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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Aurelia aurita Jellywatcher 33.770 / -118.130

about half a dozen moon jellies stranded at high tide mar

Beach Clean-up at… Jellywatcher Alt text 10.670 / -61.040

I visited the popular Matura Beach during the month of Ap

Man o war
Blue Button Jellyfish (… Jellywatcher Alt text -12.460 / 130.840

porpita porpita sighted washed up on coastal beaches arou

Blue Jellyfish Floating… Jellywatcher 34.020 / -118.850

I was walking out the surf and saw a lone blue jellyfish

Velella Velella
Cassiopea xamachana Jellywatcher Alt text 26.780 / -80.040

Here is a photograph I took of a Dondice parguerensis fee

Hanover point-Isle of… Jellywatcher 50.660 / -1.460

Large turnover of sediment and undercurrent suspected to

jellyfish BlueSeaWendy Alt text 37.110 / -122.310

I have never seen this jellyfish in my area before.

Man o war Jellywatcher Alt text 36.000 / -122.000 Man o war Man o war
man o war and moon… Jellywatcher Alt text 25.780 / -80.130

massive amounts of man o war and moon jellies washed asho

Man o war
"By-the-wind sailor… Jellywatcher Alt text 34.420 / -119.630

At Miramar Beach this morning saw hundreds maybe thousand

"Fresh"… Jellywatcher 43.200 / 6.690

From 6:00 to 15:00, I observed hundreds of jellyfish (pel

"fried" or… Jellywatcher 49.670 / -124.920

Seen last evening while paddle boarding in the waters be

"Kami Kurage"… Jellywatcher Alt text 35.280 / 139.850

"Kami Kurage" means "Haired Jellyfish&quot

"Krill" Fishguy 41.360 / -70.770

Billions of amphipods in Vineyard sound

Other Amphipods
"Other" on… Android Alt text 33.670 / -78.900 Other
"Sarsia-type"… jfryan Alt text 60.560 / 5.020

smaller than 1 cm

(part of an) octopus chayatamal Alt text 59.770 / -151.870 Squid
09/14/2013 CLewis195 29.850 / -81.270

No jellyfish but multiple bottle nose dolphins

09/17/2013 CLewis195 29.940 / -81.300

no jellyfish but large amount of sea lice-2nd overpass, v

09/21/13 CLewis195 29.840 / -81.270

multiple pancake looking jellyfish

09/30/2013 CLewis195 29.850 / -81.270

no jellyfish but lots of plastic

1 Man o War washed up… Jellywatcher 41.670 / -69.950 Man o war
1 mauve stinger (pelagia… alchemy149 43.190 / 6.580

yet another beautiful day for swimming.

1 mauve stinger (pelagia… alchemy149 43.190 / 6.580

typical swim today.

1 per day.. Jellywatcher 38.870 / -0.020 Jellyfish