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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Antarctic… Skim Alt text -77.850 / 166.660

Desmonema guadichaudi photographed at the Jetty, McMurdo

Antarctic… Skim Alt text -77.800 / 166.670

Diplulmaris antarctica, photographed at Cinder Cones, McM

Moon jelly mobile_jellywatcher -51.440 / -59.100

Me and our family were having a good time then I found 1

desmonema gaudichaudi in… Jellywatcher -43.640 / 172.700

Seen from paddleboard 500 m from shore in moderately shal

Long chain… mobile_jellywatcher Alt text -43.450 / 147.160

Chains up to a metre, made up of many joined nodules, eac

Other Salp
Other jelly on… Android Alt text -43.130 / -74.310

probable Chrysaora plocamia

ASP Playa Cucao mobile_jellywatcher -42.650 / -74.120 Red Tide ASP
Sleepy Bay… rennelovestheocean Alt text -42.130 / 148.320

Saw three jellies washed ashore in Sleepy Bay, Freycinet

Giant… carlosurf Alt text -41.810 / -73.600

In the News: Giant jelly fish in the south of chile.

Jellyfish in the news
chrysaora… Android Alt text -41.810 / -74.030 Jellyfish
Other jelly on… Android Alt text -41.640 / -73.820

probably Chrysaora spp.

Beach full of… Jellywatcher Alt text -41.610 / 175.270

There were at least 20, but probably more, small 4cm long

Man o war
dead shearwaters Jellywatcher -41.320 / 148.230

Many dead Shearwater birds have washed up on many beaches

Other Shearwater birds
Diffuse bioluminescence… Jellywatcher -41.290 / 174.830

From the surface to at least 15m.

Red Tide
Beached… Jellywatcher Alt text -41.280 / 173.240

Nine beached Velella spotted at Tahunanui Beach in Nelson

Velella Velella
Lion's… Jellywatcher Alt text -41.280 / 174.910

Floating around by the wharf.

Lion's mane jelly… Jellywatcher -41.260 / 173.270

1 Cyanea sp.

Monaco, Nelson New… Jellywatcher -41.260 / 173.290

There are a lot along the shore at Monaco, Nelson, NZ

Moon jellies in New… openhouse -41.250 / 174.030

Lots of moon jellies seen from the side of the ferry, for

Dead Jellyfish Jellywatcher -41.230 / 173.310

red wash up on shore some very small hand size whil other

Aurelia sp. in… Jellywatcher Alt text -41.010 / 173.960

The moon jelly Aurelia sp.

Velella… Jellywatcher Alt text -40.930 / 172.970

we saw a couple of velella specimen wached up the Aranui

Velella Velella
new zealand Jellywatcher -40.900 / 174.890

Jellyfish in Southern… jellywatch -40.550 / -73.730

no description of species, but produces painful sting.

Other jelly on… Android Alt text -39.790 / -73.390

Chrysaora spp.