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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Slime Bank Jellywatcher 56.410 / -163.340

Tons of jellies in the Bering Sea just north of the Aleut

Stranded jelly apoflav Alt text 70.630 / -160.070

Jelly seen on beach in Wainwright, Alaska, on 7 August 20

Clear blue water beroe Alt text -21.190 / -159.770

Swam a bit offshore to the wreck and didn't see any

Clean sea
Rare pelagic jelly… Jellywatcher Alt text 22.210 / -159.620 Jellyfish
None in northeast Kauai… Jellywatcher 22.200 / -159.330

We spent a month on the northeast shore of Kauai from Dec

Clean sea
pelagic jellyfish… Jellywatcher 21.470 / -158.220

pelagic jellyfish near shore

Jellyfish jellyfish
Waimea Box… Jellywatcher 21.640 / -158.060

This AM, found 10 box jellies stranded at high water line

Box Jelly
Jellyfish hunt mobile_jellywatcher 21.320 / -158.030 Jellyfish Mammals
Squid lgrippo 21.620 / -157.910

Came right up to shore by where I live...and swam back ou

Bioluminescence in the… Jellywatcher 21.230 / -157.870

While paddling up the Ala Wai Canal with WBBCC Thursday e

Other bioluminescense
Clean sea at Pt Panic beroe Alt text 21.290 / -157.860

No box jellies although it is the time of the lunar month

Clean sea
Man o war mobile_jellywatcher 21.570 / -157.860 Man o war
moon jellies in the Ala… mobile_jellywatcher 21.290 / -157.830

Several moon jellies in the ala wai canal this weekend an

Jellyfish Moon jellies-Aurelia
Box jellies in Waikiki… Jellywatcher 21.270 / -157.830

Reports later said fewer than normal

Box Jelly
Box Jellies in Hawaii beroe 21.270 / -157.830

Monthly influx

Box Jelly
Mastigias in Kaneohe Bay… jellyhunter Alt text 21.510 / -157.830

Old sighting from 2007, only found one in the north part

Box Jellies Behind… Jellywatcher 21.270 / -157.820 Box Jelly
Stung several times… mobile_jellywatcher 21.270 / -157.820 Box Jelly
6:00 am box jelly mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 21.270 / -157.820 Box Jelly
Jellyfish washed up… mobile_jellywatcher Alt text 21.260 / -157.800 Jellyfish
Hawaiian Jelly Jellywatcher Alt text 21.460 / -157.800

I found this jelly while snorkling at night in a shallow

Kaneohe Bay, Oahu,… Jellywatcher Alt text 21.410 / -157.780

I found this very large jelly fish on the shore in Kaneoh

Maybe mastigias? Jellywatcher 21.430 / -157.780

Found in Kaneohe Bay, Oahu.

Kailua Beach man o'… vmfranck 21.410 / -157.740

man o' war (21), and bubble snails that eat them (2)

Man o war Physalia
Kailua Portuguese Man (… Jellywatcher 21.410 / -157.740

Two small PMoW drying at high water mark found at Kailua

Man o war Physalia