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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
dense bloom of… Android 26.050 / -80.110 Jellyfish
Small… Jellywatcher 49.300 / -123.130

Small, beached jellyfish at lowtide by Stanley Park Seawa

Jellyfish… Jellywatcher 48.570 / -123.370 Jellyfish
Grimaud… GegeApl 43.290 / 6.610

un nageur a été piqué au pied sur 10 cm.

Cyanea… Bedearing 32.000 / -80.850 Jellyfish
Barrel Jellywatcher 50.690 / -1.070

80cm diameter. High tide

Fried Egg… Jellywatcher 52.950 / -131.900

Upwards of 20 sighted

Moons jude 57.610 / -3.960

Moons beached all along the rocky patch.

Martha's… Jellywatcher 41.500 / -70.550

Approximately a dozen red jellys sighted from the front o

Two Moon… MLMLSeagrant 37.090 / -122.330

Two moon jellies seen near 9:16am

Sea nettles… Jellywatcher 38.300 / -76.420

Sea nettles have arrived in the mouth of the Patuxent Riv

Cala Galiota… Miguel McMinn 39.150 / 2.920

Dos ejemplares de 15 cm.

Jellyfish Cotylorhiza tuberculata
By The Wind… Jellywatcher 33.960 / -118.450

Found hundreds of beautiful little Jelly like creatures c

Velella Velella
Velella velella in… Jellywatcher 33.040 / -117.290

A day of warm waters and late afternoon we started seeing

Velella Velella
Bethany Beach… Jellywatcher 36.570 / -76.300

Lots of quarter sized round clear disc shaped jelly fish

Jelly fish mobile_jellywatcher 39.040 / -76.560 Jellyfish
Egg Yolk Jelly… MLMLSeagrant 36.530 / -121.950 Jellyfish
Moon Jelly… Jellywatcher 26.780 / -80.040

While scuba diving in Rivera Beach Phil Foster Park saw h

Biscayne Bay… mobile_jellywatcher 25.900 / -80.130

At least nine jellyfish were spotted on an incoming tide<

Boca Raton… Jellywatcher 27.340 / -78.760

There everywhere!

lions mane jellies Jellywatcher 43.910 / -64.740

we saw lots of jellies.
Aurelia aurita

Multiple jelly… mobile_jellywatcher 30.160 / -81.360 Jellyfish
egg yolks and… Android 37.870 / -122.740 Jellyfish
Man o war Jellywatcher 28.180 / -80.590

At least 6 Portuguese Man o War washed up on the shore li

Man o war
Bluebottles at… swimmingidiots -33.800 / 151.270

Newspaper article and photos of the thousands of bluebott

Man o war Bluebottle