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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Physalia in Hanauma Bay… Jellywatcher 21.270 / -157.690

From a news report.

Man o war Physalia
Seal on Ft.… Jellywatcher Alt text 36.660 / -121.820

I saw a baby seal resting on the beach near Ft. Ord.

Aurelia in Saanich Inlet… Jellywatcher 48.570 / -123.510

5-6in diameter; packed side by side and incredibly dense;

Red tide in Monterey Bay… Jellywatcher 36.800 / -121.870

Brown water for 10 miles offshore, for the last month at

Red Tide
Box jellies in Waikiki… Jellywatcher 21.270 / -157.830

Reports later said fewer than normal

Box Jelly
Purple Jelly… Jellywatcher 36.870 / -121.820

Washed up on the beach near Watsonville, CA.

30 Jan_Reunion… Jellywatcher Alt text -29.990 / 30.960

3 Jellies (Rhizostoma sp.) washed ashore just south of Du

pygmy killer whales Jellywatcher 21.070 / -156.320

A pod of Pygmy Killer whales in Hawaii in Maui.

Wilson's Prom 8th… Jellywatcher -38.990 / 146.390

There were a few bright sparks in the water which seemed

Red Tide phosphorescent plankton
ocean phosphorescence/… Jellywatcher 30.690 / -116.060

The waves and sand were glowing last night...but I was on

Red Tide
ha long bay… Jellywatcher Alt text 20.850 / 107.230 Jellyfish shallow bay area
Salp chains… Jellywatcher Alt text 29.530 / 35.010

Salp chains, Aqaba Jordan free floaters 10,000+ in cluste

Other salps
Salp chains in… Jellywatcher Alt text 28.000 / 34.470

Salp Chain in the straits of Tiran (Cyclosalpa)

Other Salp
Portuguese Man… Jellywatcher Alt text -33.800 / 151.290 Man o war
Small ctenophore? Jellywatcher 20.410 / -87.300

I was in the Yal Ku lagoon in Akumal, Mexico and saw a ve

Other Ctenophore
dead comorant at Santa… Jellywatcher 36.960 / -121.980

There was a dead cormorant at the Moran Lake County Park

Other Bird
Bioluminescence in… Jellywatcher 34.010 / -118.570

Waves breaking, very bright blue flashes for a few nights

Red Tide
Large jellyfish… Jellywatcher Alt text 26.720 / -82.270

Washed up on shore while fishing near Port Charlotte, Flo

Ouch Jellywatcher 21.320 / -157.670

I was out surfing at "Cockroach", when one wrap

Man o war man o war
Jelly fish in… Jellywatcher Alt text 2.150 / 118.530

on a scuba diving trip to Nabucco Island in Indonesia we

By the Wind… Jellywatcher Alt text 36.610 / -121.950

washed up on Asilomar State Beach

Velella Velella
bioiluminescence on beach… Jellywatcher 30.390 / -86.500

yellow/green glow with each step on the beach...sometimes

Red Tide
Many jellyfish in… Jellywatcher 57.280 / -5.720

It was quite remarkable, many many (easily hundreds) jell

Man o' War in… Jellywatcher 30.250 / -87.700

I was in Gulf Shores, Alabama for a short Christmas break

Man o war Portuguese Man o'war
ctenophores in… Jellywatcher Alt text 48.350 / -4.700

Every few meters you could find a ctenophore stranded by

Other ctenophores