Title reporter Image Description Quantity Latitude Longitude Date Type of organism Other type
Aurelia aurita Jellywatcher

about half a dozen moon jellies stranded at high tide mar

6 to 10 33.770 -118.130 2010-05-24
Beach Clean-up at Matura Jellywatcher Alt text

I visited the popular Matura Beach during the month of Ap

1 10.670 -61.040 2016-01-11 Man o war
Blue Button Jellyfish (porpita porpita) Darwin, NT Jellywatcher Alt text

porpita porpita sighted washed up on coastal beaches arou

11 to 99 -12.460 130.840 2013-09-29 Jellyfish
Blue Jellyfish Floating Near Shore Jellywatcher

I was walking out the surf and saw a lone blue jellyfish

1 33.920 -118.000 2015-08-02 Velella
Cassiopea xamachana Jellywatcher Alt text

Here is a photograph I took of a Dondice parguerensis fee

2 to 5 26.780 -80.040 2014-02-07 Jellyfish
jellyfish BlueSeaWendy Alt text

I have never seen this jellyfish in my area before.

1 37.110 -122.310 2012-05-29 Jellyfish
Man o war Jellywatcher Alt text 2 to 5 36.000 -122.000 2013-10-17 Man o war Man o war
man o war and moon jellies washed ashore on South Beach, Florida Jellywatcher Alt text

massive amounts of man o war and moon jellies washed asho

100+ 25.780 -80.130 2014-11-30 Man o war
"By-the-wind sailor" Jellywatcher Alt text

At Miramar Beach this morning saw hundreds maybe thousand

100+ 34.420 -119.630 2014-08-22 Jellyfish
"Fresh" Pelagia Noctiluca off Cap Camarat (France) Jellywatcher

From 6:00 to 15:00, I observed hundreds of jellyfish (pel

100+ 43.200 6.690 2013-07-01 Jellyfish