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Title Date of sighting reporter Image Lat / Lng Description Type of organism Other type
Spirocodon dhugal 35.340 / 139.650 Jellyfish Spirocodon saltator
Velella Jellywatcher 47.040 / -124.160

Velella all up and down the beach in Ocean Shores WA.

Velella Velella
Spirocodon @… dhugal 35.320 / 139.650 Jellyfish Spirocodon saltator
Aurelia @… dhugal 35.320 / 139.650


Jellyfish Aurelia aurita s.l.
Jimble reference swimmingidiots -33.820 / 151.250

Here's an interesting site (The Atlas of Living Aust

Box Jelly Carybdea rastonii
WestPort Jellywatcher 46.910 / -124.120

100+ dead blue jellyfish

Velella Velella
Velella Jellywatcher 33.950 / -118.450

Washed ashore at Playa Del Rey

Velella Velella
Scyphozoa in… jellywatch 28.630 / 121.610 Jellyfish
Velella Jellywatcher 32.820 / -117.280

La Jolla Shores, California All washed ashore, majorit

Velella Velella
ocean… Jellywatcher 30.690 / -116.060

The waves and sand were glowing last night...but I was on

Red Tide
Box Jellies in Hawaii beroe 21.270 / -157.830

Monthly influx

Box Jelly
New Quay, West… Jellywatcher 52.230 / -4.310

4 Barrel Jellyfish stranded over I mile

Ctenophores… mucktopus -2.170 / 130.460

Lots of ctenophores and salps

Other Ctenophores and Salps
Chrysaora… Abreojos 36.820 / -121.940 Jellyfish
Jimbles at… swimmingidiots -33.820 / 151.250

Just when I thought it was safe to resume swimming after

Box Jelly Carybdea
Chrysaora V3520… Abreojos 36.880 / -121.950

Chrysaora fuscescens

Velella… Cimer20 36.800 / -121.790

Too many to count.

Jellyfish Jellywatcher 45.700 / -61.900

Couple of dead jellyfish on the shore of George's Ba

No jellies, 1… dangerbarrow 30.370 / -81.400

No inverts seen, but we did find a dead porcupine puffer

Dolphins mobile_jellywatcher 38.660 / -27.240 Clean sea
No jellies or… Leo 48.540 / -123.010

Water clean and without visible plankton.

Clean sea
Pelagia… Jellywatcher 43.700 / 7.330

I have seen about 3 Pelagia Noctiluna everyday for the pa

Aequorea… Medusas_Barcelona 41.390 / 2.200

The species is distruted actually all along the Catalan c

Velella far… beroe 36.150 / -124.290

A few individuals drifting 115 miles offshore

Velella Velella
Medusas en San Juan (… Jellywatcher 38.340 / -0.480

Gran número de medusas de tipo Chrysaora hysoscella