Title reporter Image Description Quantity Latitude Longitude Date Type of organism Other type
Moon Jelly alhartman

Moon jellies in a bay on Padre Island

11 to 99 97.290 2017-10-06
cabbage head alhartman

cabbage head , found dead in beach.

1 97.290 2017-10-06
Essay Writing in Natural Sciences anneball

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2 to 5 -0.030 2017-05-26
Purple Striped Jelly heatherndriscoll 2 to 5 -121.890 2017-07-21
Fighting for Us: Scot Brown, Clayborne Carson Jellywatcher

Fighting for Us: Scot Brown, Clayborne Carson

6 to 10 -0.020 2018-04-26
Looks like a Barrel Jellyfish in Pismo Beach by cliffs Jellywatcher

About 7 washed up on beach.

6 to 10 -0.010 2018-06-20 Jellyfish
Velella in North Cornwall Jellywatcher Alt text

A scattering of them, no more than 200, on the ebb tide a

100+ 0.000 2017-03-11 Other Velella
Strange Mollusk Without Shell Jellywatcher

We were walking on the beach at Vero Beach South, FL, and

1 27.000 2017-08-12
Two jelly fish spotted in Lignano, Italy Jellywatcher

2 jelly fish spotted by Terazza Mare in Lignano Sabbiador

2 to 5 1.000 2017-06-13
Toleak Beach, Jefferson County Jellywatcher Alt text

Aug 8 spradic sightings of Velella Velella washed up on t

100+ 124.000 2014-08-15 Jellyfish