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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
By-the-wind-sailors Jellywatcher 33.470 / -117.700

By-the-wind sailors were found in the tide pools and on t

Velella velella Jellywatcher 34.040 / -118.570

Off the freeway, on PCH. Up from Huntington beach

Velella velella Jellywatcher 32.870 / -117.250

They seem to be all lefty velellas.

Vellelas at Venice Beach… Jellywatcher 33.990 / -118.470

Short walk along the high tide line had dozens of these w

Mystery jelly Jellywatcher 48.350 / -123.540

While wading in the swash zone I spotted four of these je

Jellyfish -- Year --
Portugese Man of War Jellywatcher 27.410 / -97.300

Witnessed a few everyone 30-50 feet (if o had to guess.

Man o war
Velella and Portugese… Jellywatcher 27.350 / -97.330

North Padre Island.

Lions Mane Jelly Jellywatcher 34.860 / -76.600

Drifting through Taylor’s Creek

Cassiopeia Elizabeth Eubanks 24.610 / -81.670

Bayside -Mile Marker 10 Big Coppitt Key bear key west.

Jellyfish Cassiopeia
Mola mola eating Velella… jellywatch 32.930 / -118.430

Seen eating velella offshore of Southern California.

Velella on and offshore… jellywatch 32.900 / -118.430

Reported off San Clemente Island "carpeting the surface".

Velella - Cannon Beach… Jellywatcher 45.890 / -123.960

Several hundred velella sighted stranded on beach (deceas

Comb jellies S-Trim 51.330 / 1.420

Comb jellies caught in a drop net off Ramsgate east harbo

Velella on beach Jellywatcher 34.440 / -119.830 Velella
Portuguese Man Of War Jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.740

Found one on the beach

Man o war
Brixham harbour sighting… Jellywatcher 50.400 / -3.510

Whilst walking dog along the harbour we saw a jellyfish.

Velella in Javea, Spain… Jellywatcher 38.790 / 0.180

Thousands of Velella washed up on Javea beacn, Spain, rep

Aequorea victoria Jellywatcher 49.570 / -124.880 Jellyfish
Eutonina indicans Jellywatcher 49.570 / -124.880 Jellyfish
Sighting Atlantiangra 38.610 / -27.230 Man o war
Moons in Channel Islands… jellyhunter 34.170 / -119.230

Harbor bloom of Aurelia coerulea at Channel Islands Harbo

Velella On Beach Jellywatcher 47.010 / -124.160

Hundreds of dried ones on the beach, some still blueish.<

Thysanostoma loriferum… CRC 19.370 / -155.960

This jellyfish was seen off Kona, Hawaii, on 14 April 201

Ms Jellywatcher 47.210 / -124.200

hundreds of blue by-the-wind sailors jellyfish Velella Ve

Pelagic Jellyfish -… Jellywatcher 19.700 / -156.050

It was a Pelagic Jellyfish that we spotted at North Pine