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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Lions mane… mobile_jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.630 Jellyfish Lions mane
Mushroom cap… mobile_jellywatcher 34.700 / -76.630 Jellyfish Mushroom cap
Surfside Beach mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 28.970 / -95.260 Man o war Baby
no jellies at… dhugal 35.340 / 139.640 Clean sea
velella velella… Jellywatcher Alt text 51.860 / -5.120

velella velella Washed up on newgale beach and druidstone

Velella Velella
Other jelly on 2017-3-23… Android Alt text 30.380 / -86.860 Jellyfish
Man O war Jellywatcher 29.470 / -81.120

Tonight, we were walking the beach in Flagler Beach, Flor

Man o war
By the wind sailor… Jellywatcher Alt text 50.840 / -4.560


Velella… Jellywatcher 50.040 / -5.270

Lots of Velella Velella / Sailor-by-the-wind, washed up o

Velella Velella
no jellies at… dhugal 35.320 / 139.650 Clean sea
Lions mane mobile_jellywatcher 34.710 / -76.660 Jellyfish Lions Mane jelly
Mushroom cap… mobile_jellywatcher 34.710 / -76.660 Jellyfish Mushroom cap jelly
Mushroom cap mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 34.710 / -76.640 Jellyfish Mushrooms cap jelly
Puffer fish mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 23.040 / -109.690 Other Fish
Lots washed up… Jellywatcher 51.660 / -5.070

1000s of velella washed up on Freshwater West

Velella Velella
Matagorda Beach Man of… Jellywatcher Alt text 28.690 / -95.970

We saw a beached man of war on a beach in Matagorda, TX 3

Man o war
Paper argonaut shells mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 23.040 / -109.700

Found several pieces of paper argonaut shells in the beac

Other Paper argonaut
Lahinch, Co. Clare,… Jellywatcher Alt text 52.940 / -9.360

Beach stranding

Velella Velella
Man o war galveston mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 29.230 / -94.880

South winds- found 3 spread far apart along the beach

Man o war
Velella washed… Jellywatcher 50.210 / -5.480

Spotted on the tideline yesterday on Porthmeor beach, StI

Other thought it was plastic!
Thousands of.… swimmingidiots Alt text -33.820 / 151.250

Thousands of. bluebottles washed ashore at Balmoral

Man o war
Man o war Jellywatcher Alt text 29.280 / -81.030 Man o war
sea otter mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 36.940 / -121.870 Vertebrate
Velella in North… Jellywatcher 50.560 / -4.960

A scattering of them, no more than 200, on the ebb tide a

Velella Velella
Olindias or Gonionemus?… andrey.ryanskiy 12.590 / 122.260

Coral Reef, depth 10m