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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Washed ashore Jellywatcher 29.100 / -95.090 I found this on the beach this morning still alive. Man o war
No Jellies on Pas… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.300 / -89.280

Lots of skimmers and gulls - but no jellies on beach or i

Trash on Biloxi Beach Elizabeth Eubanks 30.390 / -88.930

Haven’t seen much at all - so worthy of a mention

No Jellies at low tide… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.390 / -88.930

Water from shore clean of jellies.

Beroe ovata - Brown Comb… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.390 / -88.930

So cool to see these again.

Unknown Jelly sighting… Jellywatcher 37.760 / -122.510

My roommate and her friend found this specimen at Ocean B

Brown Comb Jelly -… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.390 / -88.930

Dead on beach

Does anyone know what… Jellywatcher 37.500 / -75.950

8 inch disc with pink tinge to the jelly.

Jellyfish in Bang Tao… Jellywatcher 8.000 / 98.290

Very much jellyfish until 50 cm from the beach.

Chesapeake Bay Jellywatcher 37.240 / -76.510

Very healthy was among several and babies.

Comb Jellies in Severn… Jellywatcher 39.000 / -76.480

Lots of small comb jellies, about the size of the palm of

Other Comb Jelly
Salps chica66 36.600 / -121.890

I am not sure which salp this is - would appreciate it if

Other salp
Coronado Beach, SanDiego… Elizabeth Eubanks 32.680 / -117.190

Super clean beach - only one cig butt

Coronado Beach, Cali… Elizabeth Eubanks 32.680 / -117.190

No jellies

Clean sea
Tiny Jellyfish - likely… Jellywatcher -36.840 / 174.430

Numerous jellyfish spotted in the water at Muriwai.

chrysaora melanaster… Jellywatcher 60.100 / -149.440

Lots of dead ones on little black beach on Lowell point,

Pensacola Beach Pier, FL… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.330 / -87.140

Tons of MOA with sagassam - we don’t usually find a lot o

Man o war
Man o war - Pensacola… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.330 / -87.140

Tons of babies - with red mangrove props

Man o war
Thousands of Velella… Jellywatcher 44.960 / -124.020

After the king tides receded Sunday morning, there were h

Moon Jelly - Pensacola… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.330 / -87.140

Moon jelly

Very little trash -… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.270 / -87.580

I walked 2 plus miles and only had a handful of plastic.

Terry’s Cove, orange… Elizabeth Eubanks 30.270 / -87.580

Walked two miles saw about 4-6 moon jellies iand/or piece

Man o War stranded at… Jellywatcher 26.930 / -80.070

My wife and I observed 50-100 freshly stranded men o War

Man o war
Jelly man findings Jellywatcher 7.620 / 99.080

These where found off the beach of Koh Lanta Thailand.

By the wind sailor Jellywatcher 52.840 / -4.720

In a small cove in Wales

Velella Mr