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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Desmonema gaudichaudi in… Jellywatcher -38.660 / 178.020

In a river that is quite tidal and salty.

Mixed swarm of sea… Jellywatcher -43.160 / 147.240

A single Lion's Mane Cyanea sp collected, plus multi

Jellyfish Woodbridge School Marine Discovery Centre
Moon Jellyfish Smack in… Jellywatcher 47.540 / -122.660

While paddling in a kayak around the Sinclair inlet I dri

San Joaquin River Jellywatcher 36.860 / -119.830

Small white jellyfish seen while bass fishing.

Cannonball Jelly miriamsutton 34.700 / -76.620

Drifting in North River Channel near Rachel Carson Reserv

Several Rhopilema… Jellywatcher 36.010 / -5.600

From the 25th of October until 9th of November I have see

Tiny umbrella top jelly… Jellywatcher 18.350 / -64.700

Tiny umbrella top jelly with 8 long tentacles and a cente

Other Unknown
Physalia in South Africa… Jellywatcher -34.350 / 18.480

Reported by Maciej

Man o war
Cannonball Jelly miriamsutton 34.660 / -76.570

Jelly was washed ashore on sandy beach.

Purple striped jelly in… Jellywatcher 36.800 / -121.790

We’ve had several nettles and moons In the harbor.

Lyall Bay, Wellington,… Jellywatcher -41.330 / 174.800

Hundreds of valella washed up on the beach.

Jellyfish in Canary… Jellywatcher 27.760 / -15.590

Large white / translucent mass in the water - it stung my

Possible lion's… Jellywatcher 54.180 / -3.220

Rather a large jelly fish, I thought it was an octopus at

Portuguese Man of war Jellywatcher 50.220 / -5.390

2 washed up - West Cornwall UK (Gwithian)

Man o war
Moon Jelly (Aurelia spp… Jellywatcher 33.440 / -118.490

One Aurelia jelly being consumed by a halfmoon (Medialuna

Elkhorn slough Jellywatcher 36.820 / -121.740

Three jellies were found up by bridge in front of the sou

Dunedin Causeway,… Jellywatcher 28.050 / -82.800

Wading on South side of causeway.

Cyanea ferruginea Jellywatcher 45.890 / -123.960

Approximately 20” portion of live Cyanea ferruginea washe

Man o war at barley cove… Jellywatcher 51.470 / -9.780

3 dead organisms on the sand of barley cove, west cork ir

Man o war
Velella sighting Jellywatcher 38.960 / -74.960

Found a left handed Velella on Higbee Beach, North Cape M

Brigantine Beach, north… Jellywatcher 39.400 / -74.370 Velella Holly Horner Photography
Kiel Harbor "Ear… Jellywatcher 54.340 / 10.160

20cm diam orange

Velella… Jellywatcher 38.340 / -75.080

09302019 ocean city Maryland between 10-18 street.

Stung in Cayo San Maria… Jellywatcher 22.650 / -78.980

Warm ocean water. Couldn’t see well. It was flat.

Velella Jellywatcher 36.030 / -75.680 Velella