Title reporter Image Description Quantity Latitude Longitude Date Type of organism Other type
Lions Mane Jellyfish mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 1 37.540 -76.500 2017-03-11 Jellyfish
velella in West Cork Jellywatcher

The Blue Velella and Opaque species found in Ballycahane

11 to 99 51.320 -9.680 2017-03-11 Jellyfish
Velella in North Cornwall Jellywatcher Alt text

A scattering of them, no more than 200, on the ebb tide a

100+ 0.000 2017-03-11 Other Velella
My kids scooped this up in the bucket mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 1 29.300 -94.770 2017-03-10 Jellyfish Unknown
Velella in Bodega Bay, CA jsones Alt text

Thousands of tiny By-the-wind Sailors (Velella velella) w

100+ 38.320 -123.070 2017-03-10 Other Velella
Porth Joke mass stranding Jellywatcher Alt text

There were thousands of vellela washed up on the beach of

100+ 50.400 -5.140 2017-03-10 Other Vellela
Many man o war washed up on shores in Fort Morgan and Gulf shore Jellywatcher Alt text 11 to 99 29.200 -88.070 2017-03-07 Jellyfish
Portuguese Man o War Jellywatcher Alt text

We saw six total in under 10 minutes on Galveston beach a

6 to 10 29.130 -95.060 2017-03-06 Man o war
Blue sail jellyfish Jellywatcher 11 to 99 27.340 -145.200 2017-03-06 Jellyfish Blue sail jellyfish washed up
Man of war Beachgurl322 Alt text

just a handful this morning washing up on Jupiter Inlet b

1 26.940 -80.070 2017-03-05 Man o war