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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Velella velella in Point… Jellywatcher 38.030 / -122.960

Thousands of Velella velella across a wide stretch of Dra

Clear jelly… Jellywatcher 32.000 / -80.850

Clear, practically see through,jelly washed up on the sho

Lion's Mane Jelly… miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.630

2 Lion's Mane jellies were observed drifting through

Mushroom Cap Jelly -… miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.650

Largest Mushroom Cap jelly ever observed.

Beaches… Daisystarz 48.140 / -123.440

Unknown species.

Man o'War on Miami… Jellywatcher 25.810 / -80.120

Washed ashore and lying in a bed of sargassum seaweed at

Man o war
Box jelly miriamsutton 34.710 / -76.620

Discovered washed ashore in the Rachel Carson Reserve

Box Jelly
Velella velella Jellywatcher 36.620 / -121.940

Dried velella velella on beach

velella… Jellywatcher 27.130 / -97.040

we have been coming to South Padre Island, Texas for 17 y

Blue Sailors… Jellywatcher 26.110 / -97.170

Blue jellyfish looking creatures.

Thimble Jellyfish @… Shane Anderson 20.510 / -69.790

Thimble Jellyfish (Linuche unguiculata) Small brownish je

Jellyfish Humpback Whales abundant, Sagassum common at surface
Box Jelly at… Jellywatcher 11.970 / 120.080

Night dive on reef by Sangat gunboat.

Box Jelly
Velella… beroe 36.340 / -123.010

Smattering of Velella on surface

Velella… Jellywatcher 37.720 / -122.510

Saw several Velella velella remnants, just the clear port

Cannonball… fireflysquid715 32.790 / -79.910

Each jellyfish was about 4 to 6 inches wide from one side

Cannonball… Jellywatcher 32.790 / -79.910

Washed up on the sands between the edge of the swamp and

Unidentified Jelly Jellywatcher 32.820 / -79.730

We don’t know what this is but it was dead on the beach a

SE Sanibel Jellywatcher 26.430 / -82.050 Jellyfish
Carangid with jelly Jeff Milisen -10.260 / 150.770

Carangid with scyphozoan on bottom chin

beach jellies drcolossus 40.510 / 22.910

several medusae washed up on Peraia beach near Thessaloni

Scypho from Milne Bay,… Jeff Milisen -10.260 / 150.770

Allegedly this is Crambione mastigiophora

Aurelia sp from Milne… Jeff Milisen -10.260 / 150.770

Aurelia sp

Comb jellies… stringfellownca 34.730 / -76.730

Spotted lots of comb jellies, Mnemiopsis leidyi.

Other Mnemiopsis leidyi
Chrysaora… Jellywatcher 9.220 / -82.360

Big bloom of these above hypoxia.

Velella… jellyhunter 36.000 / -122.040

Hundreds of Velella at surface for early spring bloom.