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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Wilsons prom Norman… Jellywatcher -39.040 / 146.320

Saw small blue bottles and moon jelly washed up on the sh

Jellyfish Physalia
Wilson's Prom 8th… Jellywatcher -38.990 / 146.390

There were a few bright sparks in the water which seemed

Red Tide phosphorescent plankton
Wild sea world mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 38.540 / -75.060 Vertebrate Porpoise
Whole beach sand glows… Jellywatcher 29.670 / -84.850

We are on Saint George's Island in Florida.

Red Tide bioluminescent microorganism
White-cross jellyfish penny Alt text 50.460 / -3.510

Tiny jellyfish 4cm across.

White Jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 43.890 / 10.160

the increasing water temperature determined a strong prol

White Jellyfish Jellywatcher 43.170 / 7.160

I was at Eze sur Mer beach swimming next to the club naut

White Jelly TreasureGuard Alt text 8.890 / 119.940

This jellyfish I photographed in the Sulu Sea, Philippine

White jellies with long… Jellywatcher Alt text 27.940 / -82.370

Multiples of both types in the river

Jellyfish Ctenophorea
Whidbey Island Washups… Smurphette Alt text 48.240 / -122.690

Upon visiting my grandmother last summer at her beachfron

Whidbey island Jellywatcher 48.280 / -122.650

found jellyfish along shore in oak harbor

Where did the jellies go… dhugal 35.320 / 139.650

Lots of small fish

Clean sea
Whelk Egg Case? Elizabeth Eubanks Alt text 26.560 / -80.040

If it is already out of the water- what is the chance of

Other Whelk Egg Case?
Whats it doing here… Jellywatcher 14.760 / -17.370

Washed up by a really, really big wave.

what jelly is this? Jeff Milisen 9.700 / 99.940 Jellyfish
What is this? mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 36.970 / -121.930

Saw a few of these while out in the bay

Other Salp
What is this? Jellywatcher 44.140 / -124.130

I found these on the the Oregon Coast. What are they?

Other ?
Whaling station Bay on… mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 49.530 / -124.600 Man o war
Whale watching mobile_jellywatcher 36.800 / -121.860 Vertebrate Whale
Whale watch jelly mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 36.790 / -121.830 Jellyfish
WestPort Jellywatcher 46.910 / -124.120

100+ dead blue jellyfish

Velella Velella
Western Grebe Jellywatcher Alt text 32.800 / -117.260

Bird stranded on the shore, couldn't get back to the

Other Western Grebe
Westbrook Ct Jellyfish… Chakrarock Alt text 41.280 / -72.450 Jellyfish
West Coast Sea Nettle cry_baby95 Alt text 36.640 / -121.930 Jellyfish
Wells Beach, Maine Jellywatcher Alt text 43.310 / -70.570

Washed up beach-appeared to be lions mane jelly fish

Jellyfish clean seas temperature ?