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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
bioluminescence in waves… stjds1 30.280 / -86.020

This was at Rosemary Beach in Northwest Florida along the

Red Tide bioluminescent algae?
Gelatinous Plankton Bloom… Medusas_Barcelona 42.290 / 3.290

Amounts of salps, ctenophores, Aequorea forskalea and Pel

Portuguese Man o War (… Jellywatcher Alt text -33.800 / 151.290 Man o war
No jellies or other… Leo 48.540 / -123.010

Water clean and without visible plankton.

Clean sea
Physalia in Gibraltar beroe Alt text 36.130 / -5.340

Many washing up on beach

Man o war Physalia
Cladonema kraskoff 36.820 / -121.740

Cladonema in Elkhorn Slough. Probably C. radiatum

Jellies at South Padre… beroe 26.150 / -97.150

"Big white ones and Portuguese man o' war"

Man o war
Box jellies at Mackay… beroe -21.130 / 149.230

More caught in nets during trawling

Box Jelly
Aguavivas HappyMarina Alt text -38.010 / -57.540 Jellyfish
ocean phosphorescence/… Jellywatcher 30.690 / -116.060

The waves and sand were glowing last night...but I was on

Red Tide
Chrysaora fuscescens… Abreojos 36.880 / -122.040 Jellyfish
Chrysaora V3520 Abreojos 36.880 / -121.950

Chrysaora fuscescens

Large Scyphomedusae in… beroe Alt text -30.250 / 153.150


Box jelly at Mackay… jellywatch -21.130 / 149.230

from a net tow

Box Jelly
Chrysaora, Monterey Bay… leannedfoster Alt text 36.640 / -121.890

Very poor viz this day.

Physalia from Gorgona Cristina Cedeño Alt text 2.990 / -78.200

Reported By: Edgardo Londoño, Universidad del Valle (Univ

Man o war
Wilson's Prom 8th… Jellywatcher -38.990 / 146.390

There were a few bright sparks in the water which seemed

Red Tide phosphorescent plankton
Box jellies in Hanauma… beroe 21.270 / -157.690

Lifeguards closed the bay due to box jellies, Feb 7 to 8t

Box Jelly
Melibe leonina Leo 48.540 / -123.010

25 Melibe leonina nudibranchs seen swimming in the upper

Other Mollusc: Gastropod: Nudibranch
Chrysaora in Monterey Bay… leannedfoster Alt text 36.640 / -121.890

Another large grouping of sea nettles from surface to 50

30 Jan_Reunion Rocks Jellywatcher Alt text -29.990 / 30.960

3 Jellies (Rhizostoma sp.) washed ashore just south of Du

Chrysaora in Monterey Bay… leannedfoster 36.640 / -121.890

Pinnacle 65 to 105 feet.

Chrysaora fuscescens… Abreojos 36.820 / -121.940 Jellyfish
Box jellies in Hanauma… beroe 21.270 / -157.690

This is the monthly predicted bloom.

Box Jelly
Chrysaora in Monterey Bay… leannedfoster 36.640 / -121.890

Large grouping of Sea Nettles from surface to 50 foot dep