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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Red tide & bio-… Jellywatcher 54.840 / -4.260

Mossyard bay, Gatehouse of Fleet, Dumfries & Galloway

Red Tide
Dolphins Jellywatcher 50.400 / -3.500

3 Dolphins swimming alongthe coast

Compass Jelly Fish Jellywatcher 50.400 / -3.500

We saw a Compass Jelly Fish in the Rock breaker in the Se

Compass Jelly Fish canoeist 50.400 / -3.500

Brown and opaque among Rocks just off Schoal stone Bay B

Polruan jellyfish Jellywatcher 50.330 / -4.630

In the harbour of Polruan.

Cotylorhiza tuberculata… Jellywatcher 40.830 / 9.680

Morning sighting of several Cotylorhiza tuberculata in th

100's pelagia… evaskor 43.120 / 5.800

Sightings of 100's pelagia for the last couple of da

Brown sea nettles at the… Jellywatcher 40.760 / -124.230

I saw three different brown sea nettles while fishing at

Bay Sea nettle Jellywatcher 38.630 / -76.520

Sea nettle sting to legs of 7 year old female

Rhizostoma Pulmo on… Jellywatcher 44.620 / 14.380 Jellyfish
Group of Rhizostoma… Jellywatcher 40.830 / 9.680

Group of Rhizostoma pulmo (I counted at least 15) of vari

Dead Mola Mola Jellywatcher 36.600 / -121.890

Dead Mola Mola floating on the shore of Del Monte Beach i

Pelagia, Sardinia Jellywatcher 40.110 / 9.690

Pelagia sp maybe - 10 cm or so, rose brown.

Pelagia noctiluca Jellywatcher 39.600 / 2.680

Several seen in the bathing area at Cala Llombards m.

Chrysaora and Rhizostoma… Nomeus 50.240 / -4.840

Porthluney Cove, Cornwall.

Barrel jellyfish in… S-Trim 50.780 / -1.280

4 jellyfish, probably Barrel jelly, Rhizostoma spp.

Potomac-Heathsville Jellywatcher 37.920 / -76.470

Several Stinging nettles observed near the shoreline of t

Mallorca, SPAIN Jellywatcher 39.600 / 2.350

Unknown type, multiple hits

Seabright Beach Cimer20 36.960 / -122.010

Nothing out of the ordinary here.

Clean sea
Clear seas S-Trim 50.790 / -1.290

Ferry from Southampton to Cowes on the Isle of Wight UK.

Clean sea
Stung by a jellyfish Jellywatcher 20.930 / -156.680

Aug.4-7 2019: I was in water just before 9am in front of

Stung by jellyfish Jellywatcher 41.530 / 8.860

Fairly large amounts of two types on the south west coast

Jellyfish 1970
Strange Small Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 36.600 / -121.950 Jellyfish
Hanover point-Isle of… Jellywatcher 50.660 / -1.460

Large turnover of sediment and undercurrent suspected to

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 45.990 / -123.920


Clean sea