mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 36.940 / -121.870 Plastic bottle caps
bird sighting mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 36.940 / -121.870 Vertebrate bird
Thysanostoma in Hawaii… Jellywatcher Alt text 21.270 / -157.690

We saw a large pelagic jellyfish, Thysanostoma sp., in Ha

Jellyfish Thysanostoma sp
ctenéforos Android 10.970 / -64.170 Other Ctenophores
Velella velella remnants… Jellywatcher Alt text 54.890 / -5.170

Thousands on the high water line, sandy beach on the Scot

Velella Velella
Velella in Galway beroe 53.870 / -9.930

Glassilaun Beach, Connemara, Co Galway, Ireland large num

Velella Velella
no jellies at JAMSTEC dhugal 35.320 / 139.650 Clean sea
Crowned Jellyfish Jellywatcher Alt text 21.280 / -157.660

we saw crowned jellyfish, Cephea cephea, at south shore o

Man o War at Cocoa Beach… beroe 28.320 / -80.610

"Thousands" said to wash up.

Man o war
Man of war Beachgurl322 Alt text 26.940 / -80.070

just a handful this morning washing up on Jupiter Inlet b

Man o war
Velella washed ashore -… Jellywatcher 52.510 / -9.680

Velella velella, (by-the-wind sailor) blown ashore onto b

Velella Velella
no jellies at JAMSTEC dhugal 35.320 / 139.650

but heard rumors of ephyrae at tip of Misali peninsula.

Clean sea
Jupiter inlet toward… mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 26.930 / -80.070

145 man of war sizes ranging from .25 inch to 8 inches.

Man o war