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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Unidentified Jelly Jellywatcher 32.820 / -79.730

We don’t know what this is but it was dead on the beach a

SE Sanibel Jellywatcher 26.430 / -82.050 Jellyfish
Carangid with jelly Jeff Milisen -10.260 / 150.770

Carangid with scyphozoan on bottom chin

beach jellies drcolossus 40.510 / 22.910

several medusae washed up on Peraia beach near Thessaloni

Scypho from Milne Bay,… Jeff Milisen -10.260 / 150.770

Allegedly this is Crambione mastigiophora

Aurelia sp from Milne… Jeff Milisen -10.260 / 150.770

Aurelia sp

Comb jellies stringfellownca 34.730 / -76.730

Spotted lots of comb jellies, Mnemiopsis leidyi.

Other Mnemiopsis leidyi
Chrysaora chesapeakei… Jellywatcher 9.220 / -82.360

Big bloom of these above hypoxia.

Velella appearing at… jellyhunter 36.000 / -122.040

Hundreds of Velella at surface for early spring bloom.

Jelly blubber (… Jellywatcher -33.380 / 150.990

A number of these pinkish jellyfish drifting along the Ha

pyrosomes at puerto del… Jellywatcher 28.920 / -13.640

4 large pale blue transparent 1-2 m pyrosomes on a dive i

Other pyrosomes
Velella velella Jellywatcher 36.550 / -121.930


Velella Velella
Thysanostoma sp. Jellywatcher -4.530 / 129.900

Pic of a Thysanostoma sp/.

Pelagia noctiluca bloom… blessy945 9.120 / 79.040

Several kilometers of long chains forming red to pink col

Vellella Jellywatcher 35.900 / 10.590

Thousands on the beach at port el kantoui Tunisia

Velella Velella
Man o war - Melawi beach… Jellywatcher 6.000 / 102.400 Man o war
pelagia noctiluca Jellywatcher 36.650 / -3.530 Jellyfish
boxeo jelly Android 34.900 / -121.350 Box Jelly
Carangid with jelly Jeff Milisen 19.660 / -156.090

Carangid in what I believe is Thysanostoma

Unknown gelatinous egg… Darwin-Evolution 55.950 / -3.060

Conditions at the time were cold and dark due to it being

Other Eggs
Sea nettle sightings Jellywatcher 38.170 / -122.910

Several live Pacific sea nettle

Box Jelly Fish Jellywatcher -20.070 / 148.920

We saw several small ?box jelly fish or irakandji at nigh

Box Jelly
Jellyfish. Red Tide 8/… Jellywatcher 30.180 / -85.810

Was on vacation (8/22 thru 8/28) and we went deep sea fis

Jellyfish Red Tide
Lions mane jellyfish Jellywatcher 53.140 / -57.660

Multiple Lions mane jellyfish near saint johns

Looks like a Barrel… Jellywatcher 35.140 / -120.680

About 7 washed up on beach.

Jellyfish Barrel Jellyfish